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1 cover no. 58: w7n — TANK! (Cowboy Bebop OP / カウボーイビバップ OPテーマ) (74Hz; NSFPlay, FDS write protect ON + FDS lowpass=4000Hz) 17.752/20Credits to keffie for some help.
One of the greatest anime tracks that shouldn't be forgotten.

> 0.3.13 has a bug which corrupts the entire NSF when generating it.
> has an SN5B noise bug, and its instrument space allowed is so small that I have to cut the FDS instrument space.

The lack of time made me unable to recreate the nuances in the bassline...

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PGCX864 10 Awesome!! :D
Titan of Plasma 9.5 When I saw that I had to play this cover with a special configuration I felt a little annoyed. But it was worth it. I could say that this is a winner, especially because it doesn't use the overpowered N163. Tank! is one of my favorite anime openings of all time. It's even my ringtone. Bottom line, excellent cover.
shywolf 9.0 Cowboy Beep Boop. (IMO, the "louder" stabs {e.g. at 0:38} sound kind of shrill and over-exaggerated. But that's the only critique I can think of.)
Miss Maboroshi 10 This is multichip at its finest, holy cow! I can't imagine how much work went into this, especially with how detailed all the solos are!! I imagine this will probably win first place, and it completely deserves it. Congratulations on a stunning accomplishment. うおお!!これはマルチチップの絶頂だ!(特別にソロの詳しさを考えたら)どれほど努力をかかったのか想像さえできません!一位を取るかもしれなくて、そ れも本当に値します。m(_ _)m この目覚ましい業績におめでとうございます。
karmic 7.9 So this is w7n's compo-winner this year. This is pretty good, but I think some of the toneportamentos sound kinda odd.
tripflag 7 is this even an NES anymore? this shit's ridiculous (slight deduction for not doing some crazy fun diversions from the original)
BEEPBOY 10 選曲、音色の多彩さ、全体のバランスが素晴らしく、今回を代表する1曲になったと思います!
Wiz. 9 なんというか…技術的な部分で物凄く興味深い作品だと思いました。 pluginの設定によってFDSヴォイスが警告を鳴らす(鳴らすデータが変わる)というのは前代未聞かと思います。(これに気付かないと評価がだいぶ変わると思いますが…) そして、正しい設定にしたときの音の鳴りが素晴らしいです。 原曲もブラスの厚みが魅力だったので、ch数のアドバンテージを使ってここまで再現しているのは素晴らしいと思います。 後半のソロパート等、再現度は相当高いですが、更に良くするとすれば、もっとアーティキュレーションを大胆にしても良いかと思います。
EH2 8.15 Aside from a bunch of missed notes, this is fantastic.
kenshirotakahashi 9 I can't put it to words how fantastic this cover is!
w7n No vote, wonder how far this will get. Most favourite out of my own entries, although I find this overhyped.
している 10 インパクト、再現性ともに素晴らしいです。
2 cover no. 116: w7n — それゆけ!マジョレンジャー Sore yuke! Majo Ranger (Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan! OST, 2nd verse & chorus removed) (NSFPlay: FDS write protect ON + FDS lowpass=5000Hz) 17.149/20In real life, if you disrupt the shooting of a film you'll be in great trouble. Thus even the future queen of the Witch World can't go unpunished.
(Hana-chan THAI KICK)
Certain fact: The name of Doremi's granddaughter, Fami, is composed of exactly the 2 notes that make up the punishment sound effect in Gaki no Tsukai.

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PGCX864 10 Good!!
w7n My entry, no vote. 2nd favourite out of my own entries.
karmic 7.5 That electric guitar is some great stuff, and the rest isn't bad at all either.
Miss Maboroshi 10 Wow, there's a little bit of everything in this one! Personally I'm more partial to your other Ojamajo entry I think, but this is really well done too! I hope I can someday achieve this level of mastery with my arrangement~ おお、これに何でもかんでもちょっと入ってる!私は個人的にあなたの他のおジャ魔女エントリーを好むと思うけど、これも素晴らしく行われましたよ!将来のいつかにこれほどアレンジを熟達できたらいいね~
tripflag 8 another one of those stupidly accurate things (holy shit that guitar solo tho HOW DOES HE DO IT) gee i wonder who made this
Titan of Plasma 8.9 Despite how complicated it's to play these kind of files, the cover is sweet and makes good use of the multichip. I liked that FDS guitar solo. Ixx effect?
EH2 10 That lead "guitar". So good. Need that source ASAP, gotta study every detail.
Wiz. 9 相変わらず複数の拡張音源をうまく使いこなしていて、非常に完成度が高いと感じます。 FDSのギターソロのリアルさにも驚いてしまいました。
3 cover no. 5: w7n — Ojamajo Doremi Seasons 1-3 OP おジャ魔女どれみ1-3期OP (NSFPlay, FDS lowpass=5000Hz) 16.581/20Track list:
S1 OP おジャ魔女カーニバル!! Ojamajo Carnival!!
S2(#) OP おジャ魔女はココにいる Ojamajo wa Koko ni Iru
S3(Mo~tto!) OP おジャ魔女でBAN² Ojamajo de BAN² (read: BAN BAN)
Omake (=Bloopers)
Spells (FDS vocal simulation)

Anthropomorphism project:
2A03 -- Harukaze Doremi (Well that's quite obvious...)
VRC6 -- Asuka Momoko (Tomboyish character / a Japanese-native chip that's first used in a game of a foreign setting.)
VRC7 -- Fujiwara Hadzuki (Most technically advanced sound but also constantly called hardest to use well: Hadzuki is wealthy but lonely and at times mistreated)
FDS -- Segawa Onpu (Let's see how the image of this chip changes as time passes: People know its awesomeness, then find it both confusing (due to the FM) and hard to use well, and then learn to master it. Now compare Onpu's image. Also 2A03+FDS only, VRC6+FDS, N163+FDS are common choices in NES chiptune: The Famicaloid modules in last compo use 2A03+VRC6+N163+FDS.)
MMC5 -- Harukaze Pop (Doremi's sibling: MMC5 also has 2 square waves which are almost identical to 2A03's. Demoted to extra in the later seasons: MMC5 is mostly used for extra squares.)
N163 -- Senoo Aiko (Tomboyish character and competitive in sports(brute force - N163's max amount of waves). The Witch Queen or the former Witch Queen might fit this better though.)
SN5B -- Hana-chan (Most kawaii sound chip in tone mode, but can also be very loud and somewhat displeasing in ENV mode; On good terms with 2A03 and MMC5.)

Thanks to buildknuckle for time stamps of some voices.

In FCP2014 there's a cover of S1 OP with the avant-title BGM which got 36th, however I honestly think that cover can be improved in various ways, mainly the cute and childish vibes. And that the avant-title in that cover has wrong notes, sounds more mysterious and a bit ominous as opposed to the original's light-heartedness.
I covered all the avant-titles of the 3 seasons too.

FamiTracker (and 0CC) REALLY needs to expand the instrument space in generated NSFs. I've nearly run out of it when generating the NSF of this submission.

PS: The first line of S3 OP goes 'Ato wa dare mo sasowanai ne!' (We won't invite anyone else from now on!) While in the OVA we got Nozomi(almost), in S4 we got Hana as an apprentice anyway. Really?

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PGCX864 10 Amazing songs!! :D
Miss Maboroshi 10 This is such a jam!!! Really fun song choices, and masterfully executed. The omake made me laugh, and the spells are really cool!! You're an NES vocals master~ 上位ジャムだわ~!!楽しい曲を選択して、天才的にアレンジしました。おまけが笑わせて、スペルは本当にかっこいい!ファミコンの歌声マスターですよ!
karmic 7.5 I like these, but I'd like to see what you can do with non-multi-expansion.
tripflag 7 stupidly good instrumentation as usual but I think I'm missing some vibrato on the lead? OH and spotted some off notes in trk1!!!!
Wiz. 7 多重拡張音源の強み(音源毎の音色の違い、ch数による厚み等々)を活かせていると感じました。 音作りも非常に丁寧だと思います。 後半のおまけトラックが色々な意味で面白かったです。 引用元フレーズがズルいw
BEEPBOY 7 ファミコンらしさを保ちつつリッチな音になっていると思いました。
EH2 9.25 It's alright to use multichip when handled in a careful and thoughtful way, like this entry.
w7n Chii--su. No vote, my entry. 3rd most favourite of my own entries.
4 cover no. 77: RRThiel — Mega Man 3 - Proto Man's Theme 16.186/20You will never have another hero! You will never have another chance! You will fall, because you never tried to stand for yourselves!

w7n 6 Sounds a bit dull after the intro (more blatant if you mute the lead), overall nice arrangement.
Titan of Plasma 9.6 When I played MM3 as a kid, Protoman's theme was my favorite track. The homage you perform in this cover is amazing. Even when it's a multichip cover, it keeps those expansions that have a more "chiptune nature". I'd say that it's even better than the Tank! cover. I loved it too, but it's almost perfectly spot-on. This one is a real remix from the original tune. Congratulations.
Jiyoshi 8 Arps in the intro felt too gimmicky. You're using two expansions.. why not use actual chords? Everything after that is good, though the melody feels a bit drowned out by the other voices.
Miss Maboroshi 9 Spectacular remix! I really enjoy the direction you took this song in, and the harmony parts you added seem well thought out.
karmic 6.5 Good work on getting rid of the annoying whistle at the start. But please be more daring in cover choice next time.
tripflag 9 totaly rad, love the portamento, awesome take on the original
Wiz. 6 VRC6,MMC5という2A03に近い系統の音源を持ってくることで、違和感なくチャンネル増ができ、メロをしっかり主張させつつ、バッキングの和音の下支えもしっかりしていて、バランス良く良い仕上がりになっていると感じました。
5 cover no. 108: Titan of Plasma — Another Moon Theme (The Moon - Super Mario Land 2) 16.162/20Duck Tales? Naaah... This pretty underrated Moon Theme comes from Super Mario Land 2. It's one of my favorite Game Boy tracks: simple, sweet, charming... and way too short. So I decided to include an intro and an interlude inspired on Tchaikovsky's Waltz Of The Flowers.

Original author: The one and only Kazumi Totaka
Game: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Year: 1992. Who could ever forget this year with events like the Barcelona Olympics, Windows 3.1 release or Wario's debut?

Ah, one more tip: if playing on NSFPlay, disable the "Stop the song automatically after XX seconds" and "Enable playtime detection" checkboxes.

• kfaraday   • A genius   
w7n 7 3rd favourite of the cover section. Very nice remix in a classical-like style, it uses channels and instruments to their greatest extent and features textbook examples of VRC7 usage... for the most part. There's some weird instrumentation and parts which hurt your ears (e.g. Patch #4 note clashing) at times, while the first part would only get a 5 if as a standalone entry.
karmic 9 Incredibly enjoyable. Excellent soundwork on the VRC7 front totally sets the mood.
Miss Maboroshi 10 My goodness! For some reason I don't think this is kfaraday's work, but it definitely gives off her signature vibe in some ways. This is a beautiful reimagining of the original song, and I think the quirky instrumentation/arrangement choices suit Super Mario Land 2's style very well. I'm also totally shocked you rewrote this so that it has movements, that's cool as heck. Fantastic work!!
BEEPBOY 8 かわいらしい音が良かったです!
tripflag 9 this is the shit, instrumentation totes delightful, pacing is perfect, it's so GOOD
kenshirotakahashi 9 I love the way you arranged it like an actual waltz! ^-^
EH2 10 Now THIS is what people should be doing on this section. I'm blown away.
Wiz. 9 VRC7を使った音色面でのアドバンテージに加えて、実に細やかな調整がかかっていて、楽曲全体を通しで聴いて、テンポの揺らぎ等々、非常に良く出来ていると感じました。
6 cover no. 152: w7n — Eかげん☆YUIかげん(ゆるゆり2期 船見結衣キャラソン01) E Kagen Yui Kagen (62Hz, FDS lowpass=5000Hz) 16.116/20Well, who still cares about YuruYuri now? I do.
Some instruments stolen from PostApocolyptica.

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PGCX864 10 Great!!
w7n Mine, no vote.
Miss Maboroshi 10 This is ridiculously good too! I'm gonna have to figure out how to use FDS modulation someday soon! In this particular entry, I enjoy how many different guitar textures you got out of the FDS channel. I'm also utterly astonished at your ability to match characters' vocal timbres perfectly! If you have any advice on that front I would love to hear it~ これもすっごくいいですよ!!私はFDSの変調手法をいつかに学べなきゃいけないな~このエントリーならエレキギターテクスチュアの多様性を楽しみます。それにあなたのアニキャラの声音をぴったりと真似するっていう能力にまるで驚いています!それに対してアドバイスがあったら教えて頂いたら幸いです~
tripflag 8 awesome sound design, hard to believe it's just fds
Wiz. 8 イントロのFDSディストーションギターで一気に引き込まれてしまいました。 ギター音色も複数あり、更に間にFDSで台詞まで割り込ませていて、FDS大活躍!という感じでした。 歯切れのいいメロディをはじめ、他パートも作り込んでいて非常に巧いです。
7 cover no. 207: w7n — Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan! Hana-chan Character Songs(2 out of 4, short versions) おジャ魔女どれみドッカ~ン! ハナちゃんキャラソン 16.004/20Track list:
1: わたしはおジャ魔女ハナちゃん!! Watashi wa Ojamajo Hana-chan!!
2: だもんね!ハナちゃん Damon ne! Hana-chan
3: Omake: Cover of Hana no Ko Lunlun OP in Track#1 style... and cover of Track#1 in Shouten style... and Hana-chan THAI KICK (PCM from the Shouten DVD of No-Laughing Science Laboratory). Ends in Lupinus no Komoriuta.

Hana-chan (Makihatayama Hana): The world's loveliest troublemaker (世界一可愛いトラブルメーカー).
One of the two anime characters that I find cute beyond all reasons, along with Noel in Sora no Method(which is pure unko though)
張り切ってイっちゃうんだもん (wth)

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tripflag 7 sounds ridiculously good as always but man this has to stop (those voice slides tho my heart)
PGCX864 10 Awesome songs!! :D
Wiz. 8 途中の台詞、DPCMパートで鳴ってるっぽいのですが、音質がやたらとクリアで少々驚いてしまいました。 複数拡張音源のch数と個性を活かした音づくり、かつ丁寧な作りで非常に完成度が高いと感じました。
shywolf 7.75 Subsong 2 is great.
w7n Pororin Pyuarin Hana Hana Pi~. Expecting this to be rated lowest among my entries though...
karmic 7.6 The sample quality here is quite amazing. The rest is good as well.
Miss Maboroshi 9 Wow, you did a whole bunch of Ojamajo covers this year! I still like the opening themes the best, personally, but your skill with this medium is undeniable. Looking forward to hearing more stuff from you next year!
Titan of Plasma 8.7 Looks like we have an Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan fan here. All your covers from this anime are amazing and show a good mastery of the different expansions. In this one, I liked the pitch slides from track 2.
8 cover no. 164: kenshirotakahashi — Donkey Kong Country- Aquatic Ambience 15.475/20This is as accurate as I could make it on the VRC7; I hope I did it justice. I converted a sample from the original game into a NES DPCM sample. I also gave the SMB3 kick drum sample a faux echo effect via DPCM. I composed this on Famitracker 0.4.6, where it sounds the best; so after the Famicompo Pico 3 results are revealed, I will give a link to the FTM file so you can listen to it as intended.

• 高橋兼四郎 「タカハシ・ケンシロウ」   
Titan of Plasma 8.9 If there's an ideal expansion for the DKC music, that's the VRC7. Your cover is spot-on. It conveys almost perfectly the atmospheric feeling from the original and shows a lot of skill in the use of the VRC7 chipset.
Jiyoshi 8.5 Nicely done. Impressive that you captured the feeling of the original using nothing more than the 2A03 and VRC7. Not a fan of the lead at 1:02 though.
w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + not much to stand out = Decent
BEEPBOY 8 2A03、VRC7の音色を活かしたイカしたアレンジになっていると感じました。ただこの曲は他の拡張音源をプラスしてストリングス系パッドも再現できたのではと思います。
kenshirotakahashi 8 As close you can get to the original with the VRC7! ^-^
Miss Maboroshi 10 This sounds so spot-on!! I can tell you spent a lot of time tweaking VRC7 instruments to get just the right sound. Truly impressive work!
tripflag 7 oh man i love what you did with the lead so much
Wiz. 7 VRC7の柔らかい音色と非常に繊細な音色変化が印象的でした。 これだけスローな曲だと、フレーズを大胆に動かすことによる誤魔化しが効かないので、非常によく出来ていると感じました。
9 cover no. 162: w7n — ときめきポポロン--ご注文はうさぎですか??(2期)OP Tokimeki Poporon -- Is the Order a Rabbit?? (S2) OP (FDS Write Protect ON) 15.289/20There might be some people who can spot that this module is blatantly stolen from last year's Non Non Biyori ED.
Cocoa x Chino is love.

• w7n   • w7n   • w7n trying to imitate ImATrackMan   • w7n   
PGCX864 10 Great!!
w7n I'm pretty sure if there's GochiUsa S3 it'll still sell well.
karmic 8.8 Reminds me of cover 111 from last year. Those 5B plucks are still so cute-sounding.
BEEPBOY 8 綺麗で聴きやすく、採点していてほっこりしました。
Titan of Plasma 8.5 No triangle? Interesting. One of the best covers. If I had to be picky, I'd add more volume variation throughout the song... P.S. Just listened to the original... the lead singer is as detuned as your lead instruments. Well done, there!
tripflag 4 point deduction for all the expansions but sounds hella nice
Wiz. 7 多種拡張音源のch数の強みと、各音源の音色の違いが活きており、軽快なメロディやバッキングに割り込んでくる細かいフレーズ等々も丁寧に作られていて好印象でした。 ちなみに、FDS書き込み禁止は特に入れなくても普通に鳴っているような気がします…NSF演奏pluginに依るもかもしれませんが。
10 cover no. 130: Teuthida — SiIvaGunner - voiceless (Chip Mix) [2A03 + MMC5 + VRC6] 15.282/20Made in 0CC-FamiTracker.
This was originally going to be a straight-up cover. However, I couldn't help but notice that it sounded suspiciously like another one.... After that, I knew I had to give SiIvaGunner's only original song the High Qualty treatment.

w7n 6 A good ride with VRC6. But like many other tracks this year, it needs more variety.
BEEPBOY 9 音の濃厚さ、メリハリのある展開、ラストのシンセソロ、聴きごたえバッチリです!
Miss Maboroshi 10 Unbelievable!! The power driving this song forward is awe-inspiring, and the mixing is just perfect. All the little SiIvaGunner references throughout are cute, too! I'm sure I've missed a few. I had no idea the SiIvaGunner lore had gotten deep enough that there's original music now, so thanks for drawing my attention to it! I'll be sure to look back into it soon. :)
EH2 8.5 Voiceless. Memeful. And, undoubtedly, arranged very well.
tripflag 7 probably best bad apple cover yet
Wiz. 7 VRC6とMMC5という選択によって、ファミコンらしさを残しつつ、VRC6の音色の独自性と和音の厚み、ディレイ感全てを備えていて、非常に良かったです。
11 cover no. 126: jimbo1qaz — Chrono Trigger - World Revolution 15.076/20N163 5channel

• VinylCheese   
Titan of Plasma 8.5 Pretty spot-on. I like how well the N163 waves can emulate the SNES samples. Personally, however, I preffer 2A03 demixes from SNES songs rather than accurate renditions. This cover from my all-time favorite videogame is still a very good one.
w7n 6 Quite epic use of the N163. There's space for improvement to make it more epic though.
shywolf The repeating bell noise is intact, good.
karmic 7 Pretty accurate to the original. Not really my taste but I can forgive.
Miss Maboroshi 9 This is super awesome!! Chrono Trigger is one of my all time favorite game soundtracks, and your N163 treatment of it does it exactly the justice it deserves! This is incredibly satisfying to listen to, thank you for making it!!
tripflag 6 starting to think n163 is cheating lol (solid entry, liked it)
Wiz. 6 N163の波形メモリ+順次切り替えを使った、疑似PCM的音色が非常に凝っていて、本来のファミコンでは鳴らせないような音色(ストリングス等)が鳴っているのに驚きました。
12 cover no. 62: Robokabuto — Prelude1-1 15.066/20J.S.Bachクラヴィーア846をTranceに。SystemナンチャラがやりそうMIX。



• Deathro   • Deathro   • robokabuto   • Robokabuto   • Robokabuto   • Robokabuto   • Robokabuto   • Robokabuto   • Robokabuto   
Titan of Plasma 9 I'm not too much into trance, but this multichip rendition from Bach shows how to effectively use all these expansions. Great cover.
shywolf 6.5 Uses every chip... or does it? (FDS is enabled but has no parts?) The sound design overall is nice, but as a song it's a little overlong.
Miss Maboroshi 9 This is a very entertaining take on a well-known piece. I do wonder if you could have gotten by with less expansion chips, but that's just me.
karmic 6.5 Eh. For me, if you're gonna use EVERY expansion, you really have to justify it. This doesn't. The cover itself is too much buildup for too little payoff.
tripflag 7 that violin kinda thing towards the end is pure sex, happy you made it to the compo
BEEPBOY 10 ブ厚い音ながら音域ごとに綺麗に鳴っていてドカ盛りの模範例だと実感しました。またPWM矩形波を組み合わせてSuperSawを鳴らすアイデアが良かったです!ただイントロが長めなのは気になりました。
Wiz. 8 音源欄見た瞬間、だいたい作者が想像できるんですが、イントロ以降を聴いて概ね確信しましたw これだけのch数があると音の厚みが圧巻です。 各音源でかなり音質(音色)の差があるはずですが、異種音源を違和感無く融合させているのは見事です。
kenshirotakahashi 9 Incredible!!
w7n 6 All expansions present, but gets into the good part too late. Also, the better parts are not on par with what you'd expect with all expansions. Really, this could be done with much fewer expansions.
13 cover no. 29: kfaraday — 波打際のむろみさん - 七つの海よりキミの海 15.050/20OP from "Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san"

• keffie   • kfaraday   • kfaraday   • osoumen   • kfaraday   
shywolf 7.5 :o
Miss Maboroshi 9 これは本当にkfaradayっぽいけどタイトルは日本語だからコメントを日本語で書きましょう。^⁻☆ アレンジは信じられない程詳しくて、音色がキラキラする。間違いない、作者はNESアレンジの天才です~
karmic 7.8 I like this one, nice and clever stuff. A little too loud though.
tripflag 6 super loud and noisy but fits the song perfectly so I love it
Wiz. 10 軽快なイントロで耳を持って行かれた直後、ピッチベンドや音色変化、モジュレーション、ディレイ…等々、様々なテクニックを駆使した鳴らし方全てがハイレベルで素晴らしいと感じました。 脱帽です。
BEEPBOY 8 元ネタ知らなくてもコミカルな曲として楽しめました!w
w7n 6 Sounds like kef or someone influenced by kef. Better than the previous ones.
14 cover no. 124: ImATrackMan — 灼熱スイッチ (Syakuunetsu Switch) TV Size 14.800/20I want to do lewd things to the Ace

• ImATrackMan   • ImATrackMan   
Titan of Plasma Never heard the original before. But this one sounds pretty good.
w7n 7 5th favourite of the cover section. Typical ImATrackMan quality + Gimmick percussion, and with sampled brass. However I still like Non Non Biyori better.
Miss Maboroshi 9 This is a powerful cover for just two expansion chips! And the song you picked is very, very catchy. I'm actually considering picking up this show now, it seems cute! Brilliant job. 拡張チップ二つのあるカバーにしては、強力な音ですわ!それも選んだ曲は超キャッチー!実はこれのおかげで灼熱の卓球娘を見たくなりました!可愛そうなんだ。良くできましたよ!
tripflag 8 absolutely loving the sound design on this, super lush
Wiz. 6 イントロでは音の鳴りがシンプルだと思わせておいて、メインに入ると各音源の音色特性やch数を活かした厚みが出てきて非常に良いと感じました。 反面、他ch化で、相対的にスネア等が引っ込み気味な気がしたので、もう少し前面に出してあげても良かったかも…と。
15 cover no. 219: Scooblee — Grounseed - a Longtime Go 14.715/20faux OPNA yes

tripflag 7 pretty cool, point subtraction for channel economy but bonus point for sound design (man this sounds sweet)
Wiz. 6 VRC7のフルート等の柔らかい音色とS5Bの50%矩形波の対比が見事です。 中盤からのメロディ音量が少々小さ目に感じたのが非常に惜しいです。
shywolf 6.5 Very faithful to the original. Even the samples...
w7n 6 Can't say anything other than nice usage of VRC7.
karmic 7.5 Good soundwork here. It creates such an atmosphere...
Miss Maboroshi 8 This cover creates such a wonderful mood! VRC7 seems like a great fit for a lot of the sounds a PC-98 can make.
16 cover no. 192: RRThiel — Mega Man 10 - Challenge Mode 14.686/20SHOOT THE TARGET!

tripflag 10 okay this one has vrc6 on lock, totally awesome sound design and groovy as all hell, man those arps ought to be illegal
Wiz. 8 VRC6の増ch分を活かし、特殊dutyによる音色と煌びやかなディレイ、しっかり支えられた和音等々、うまくグレードアップされていると感じました。
w7n 7 Wow I actually thought that it's a multichip module. Nice use of arps and nice bassline.
Miss Maboroshi 8 Stylish! I always find it impressive when someone takes a fairly basic song and embellishes it in a flashy way, which is exactly what this is. You clearly know your way around the VRC6 chip, too! Great stuff.
17 cover no. 163: kvee — Parov Stelar - All Night 14.419/20

w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + not much to stand out = Decent
karmic 7.7 I quite liked it after the DPCM was drowned out. I'd like it more if it was just done without it.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Be careful about basing your cover heavily around DPCM samples! Particularly in songs with a lot of parts playing at once, it's easy for the sample channel to get drowned out. I also think it just generally sounds better when you track melodic parts out rather than simply sampling them, but that's a personal opinion.
tripflag 5 kinda samey but also neat
Wiz. 7 冒頭のピアノはDPCMの短フレーズサンプリングですかね…? 元々ピアノ系音色は圧縮で劣化しやすいので、その後の矩形波等のパートとの音質差が若干気にはなったものの、その後は矩形波パートをフルに使っているので、元々ピアノはバッキングに徹するということであれば、件名な選択だったのかもしれません。 全体のパートバランスや音の重ね方による響きの広がり等、全体的なレベルはかなり高いと感じました。
18 cover no. 67: S T ★ R — Stickerbrush Symphony 14.386/20Based on Donkey Kong Country 2 and Donkey Kong Land 2

w7n 6 Nice sounding, but I guess this can be done with fewer / less advanced expansions, and probably with even better effects. The N163 is TOO underexploited.
Titan of Plasma 8.2 The flanging effect and the atmospheric feelings are very well rendered in this cover. Some of the atmospheric sounds are, however, a little too loud. I like the tone transposition from the original done here and the ending.
Jiyoshi 6 Ugh. I've heard this song covered so many times that nothing really impresses me about it anymore. That said, it's still a well done cover. I don't understand why you changed the key though. The heavy vibrato on the square lead is unnecessary. The chord outlined by the arps at 2:52 is wrong.
Miss Maboroshi 10 This is gorgeous!! With the way you combined the various waveforms together, you totally nailed the signature DKC texture. And that evolving FDS bassline is really something to behold. I clearly have a thing or two to learn~
karmic 6 Eh. The version built-in to Famitracker is better, and that only used one expansion.
tripflag 8 putting aside how many covers there are of this song this is awesome, love the instrumentation and variations (endings a tiny bit weird tho)
Wiz. 7 多chを活かした和音に、細やかな音色変化、1音1音の繊細な鳴らし方等々、完成度が非常に高いと感じました。
19 cover no. 41: DJ_PAYPIG — Nier: Automata - Alien Manifestation (VirtuaNSF -1.5 dB DPCM +1.0 dB Noise) 14.372/20please play this in VirtuaNSF if possible, I know that sounds dumb but I mixed this so that it would sound best in that program lol

anyway hey wiggars i'm back with an actual entry this time and i'm out for fuckin BLOOD

i'll be revising dis once famicompo is over, but overall im fairly satisfied with how this turned out. making this was fairly exhausting, but i was reminded of why i even like making chiptunes in the first place so i owe this track a whole lot lol


Miss Maboroshi 9 Beautifully arranged! I'm going to ignore the other version for the purposes of evaluating this one :P The N163 waveshaping is excellent, and I really like how you matched the VRC6 pulse widths to the timbre of the vocals in the original song. It adds a lot of character to an already glowing cover!
tripflag 7 love the mood, progression and instrumentation in this, it all fits and stays true to the original (even tho some volume choices change the focus a bit)
Wiz. 7 特にN163のモーフィングする音色と、重厚なキックによる独特な雰囲気作りが非常に巧いと感じました。 全体的な打ち込みも、細かなLFO制御等で揺らぎを作る等の成果が出ていると感じました。
EH2 8.95 Very impressive.
w7n 5 Gets to the good part too slow...
20 cover no. 172: alice — This Game 14.211/20no game no life OP TVsize

Wiz. 7 この曲のイントロのピアノはN163なんですね。 どうしてもN163だとノイズが強めで引き気味に…と思ったら、途中から矩形波にスイッチして、むしろそれ以降のパートを引き立てているというところで鳥肌が立ちました。 矩形波が入って以降はメリハリがついていて非常に良いと感じました。
Titan of Plasma 9 Those harmonies you do with the N163... very nice. My only problem with your cover is that it's TV size only, I really wanted to keep listening. And I insist, N163 is overpowered. Thanks to covers like this that make a very good use of it.
w7n 6 Nice weeb, nice N163.
Miss Maboroshi 8 I really like the waveforms you used for this! They add a lot of nice punch. Neat song, too!
tripflag 8 love everything about this, the sound design, the amount of detail is balanced and all the attention placed into the lead, however the intro could use a bit of improv to spice it up
21 cover no. 113: BiliNicoPoi — LEVEL5 -judgelight- 14.206/20I started to make it from last year, but for many reasons, I delayed for almost one year :/
FDS is kinda interesting.

Expansion chips used: MMC5. VRC6, FDS sound
FDS write protect needed...or not.


• chip jockey   • hertzdevil   
w7n 7 We'll see if people like the guitar solo in this or cv116 better. Also FUCK NBCUniversal.
Miss Maboroshi 10 Whoa, FDS mod! That's admittedly a technique I still don't fully understand how to use, so I'm especially impressed by it. The amazing guitar sound you achieved using it takes this from a good cover to a great cover, in my opinion! Nice job!
tripflag 7 streamkiller/10 well i mean it's accurate enough to nuke the stream and sound design is on point, only thing I dislike is the lead being kinda simplish
Titan of Plasma 8.5 I've never heard the original before. As for your cover, I like the way you use the multichip: the "fancy" stuff is reserved for the FDS channel, while the rest keeps that "chiptune flavor" I love.
Wiz. 7 FDSのギター音色が相当良く出来ていて驚きました。 その他パートもそれぞれの特徴を活かしつつ、メロが主体という基本姿勢はしっかり筋が通っていて好印象でした。
BiliNicoPoi some volume problems.
22 cover no. 104: Titan of Plasma — Stratofortress 14.156/20Is it possible to cover a power metal song using 2A03 only? And without DPCM samples?

...well, I thought the same thing. Until I tried Stratofortress by Stratovarius. Now you can enjoy some power metal on your NES. Pure Finnish goodness.

Original Song: Stratofortress
Artist: Stratovarius
Author: Timo Tolkki
Year: 2003

To be precise, the DPCM channel was used, but only for ZXX effects. You'll soon notice, like me, how that last letter of the alphabet became my best friend.

Enough said. Enjoy Stratofortress.

...that double bass drum, tho...

w7n 6 Good use of squares, if it has a DPCM bassline it would be better. Some parts repeat too much.
Miss Maboroshi 10 This is some absolutely wild technique!! I don't think I've ever seen someone get this much versatility out of the triangle channel before. The sound spread this achieves with just 2A03 is utterly unbelievable, this is one of the most technically impressive covers I've ever heard! Incredible job!
tripflag 6 \m/
Wiz. 7 ツーバスで強烈なリズム隊に加え、メロディの独特な音色や息もつかせぬ目まぐるしい展開が印象的でした。
23 cover no. 223: dpc — Dancing Mad 14.119/20ok

tripflag 7 impressive use of the vrc7, retains most of the dynamic and only sounds a tiny bit iffy at points, awesome work
PGCX864 8 It is not bad for VRC7's Sega Genesis.
Wiz. 5 これも超定番曲ですね。(Famicompoで聴くの、何回目だろう…) 今回のバージョンは、VRC7で作られているのがミソですね。 今までの曲を聴いていても、VRC7を使ってSFC音源のテイストを出す試みは頻繁に行われており、これもその1つかと思いました。 音色面では割と近いんですが、音源の性質上、SFCよりも若干音色のインパクトは弱めなので、もっとダイナミックな音量変化をつけると、更に迫力が出て良いと思います。 是非、原曲を更に聴きこんで研究してみてください。
w7n 5 Mediocre instrumentation and volume balance overall... FINALLY DONE with all these! Next time remove the low-quality trolls before releasing the pack please.
Titan of Plasma Uematsu's master piece along with Liberi Fatali (One Winged Angel is overrated :v ). I'm glad to see an SNES cover that does not simply transfers the original samples into N163 waves. The use of VRC7 is very creative. The cover lacks a little "punch", maybe. You could also have used a custom instrument for the organ part instead of the default reed organ. Nevertheless covering the mythical Dancing Mad is never an easy task.
BEEPBOY 4 鐘・ティンパニ・笑い声はそれっぽいですが、オルガン等の音域が低く感じられました。また過去のコンペ既出なのでそれを上回る何かを期待してしまいますが、私にはそれを感じ取れませんでした。
Miss Maboroshi 9 I have nothing but respect for anyone who attempts to tackle this monstrosity of a song. Though this is something of a Famicompo staple at this point, I must admit I've never heard anyone do it with VRC7 before! The square channel being used for the snares is one of my favorite instrumental touches. About the only criticism I have is, since organ makes up so very much of the song, I probably would have used a custom instrument that sounds closer to the original sample rather than the patch that you used. Really though, it's amazing in and of itself whenever someone manages to cover this whole thing! Congratulations on your accomplishment. :)
24 cover no. 144: Wiz. — Azure Territory -蒼穹の領域(Soukyuu No Ryouiki)- 14.087/20(English)
This song is composed by my wife. :-)
Original version is here. > http://www.dojinongaku.com/contents/goods_detail.php?goid=2020

Compared to the original song, the density of the sound is increasing.

今回は、うちの奥たんのオリジナル曲のカヴァーです。 例によって、ppmck(with ふぁミク)で2A03+VRC6+FDSを鳴らしています。 ヴォーカルパートはFDSの波形メモリです。

タイムオーバーで残念ながらショートバージョンとなりましたが、原曲はもっと尺が長くてめちゃめちゃカッコイイので是非聴いてみてください。 原曲は「同人音楽の森」にあります。

実は、Famicompo pico vol.1 の頃から、コンポに応募しようと作り続けていたものの、「唄モノだけどアレンジありき」「音の密度を濃くしたい」というコンセプトが故に非常に難産で、過去2回とも出展を断念しました。 今回、3回目にして(ショートバージョンですが)やっとリリースできました。

聴きやすいかどうかは別として、ベースラインやバッキング等々、敢えて原曲から音を増やす方向でアレンジしています。 曲の打ち込みを始めた初期の頃を思い出しつつ、あの頃の初期衝動的熱量を込めてみました。 ある意味、自分らしい原点回帰なアレンジになっているのではないか…と思います。(気づけば、(2017/8現在)あと半年弱で打ち込み歴30周年ですね…)

ちなみに、原曲「蒼穹の領域」に英題はありませんが、海外主催のコンポに応募するにあたり、敢えて英題も付けました。 「蒼穹」には、一番近い?単語として「Azure」を、「領域」は「Area」等々の候補もあったものの、原曲が「鳩レース」がモチーフとの事(※同人音楽の森のコメント参照)なので、より強い意志(プライド)を感じる「Territory」にしました。 これで、題名のニュアンスが伝わる…といいな。


• Wiz.   • Wiz.   • Wiz.   • Wiz.   
shywolf 9.0 Real sense of high-speed.
w7n 10 Most favourite of the cover section. People may find Wiz.'s entry too 'loud', but I find this one of the most well arranged entries of this compo. Really, Wiz achieves the effect I can make with one (or two) less chip. A minor debuff: Vocals are FaMiC instead of the more updated Famicaloid.
karmic 8.5 Really crazy! The voice, despite not being clear, still works in terms of the song's sound.
BEEPBOY 6 オープニングは音の厚みが感じられて良かったです。その一方FDSボーカルが他の音に埋もれているように聴こえました。一緒に鳴らす音をVRC7に変えて干渉回避したり、ボーカルが活きるアレンジorバランスに仕上げるなどの発展要素があると感じました。
Miss Maboroshi 6 There's actually so much going on here that it's hard to make out individual parts! With NES/Famicom mixing, I've found it's especially important to make sure your lead instruments stand out prominently compared to the background layers. That all being said, the FDS vocals are a delight to hear! Thank you for including them! 実は楽器のレイヤーがこんなに多いので、個々の部分を聞き分けるのは難しいと思いますm(_ _)m NES/ファミコンのミキシングと言えば、大切なことは背景レイヤーと比べてリードをはっきりとして強めることだと気づいた。とにかく、FDSボーカルは聞いて嬉しいですよ!カバーに含んでありがとうございます^^
tripflag 6 too chaotic but the voice synth is pretty neat
Titan of Plasma 7.9 It was good to find a cover that makes good use of the FDS and relies only on the VRC6 besides that. However, it is a little noisy and kind of detuned. I couldn't find the original to compare, though.
25 cover no. 37: ki — Endless Story 14.036/20C3 -シーキューブ- OP

shywolf 6.0 I enjoy this cover. Mixing seems a little loud, and could perhaps be adjusted to bring the percussion out more.
Miss Maboroshi 10 This is so fabulous! I really admire how you used this multichip configuration to its full potential. The harmonies and echoes are so pleasantly vibrant!
tripflag 6 a bit loud but good and accurate, could have used more contrast/dynamic, maybe just a shorter fadeout on the backing notes
BEEPBOY 8 イントロの期待感、音の重ね方が良かったです!2つのパート音程が近いところが若干あったのが気になりました。
Wiz. 6 厚みのあるイントロの和音がインパクト大でした。 メロの細かい表現も良く出来ていると思います。
w7n 5 Nice sounding, but not much variety.
D cover no. 97: VinylCheese — Cybernoid 2 14.008/20[this space intentionally left blank]
Reason for disqualification: resubmission of previously published content

• VinylCheese   • Highway Guy/pulsebot   
Titan of Plasma 8.8 Wow, this cover reminds me a lot of One Must Fall: 2097. I like 2A03 only renditions... did I mention it before? :v This cover, especially, has a very good instrumentation.
w7n 6 Textbook example on making good use of 2A03 with heavy arps.
karmic 7.3 Good, but I think it could be enhanced with more controlled duty handling, instead of just looping the same short macro. The parts with the DPCM chords are very cool though, more of that please.
Miss Maboroshi 9 This is killer!! It's quite evident you know your way around the 2A03, judging by how much sound you manage to get out of it here. I get the impression most people prefer to cover C64 songs with the VRC6 chip, so it's admirable of you to give this a shot, and I think you executed it really well!
tripflag 6 great translation to the NES, percussion on lock, at times could have had more details
kenshirotakahashi 8 Amazing! If there was a port of Cybernoid 2 on the NES, I imagine this is what it'd sound like! ^-^
Wiz. 9 イントロのキックとハットによる刻みの小気味良さで引き込まれ、その後の各種表現の凝りようで圧倒されました。 素晴らしいです。
27 cover no. 129: sirocyl — Donkey Kong Country 2 - Disco Train 13.925/20VRC7 + 2A03.

Titan of Plasma 8 DKC music is very well suited for the VRC7, imo. Perhaps this cover lacks a little "punch"... but I love that unmistakable FM timbre.
w7n 6 I'd say I can't make use of VRC7 as good as this, but still there's more to be desired, and the whistle doesn't fit too well.
Jiyoshi 5.5 Please check your tunings. Sound design is good, though the kick sounds a bit too pitched, making things confusing.
BEEPBOY 7 FM音色でフィルターベースや悲鳴を再現していて良かったです。
tripflag 5 alright
Wiz. 6 VRC7音色を微妙に変化させることで、フィルタ的な効果を出しているところに芸の細かさを感じました。
28 cover no. 138: BiliNicoPoi — Megalovania 13.920/20=)

Titan of Plasma 8.6 Perhaps the only problem with this cover is that it's... Megalovania. That aside, I like how you use the N163 for the melody and the square waves for the harmony.
w7n 6 Megalovania which isn't a joke entry? Sounds pretty good esp. with the FDS guitar.
Jiyoshi 6 First 10 seconds were good. The bass that comes in after that sounds horrid though.
karmic 6.9 It certainly isn't bad, but this is one of the most overdone tunes to cover in chiptune.
BEEPBOY 7 各パートの音はよく作り込んでいると思いました。と同時に、メインパートを際立たせるアレンジが欲しくなりました。
Miss Maboroshi 7 Oh hey, a real cover of this song. What stands out to me about this is the instrumentation, which is unorthodox but not unpleasant! The sort of "rave" sound of the lead instrument especially gives this an interesting spin.
tripflag 7 that's a lot of expansion chips, point deduction (the other cover is better too)
Wiz. 6 FDS/N163共に、波形メモリの使い方に長けていると感じます。 音色の作り方が巧いです。 いい具合に引っかかりのあるアクの強い音色となっていて、印象的でした。
29 cover no. 131: DynamiteManEXE — Grand Canyon (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition) 13.878/20Game: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (1995)
Composer: Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, Haruo Ohashi

w7n 5 ... Probably the original tune itself isn't my taste. Cover is OK though.
Miss Maboroshi 8 This is definitely my favorite of the Power Rangers covers! This is an especially cool song, and your DPCM drum samples add a lot of awesome punch. Nice job on this one!
tripflag 5 technically alright
Wiz. 8 低音と和音メロによる緊張感のある楽曲展開が非常に好みでした。 それを支えている適切な音源選択と使い方の巧さを感じます。
30 cover no. 160: Amilgi — Door Into Summer 13.874/20VRC6 cover of this lovely song from Kunckles' Chaotix on the 32X.
Loops once.

w7n 4 Not bad, but the lead gets annoying soon.
BEEPBOY 7 全体の雰囲気は好感が持てました。唯一サビの和音でテンション気味になるコード音が、音源の特性上オリジナルより違和感を感じました。
Miss Maboroshi 9 Ooh, this has a lovely groove to it! Even though VRC6 has a vastly different sound than the Chaotix soundtrack, this cover feels just as strong as the original. Brilliant arrangement!
tripflag 6 max comfy
Wiz. 7 流麗なメロも魅力的ですが、どちらかというとVRC6のバッキングで攻めた和音や細かいフレーズ変化をしてくるところが非常に印象に残りました。
31 cover no. 132: Chip Jockey — Sweetness Repertoire (Calm Ver.) 13.873/20This song was created for dibonk for his video series called "Kacpirorecenzje" - by the time I'm writing this description I still don't know if it's going to be accepted or not, but I'm sending it anyway, because I like the way it sounds. Original song: https://soundcloud.com/segathi/repertuar-slod-sci

w7n 5 Good, somewhat repetitive.
BEEPBOY 10 メインメロディーの音をはじめ、シンセタムなど好きな音揃いで良かったです!
Miss Maboroshi 8 I'm curious what this is a cover of! I can't figure it out.
tripflag 6 cool arps
Wiz. 8 細やかな音色変化がシンセサイザーのモジュレーション的な効果を出していて非常に印象的でした。 重厚かつインパクトのあるリズム隊も好印象です。

2A03 cover of Sonic CD's composer Naofumi Hataya's lovely song from Virtua Racing Deluxe for the 32X.
Song does loop - time is set to only play once.

Wiz. 6 流麗なメロと対比するベースラインの動き等々、恐らくは2A03のみでも綺麗に聴こえるよう、全体にバランス調整が入っているのではないでしょうか。 うまく纏まっていると感じます。
shywolf 7.5 What's the source?? The sound design is very polished. It's easy to just leave it looping...
w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + not much to stand out = Decent
tripflag 9 oh this is juicy, just about everything's on point except maybe for a couple of the chords clashing a tiny bit
33 cover no. 202: JonKaruzu — Jump Up, Super Star! (Short Ver.) + NSFPlay 2.3 13.803/20Dammit, Hard Work!!!
Super Mario Oddysey Theme song during the E3 Trailer
Unfortunately, I remixed at the end. How Cool is the song?

• w7n   
tripflag 6 lots of expansions, lots of sound, not even close to a NES but still awesome
Wiz. 6 特にN163音色の独自性と多chによる太い和音構成に惹かれました。 後半、一旦引いて三角波の任天堂シーケンスから再び音が増えていくというのも面白い展開だと感じました。
w7n 6 Good overall, the first few seconds are better than the rest (without the arps and it gets a bit dull).
Titan of Plasma 8 Wow, it sounds impressive. Looking at all the chips used, perhaps one expects a little more, but it's good overall. Indeed, the loop at the end was my favorite part.
EH2 7.05 A lot of the harmonies are too overpowering when compared with the original. But still, excellently played.
Miss Maboroshi 10 This is so, so amazing!! It does an impressive amount of stuff with not that many different waveforms. The harmonies pop out at just the right times, and the whole vibe of it is just so sparkly~ I only wish it was longer! I would love to hear an extended version if you ever decide to make one. <3
34 cover no. 220: Bun — シオカラ節 VRC6 For FCP3 13.692/20いつも通りな感じです

• Bun   
tripflag 5 oh more squids, definitely not a fan of the pitch slides and it's kinda messy
Wiz. 7 高速アルペジオや音色切り替え、ユニゾン等を駆使した存在感のあるバッキングに対して、VRC6等でストレートに響いてくるメロディの対比が非常にバランス良く絶妙な仕上がりだと思いました。
shywolf 6.0 Has a much different feel compared to 039. I feel like there is some strange detuning going on with the instrumentation...
w7n 5 Calamari Inkantation sounds worse than the original if remixed in such a messy way and there are even some out-of-place detunes. Overall it's not bad though, and at least there's the effort.
BEEPBOY 8 フロアライクなチップチューンとして楽しめたし、後半の展開が予想外に良かったです!迫力ある一方、例えばBメロの高速アルペジオコードのアタックを遅めにしてサイドチェイン風にするなど、より磨き上げられる可能性も感じました。
karmic 7 Some of the parts here are pretty badly mixed, making it hard to follow... It's good overall though.
EH2 6.05 Not bad at all… but is the tuning alright there?
Miss Maboroshi 9 あっ、同じ曲をカバーしてごめんね。でもあなたのカバーの方がユニークだと感じます。私の目的は正確さなので、あまり危険を冒しませんでしたが、このアレンジは勇ましく型を破る。(例えば、ソロから特にスタイリッシュな性格が出ます。)そのため、効果は本当にかっこいいと思います!失礼ですが、いつかにあなたと合作することに興味がありますけど… よろしければ、[email protected]でメールできます^^
35 cover no. 200: とらぷ — Midnight Intercept 13.635/20E.D.F - Stage 2 Midnight Interceptです。 NSFPlayで調整してます。

tripflag 8 really chill track, love the echo and extra fx thrown in occasionally, tight bass and great pacing
Wiz. 6 VRC7の音色を活かした楽曲選択だと思います。矩形波を使った高音の響きがアクセントになっているのも高ポイントです。
shywolf 6.0 Very faithful to the original.
w7n 6 Above-average use of VRC7.
BEEPBOY 8 高域のキラキラさが良かったです!
Miss Maboroshi 8 Amazing! I'd even say this does some things better than the original song! My only complaint, if you'll allow it, is that there seem to be some hiccups in the tempo every once in a while. I'm actually not sure if that's just me, but you may want to make sure all the timings are perfectly tight. Honestly though, this is a wonderful cover. Thanks for making it!
Titan of Plasma 8 The lead gets a little flat after a while; other than that, the VRC7 gives this song a nice flavor.
36 cover no. 39: Miss Maboroshi — Calamari Inkantation / シオカラ節 13.547/20Hello again everyone!
For this year's entry I wanted to show my love for one of my absolute favorite games, Splatoon (I'm really looking forward to playing Splatoon 2 when I get a Switch!). I put a lot of work into this, so I very much hope you enjoy it! Shoutouts again to furrykef and poodlecock for their excellent N163 waveform tool, and a special thanks to HertzDevil for both 0CC-Famitracker and an N163 Lua script that was used extensively in the making of this. I couldn't have done this without your help!

Until next year,
Miss Maboroshi



shywolf 7.0 This is the final boss music? Neat.
karmic 7.5 Good voice-synth, arrangement is good as well.
tripflag 5 the voice samples are insane
BEEPBOY 8 ボイスが2~3音きれいに鳴っていたのが驚きなのと、上品なアレンジで普段聴きに良いと思いました。
Wiz. 6 なるほど…N163で唄わせているんですね。 N163を使うことで、複数chでヴォーカルを鳴らせるのは強みかと思います。 N163のchを増やし過ぎた影響か、解像度が下がって若干音声が不明瞭になっているのが惜しいです。 発音数を考えると厚みが足りない気もするので、chの割り当てを整理してより有効に使うと更に良くなりそうです。
EH2 9.15 Stay fresh!
w7n 7 Serious advice: If you're working on FDS/N163 vocals, don't change waveforms too often and don't use the same waveforms across a wide note range. Apparently you used Hertz's sampler for the vocals?? Otherwise a very nice entry. Wrong note in the vocals: A# - C# - [B#] - G# instead of A# - C# - A# - G#
37 cover no. 158: GOZAHAND — 水没都市 13.534/20ドラゴンセイバー1面のBGMです。NSFPlayで再生してください。

shywolf 5.5 Not bad, aside from the FM noise burst at the start.
w7n 5 First part interesting, gets mediocre afterwards.
BEEPBOY 5 前半の作り込みは良くできていると思いました。後半や音のエンベロープとかをさらに突き詰められる可能性も感じました。
Miss Maboroshi 9 ああ、これ素敵!!ハーモニーに迷えるみたい。このカバーなら原作のエスプリを完璧に表します。ドラゴンセイバーのOSTの残りを聞きたいです!目覚ましいカバーです^^
tripflag 8 start is super solid, really like the sound design, some parts could use better volume control
Wiz. 6 楽曲は定番ですが、冒頭の大き目のノイズ、メロやバッキングの鳴らし方のニュアンスの違い等々、原曲と(恐らく敢えて)違う雰囲気を纏わせていることが面白いと感じました。
38 cover no. 190: Lob — Knower - What's in Your Heart (Procrastination Edition) 13.433/20Unfinished.

Best listened to with NSFPlay.

tripflag 6 this is all over the place but prety awesome
Wiz. 10 ch数でも表現の細かさでもとにかく聴く者を圧倒するパワーを持つ曲だと感じました。 波形メモリ系の癖のある音色で和音のインパクトを上げる一方で、矩形波パートの打ち込みも非常に細やかで素晴らしいと思います。
w7n 7 Don't know if you really need this many chips though, but it sounds really catchy anyway.
Miss Maboroshi 10 Ah, cool! Capturing the frenetic energy of KNOWER's style in chiptune seems like a difficult feat, but this comes remarkably close. The instrumentation seems fairly efficient as well, though I can't quite process everything happening at once due to the sheer number of parts. Musicality aside, it's clear a lot of love went into this, and I think you absolutely deserve to be proud of it.
39 cover no. 139: ImATrackMan — Is That A Demo In Your Pocket? 13.412/20SNORDLOEF make the best gameboy demos

• Xinon   • ImATrackMan?   
w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + nothing to stand out = Decent
Miss Maboroshi 7 If you did this by ear, it's really impressive! I was wondering for a good 45 seconds how there were three square channels at once with no expansion chips... @[email protected]
tripflag 10 wait holy shit is this really 2a03-only this is hella solid goddamn
Wiz. 5 細かい高速アルペジオやメロの表現制御が素晴らしいと感じます。 ハイテンションのまま突っ走る感じが良いです。
40 cover no. 193: BEEPBOY — 祈りの花 13.344/20今回は、この曲をカバーする巡り合わせだったのではと改めて思っています。

Famicompo pico開催が例年より遅れ、





• Robokabuto   • BEEPBOY   
tripflag 7 chill idols but man what's up with the expansions
Wiz. 9 拡張音源フル実装で、多重ヴォーカルのみならず、各音源の特徴を活かしつつ、これだけの音源を纏め上げて楽曲として昇華しているのは素晴らしいです。 驚きました。 敢えて1つ挙げるとすれば、ヴォーカル表現はピッチベンドやエンベロープ変化等で、もう少し凝っても良かったかな?とは感じました。(もしかすると原曲からこういうトーンなのかもしれませんが)
shywolf 6.5 The other "all chips" cover. It's kind of the opposite of 062: song is nice, but the sound design can use work (especially: the RP2A03 and MMC5 parts, and the high-pitched VRC7 patch with the slow software vibrato, all sound kind of strange to my ears).
w7n 8 2nd favourite of the cover section. Its awesomeness is obvious, but it has more debuffs as well: I think this can be done with fewer chips; Vocals are FaMiC instead of the more updated Famicaloid, and they don't cut this fast in the original; The DPCM samples are a bit weird; Some notes are detuned in the wrong way(like the VRC7 sine, it's more natural if the vocals are a bit detuned).
karmic 9 I REALLY like this one. But I have a hard time getting over that I really doubt you needed EVERY expansion.
EH2 4.9 Watch the lyrics part more carefully, a lot of it sounds as if it's being triggered late or that it doesn't last for long enough.
Miss Maboroshi 10 ファミコンボーカルで挑戦してみた私の判断では成功です^^ 詳しさは著しい。マルチチップなら、私はいつも「全部のチップが必要?」っていう能率の質問を問います。このエントリーには全部が必要かあまり分からないけど確かに全部のチップがいつかに使用されていて、豊かなテクスチュアをなします。そしてボーカルは素晴らしい。音節は少し短いけれど音色が原作のキャラクター声を似合います。それもノイズで子音を入って嬉しいですわ!アレンジしてありがとうございます。m(_ _)m
41 cover no. 199: OTOBEYA — YsII - TO MAKE THE END OF BATTLE 13.254/20内蔵音源のみでやれるだけやってみました。

tripflag 6 sounds totally rad but have to subtract some points for the size of the dpcm
Wiz. 7 定番曲ですが、使用音源が2A03のみであるにも関わらず、これだけディレイ感のあるダイナミックな音で鳴らしているというのには驚きを禁じ得ません。 サビ以降のアレンジは、近年のリメイク版のほうの移植でしょうか…? 独自アレンジだとすればセンスが良いと思いました。 個人的好みでは、やっぱりサビはあと1オクターブ上のほうが良かったなぁ…(PC-88版原曲準拠の場合)
shywolf 5.75 Between 071 and this, I prefer this one. A nice arrange of the original.
w7n 5 The samples are more interesting than the squares.
Miss Maboroshi 7 Is this based on the PC-88 version? The instrumentation has a lovely variety to it, and the DPCM is extremely well put together. Great job!
42 cover no. 133: Amilgi — House Of The Rising Sun 13.241/20Animals version.
Features 4 N163 channels for that added organ action.
Hopefully got the mixing right.

Titan of Plasma 7.8 Other than some GXSCC abominations, it's becoming hard to find chiptune covers from mainstream songs, partly thanks to YouTube ContentID. I'm glad to see one cover like this. It's a very good chiptune rendition from this iconic theme. IMO, however, the N163 has more potential (I define it as "overpowered"). Maybe you could have varied the volume a little more throughout the song, as well as the N163 waves.
w7n 5 Doesn't sound that good before the N163 kicks in, afterwards it gets better.
Miss Maboroshi 10 I'm totally floored!!! I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but as soon as the backing chords kicked in, I knew this was something special. Your arranging/instrumentation isn't particularly complex, but that actually lends the cover a purity of sound that allows the beauty of the original version to shine through all the more effectively. The mixing, the solos, I'm just absolutely awestruck at what you've accomplished here. Easily one of my favorite entries in the whole competition. Stellar work!!!
EH2 3.4 This wouldn't be that bad a cover if it was more carefully transcribed.
tripflag 6 more variation and this would have been awesome, neat lowkey use of the n163
Wiz. 7 内蔵2A03音色だけでも十分出来が良いと感じますが、後半のN163音色が2A03矩形波から違和感無く、かつ癖のある音色で鳴っているというのは大きなポイントかと思いました。
43 cover no. 161: DynamiteManEXE — Spiro Grip Me Tighter (Commander Keen 5) 13.216/20Game: Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine (1991)
Composer: Bobby Prince

w7n 5 Pretty sure this is the same author as some of the other VRC6 entries. This one is not as good as those though.
Miss Maboroshi 9 Whoa, this actually hits a lot harder than the original song! That's a good indication of a quality cover. I especially like the way you layer different channels together to create thicker textures. It works really well!
EH2 5.99 This damn song just teases Owner Of A Lonely Heart to you.
tripflag 5 love the intro lead and the bridges
Wiz. 7 低音ベースに負けじとアクの強い低音寄りのメロディがパワフルで非常に印象的えした。 VRC6の利点(2A03との違い)を熟知していて、意図的にVRC6でしか鳴らせない音をメインに据えている印象です。 VRC6の使い方が巧いと思いました。
44 cover no. 137: Viddy — Heart Of Fire - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow 13.109/20The "Heart of Fire" theme from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Titan of Plasma 8.3 Did I mention that I love 2A03 renditions from later generation consoles? No? I didn't? Well, I do. The DPCM bass amazingly fits the theme, and I also liked the melodic tri at the end. Yes, I know, this edition's Famicompo is "go multichip or go home". But, c'mon. Can't we enjoy a 2A03-only cover every now and then? 2A03 ftw!
w7n 4 Directly copying the Sunsoft pack isn't a good idea, even Sunsoft itself doesn't make music with obnoxiously long notes with no vibrato effects.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Hmm, interesting idea! I have a strong personal preference for the style of Castlevania III, but at the very least it's entertaining to hear what a Sunsoft Castlevania game might sound like.
tripflag 5 like the triangle use towards the end but otherwise gets kinda boring
Wiz. 6 この曲の原曲(※冒頭の1曲目)の肝はベースラインの重さにあると思うので、ベースラインをDPCMにしたのは良い選択だと思います…が、メロとベースラインの音域が離れすぎていて、メロを高音で鳴らしている部分は中音域が物足りない気はしました。 様々な楽曲を1つに詰め込んでいるアレンジは非常に面白いと感じました。
45 cover no. 110: jaxcheese — Chopin: Ballade No. 1 13.072/20an original arrangement, w/original bassline and solo and etc.
harmony and melody are direct from the piece

wish I could have done the whole thing, but time was running out and I got kinda burnt out on it
there's some messy parts but the idea's there

Titan of Plasma 8.2 Do you like the Swingle Singers? Because I do. Great cover. I love how you achieved a very good jazz rendition of Chopin with 2A03 only.
w7n 4 Acceptable, nothing too interesting.
Miss Maboroshi 8 What a groovy take on Chopin! Kinda reminds me of Darkwing Duck. The sense of ebb and flow here is also divine. Very, very cool. :)
tripflag 4 not my kinda thing but voting what i think it deserves...? i'm good at this
EH2 10 …Does someone have direct access to my brain? Did they say “let’s make something that appeals completely to this guy”?
Wiz. 7 装飾音符やテンポの揺らぎ等々、身体が思わずスウィングしてしまうような作りで非常に巧いと感じました。
46 cover no. 177: GGDJR — Ganbare Goemon SFC Remix 13.061/20Two recovered SFC Game: Ganbare Goemon musics with VRC6 channel.

Wiz. 6 和メロが際立つ打ち込みにメロを際立たせるバッキングの役回り等々、よく出来ていると思います。 個人的好みとしては、リズム隊が少々控えめに感じたので、特にスネアとキックの圧をもう少し上げると良かったかもしれません。
PGCX864 10 Amazing songs!! :)
w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + not much to stand out = Decent
karmic 6 One of these tunes is not like the others...
Miss Maboroshi 7 There's some neat instruments in this one. You did a good job of replicating the traditional Japanese orchestration of the original soundtrack!
tripflag 6 kinda loopy but sounds nice
47 cover no. 10: retrodpc — Super Mario Bros. 2 Overworld 13.049/20so ya like jazz

Titan of Plasma 8.2 I like this VRC7 rendition from SMB2 overworld. I really feel as if I was listening to it at a jazz concert. The bass solo was especially good. I don't know if you already had a custom instrument running at that time, but a custom bass would have been perfect instead of the preset one. Good cover.
PGCX864 8 Great!!
shywolf 6.5 It's not just a straight port of the song to FM.
Miss Maboroshi 8 Very fun! I like the little improv bits~ Is this the same person as the Positive Charge cover or is VRC7 percussion just more common now?
karmic 6 Heh, this one really sounds like a PC Adlib game, moreso than other VRC7 tunes I've heard.
tripflag 6 neat variations
Jiyoshi 7.5 Very solid.
Wiz. 6 VRC7の良さを巧く引き出していると思います。SFCっぽさを感じました。 2A03ももっと使ってあげて欲しいな…とは思いましたが。
kenshirotakahashi 7 I love that this is a hybrid of the NES version's tempo and the All-Stars version's instrumentation; as well as expanding the original song!
w7n 5 Mostly nice one, same author as cv004? I like cv004 more though.
48 cover no. 64: Frost — Zen Zen Zense 13.044/20Original by RADWIMPS 2016

Miss Maboroshi 8 I'm impressed with how well you managed to convey this song with just 2A03! Excellent work!
tripflag 7 oh shit oh shit trying not to get voting bias from song choice uhh this cover is good yep the percussion goes great with the lead but the arps could use some more volume and/or pulse variation, actually same goes for lead come to think of it but it's 2a03-only so BONUS POINTS
BEEPBOY 9 今回の選曲として良いと思います。王道かつ丁寧な音色も良かったです。サビ終盤の高速アルペジオやDメロは
Wiz. 6 2A03のみで作られていることを考慮するとかなりよく出来ているのではないでしょうか。 前のめりなノリがイイ感じです。 ヴォーカル部分のメロは更にメリハリを付けても良いかも…とは感じました。 あと、バッキングの高速アルペジオパターンを増やすと、もっとメリハリが付くかもしれません。
w7n 5 Nice usage of just the 2A03, there's some variety too.
49 cover no. 6: iwamoo — サクラあっぱれーしょん 12.996/20作成:ppmck(release 9a ex2)

• Bun   
shywolf 8.0 I like this one a lot. These "bouncing" pulses...
Miss Maboroshi 8 パルスは面白い形態があります!私にとってでんぱはちょっと甘すぎるけどいいカバーです^^
karmic 6.8 Alright, but it starts getting boring after a while. No need for 4 minutes.
tripflag 5 loud and messy lead, fits the song though
Titan of Plasma 8.2 Not sure if this is a Japanese meme... but it is nicely covered with the 2A03!
Wiz. 7 テクニックにそこまでトリッキーな事をしているわけではなく、2A03内蔵の特徴的な音色がメロを支えているにも関わらず、細かいフレージングやバッキングの多彩さで聴かせる楽曲に仕上がっていて、ハイレベルだと感じました。
w7n 5 Interesting feel with pseudo vocals. It lacks that spark of excellence though...
50 cover no. 118: DynamiteManEXE — Frozen Mountain (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie) 12.824/20Game: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)
Composers: Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, Haruo Ohashi

w7n 6 Same author as cv092?
tripflag 4 the background channels get kinda droney but i suppose this is rock-like originally so it can't be helped
Wiz. 7 アツイ曲ですねぇ。 流麗なメロディラインと、ヘヴィな低音の刻みの対比が印象的で、かつうまく纏められている印象でした。
51 cover no. 191: JonKaruzu — Space Manbow - Hydra (MSX2) 12.785/20A MSX Rip From Konami Game! A Good Wavetable Ripper From K051649

• Matango M   
tripflag 3 would probably be great if made more like a traditional nes track
Wiz. 6 これは原曲とほぼ同じ音源構成にして完コピ狙いですね。 非常によく似ていると思いますが、イントロ終了後の背景で鳴っているN163のモーフィング音、もう少し大きいほうがモーフィング効果のインパクトが判り易くて良いような気がしました。
w7n 5 Nice arrangement, just too short.
BEEPBOY 8 S5Bスネア、N16xの波形をうまく使って再現しているのが伝わりました。
Titan of Plasma I'm not familiar with neither Space Manbow nor the MSX2. However, everyone on the Discord server is talking about Space Manbow, so I wanted to hear this. It's pretty nice, indeed, though very short to judge.
Miss Maboroshi 9 Manbow!!! Wow wow wow, these waveforms are actually flawless. I love the evolving bassline, and the decision to use the 5B's noise functionality to better represent the MSX2's noise was a really good one in my opinion. This is stunning!
52 cover no. 122: tripflag — qt panzer 12.778/20most idol songs are terrible but then there's this

no dpcm

sounds way better with a dramatically reduced LPF/HPF strength in the NSFPlay main settings window (LPF down to minimim and 1 press of PageDown, HPF 2 presses)

thanks to archj for fixing some transitions

• me   
w7n 5 Interesting pitch slides, arrangement is fine.
Miss Maboroshi 8 Nice work on this one! Although I'm a little confused as to why you titled this the way you did. Is this some sort of War Thunder inside joke? That was the best explanation I could find.
tripflag can't believe this is finally over
Wiz. 7 せわしない音ですが、ピッチベンドや音色変化を駆使しており、1音1音の鳴らし方が非常に凝っていて印象的でした。
53 cover no. 128: ImATrackMan — Quarth MSX BGM B-A 12.705/20The MSX release of Quarth has the best music of any other version, so I decided to cover one of my favorite songs from it.

w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + nothing to stand out = Decent
shywolf 7.25 MSX Quarth! This is very polished.
Miss Maboroshi 8 This is such a beautiful and relaxing cover! Listening to it makes me really happy. Quarth looks like a fun game too, thanks for introducing me to it!
tripflag 5 soothing
Wiz. 6 N163ではなく敢えてVRC6を選択したことで、原曲に寄せつつもファミコン感が残っていて非常にバランスの良い出来だと感じました。
54 cover no. 91: sen-pi — World's End Dancehall 12.702/20MMC5. Procrastination at its finest (worst).

w7n 7 4th favourite of the cover section. Seemingly simple at first glance, but the instrumentation and arrangement go through a lot of change and there's always something new around the next corner. Splendid example on how to use squares well... for the most part. The leads need a bit more work.
Miss Maboroshi 9 Really excellent! This is a great song to see covered, and you did a fine job recreating it. You don't have to, of course, but do you think you could challenge yourself to do complex vocals? I would love to see what you come up with!
tripflag 6 vote adjusted for song selection bias (still p gud but could use more things)
Titan of Plasma 8.8 First and foremost, I had never heard the original song before it was commented at the Discord server. What I like a lot from your cover is that you took this Hatsune Miku song (at least that the version that I heard) and made it sound like a real videogame. This competition has a lot of amazing covers that reproduce their originals almost perfectly spot-on. While I love them, I like even more covers like yours.
Wiz. 6 メロが際立つ歯切れのいい鳴らし方で、聴いていて気持ちがいいです。 もう少し残響音を入れてみても良い気はしましたが、これはこれでうまく仕上げていると思いました。
55 cover no. 78: sc00p — Princess Maker 2 - Main Theme 12.603/20Who thought this was a good idea...?

w7n 6 This is some nice use of the VRC7.
Miss Maboroshi 9 Hey, Princess Maker! VRC7 was just the right choice for this soundtrack, you totally nailed both the style and the instrumentation. Brilliant job!!
tripflag 6 track 4 best
Wiz. 6 VRC7の柔らかい音が楽曲にマッチしていると感じます。 2A03の一部パートを余らせているようですので、ここを如何にして効果的に使うかによって、更に完成度を上げられる気はしました。
56 cover no. 168: Arc-Demon — Venus Lighthouse 12.518/20I don't know what to say.

Wiz. 6 恐らくストリングスあたりを意識したと思われるアタック弱めの音色と、50%矩形波デチューンでエッジの際立つ音色、そしてサビで更に展開する等々、それぞれ性質の違う音色の鳴らし方でバリエーションを作って飽きさせない展開になっているところが良いと感じました。
w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + not much to stand out = Decent
tripflag 5 sounds nice but why all the expansions
57 cover no. 69: Flalcon — National park 12.442/20Based off of this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XjouKSkSeM

w7n 5 Needs more work put into it, probably add some arps for some variety. Overall fine.
Jiyoshi 6.5 Not a fan of the slow tempo. Some of the chord choices are questionable too.
Miss Maboroshi 7 I love the laidback atmosphere of this one! The backing chords you wrote are a very nice extension of the original version's mood.
karmic 7 Great chill loop. I could listen for hours...
tripflag 5 could use more variation
Wiz. 6 しなやかなLFOに控えめに入るN163の和音等々、聴いてて心地いい曲でした。 バランス良く調整されていると思います。
EH2 6.05 Needs a few volume tweaks, but just that.
58 cover no. 61: Amilgi — Aqua Planet Zone 12.426/202A03 cover of a lesser known sonic song from Sonic Chaos.
Song length set to play then loop once.

Miss Maboroshi 8 This is a spectacular remix! It really brings out the grooviness of the Game Gear version.
tripflag 7 hella groovy, ok instrumentation, nice variations
Wiz. 7 メリハリの付け方が非常に巧いと感じました。 アタックの変え方、細やかなディレイ、小気味いいスネア等々…よく出来ていると感じます。
w7n 4 Acceptable 'stereotypical 8-bit' entry.
59 cover no. 147: The Hardcore-Casual — Super Metroid - Ridley's Theme 12.422/20Another NES [2a03] cover of a SNES song. It does everything the original does and more!

w7n 4 The tension is all gone... Probably adapting a true Konami style is better.
karmic 7 Cool use of double-detuned notes, but maybe choose a longer/better song to show it off.
Miss Maboroshi 6 This is a really enjoyable little Metroid snippet! I realize the original song is not that long, but I'd still love to hear this extended. Your musical technique seems very cool!
tripflag 7 sound design makes you forget this just a 2a03, love it
Wiz. 5 非常に凝ったサウンドになっているとは思いますが、特にインパクトのあるベースラインが印象的でした。
60 cover no. 146: jimbo1qaz — Seiken Densetsu 3 - The Sacrifice, Part 3 12.382/20vrc6+fds, ppmck, works in nsfplay.

shywolf 5.5 Very "raw" sounding, but manages to stay true to the original.
w7n 5 The first 6 seconds are more interesting than the rest.
Miss Maboroshi 8 Awesome stuff! This is one of those covers that has exactly as much sound as it needs to, no more, no less. Not to mention the song is great! Nicely done. :)
tripflag 6 neat design, bass could be more interesting
Wiz. 6 なんか使用音源スペック以上の厚みのある音が出ていて、ちょっと驚いてしまいました。 
61 cover no. 11: Kuhneghetz — Donkey Kong Land/Country - Gang-Plank Galleon 12.366/20I felt like making a non-dpcm 2A03 cover of both the Game Boy and the SNES version of this song in one NSF.

Titan of Plasma 8 I love 2A03-only renditions, especially those from the SNES. At the end, though I'd have preferred a tri+noise percussion, noise-only sounds pretty good also.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Neat idea, combining both versions of the song into one cover.
karmic 6 I suppose I can appreciate the attempt to use only 2A03, but this is kinda average.
tripflag 5 yep that's gang-plank galleon
Wiz. 6 前半曲は特に伝統の任天堂ファミコンサウンド、という感じがします。 2音アルペジオとかの鳴らし方もソレっぽい感じがしてよく研究されていると感じます。 後半はもう少し後の世代っぽい感じですかね。 メロのディレイが美しいです。
kenshirotakahashi 8 Excellent! I like that this cover is in the style of David Wise's NES works; but what I love is that it transitions smoothly from the Game Boy version to the SNES version! This is worthy of King K. Rool himself!
w7n 4 Acceptable. I thought its size was gonna be like 1KB.
62 cover no. 212: Amilgi — Running In The 90's 12.293/20This deserved a proper 2A03 cover.
Loops once.

• chip jockey   
tripflag 9 super impressed by how well this turned out with just the 2a03, only reason this isn't a [10] is the arp being a tad much on the lead occasionally (get your credit card etc)
Wiz. 7 これはかなり巧いと思います。 ディレイ感と丁寧な鳴らし方、高速アルペジオによる要所要所の存在感等々…2A03のみという点を考慮すると、だいぶ頑張っている印象です。
w7n 6 Nice 2A03 usage, probably the lead needs reworking, like, better volume control and/or more pitch bends?
Titan of Plasma 8 Though it's a meme I like the 2A03 rendition.
EH2 6.6 ドリフト
Miss Maboroshi 8 Yesss I love this song!! I'm not sure all of the harmonies are 100% accurate, but this is still really well put together. I especially like your arpeggios, they do a very nice job of filling out the texture of the song even though there's only three melodic channels.
63 cover no. 179: rana — Nightmare Wizard Last Battle in Kirby's Adventure 12.289/20星のカービィ、夢の泉の物語のサントラ、高かったですよね。

Wiz. 6 低音中心で支えているにも関わらず、アクの強い音色選びでしっかり低音ベースラインが目立っているのが秀逸だと感じます。 低音中心であるが故に、たまに入る三角波アルペジオや矩形波高音パートが際立っていて良いです。
w7n 4 I'm not sure if I like this or the original more.
Miss Maboroshi 9 This is so bumpin'!! The original song is already extremely cool, but I'm so in love with the bass and drums that you added! Thanks for making such a jam!!
tripflag 7 nice progression, relaxing to listen to
64 cover no. 92: DynamiteManEXE — Serpentera Space Platform (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition) 12.251/20 Game: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (1995)
Composer: Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, Haruo Ohashi

Titan of Plasma 8.8 I like the multichip songs that stay with square, triangle and sawtooth waves. Your cover achieves a very rich sound, and yet it keeps its chiptune feeling.
w7n 6 I think I recall this instrumentation somewhere else. Nice entry.
shywolf 8.0 Sounds very Big and Important.
Miss Maboroshi 6 This is a pretty good cover, but something feels off about it to me. The best way I can think of to describe it is that some of the "punchiness" of the original song is missing here. Maybe stronger dynamics would help?
tripflag 4 kinda long
Wiz. 7 とにかく低音の迫力が凄い! 圧倒されます。 メロのduty比選択やモジュレーションもバッチリです。
65 cover no. 85: Frost — KARATE 12.157/20Original by BABYMETAL 2016 (METAL RESISTANCE)

w7n 5 Fun bits here and there, but the square e-guitar sounds not so pleasant after a while to me.
Titan of Plasma 8 I like the metal-style chiptune covers. Square waves work very well for guitars, yet they convey that chiptune feeling. Your cover does all this very well.
karmic 6.9 Pretty good, but I'm not really a fan of those fake "voices".
tripflag 4 missing more stuff going on and you have the channels for it
EH2 7.85 Not exactly sure that BABYMETAL's lyrics translate so well to chip. Good attempt though.
Wiz. 6 イントロの重厚なギターとDPCMドラムの響きがズンズン来ます。 ここまで思い切った割り振りをしていると流石のインパクトです。 メロが入る前のSEっぽい音も面白いと思います。
66 cover no. 80: Viddy — Kalos Power Plant & Poké Ball Factory 12.101/20From Pokémon X/Y.
Plays in the Power Plant and the Poké Ball Factory.

w7n 5 Typical Sunsoft. Nothing bad, nothing that stands out.
karmic 6.4 Pretty groovy. Can't say I'm much of a fan of the sunsoft bass though.
tripflag 6 nice variations, cool pitch slides towards the end
Wiz. 6 メロの矩形波の響きが非常に印象的でした。 全体的にも丁寧に作られている印象です。
67 cover no. 208: れいら — フルスロットルテンタクル 12.090/20スプラトゥーン2からフルスロットルテンタクル、英名Ebb&Flowをカバーしました。

tripflag 3 what happened to the lead (and could use some neat stuff going on in the background)
Wiz. 8 メロの発音ピッチの狂わせ方が猛烈で、一度聴いたら忘れない強烈な個性だと感じます。 ここまで振り切った鳴らし方はなかなか無いので妙に印象的でした。
w7n 5 Nice vocal mimics (not really energetic though)
karmic 7 Some good character on the fake voices. The tune kinda bores me though.
EH2 7.05 Even though tuning vocals is hard, and Pearl and Marina can be a bit spicy when singing, this could do with a bit of tweaking.
Miss Maboroshi 8 ああスプラトゥン!!私はまだスプラトゥン2をやったことないけど… インクリング(とタコゾネス)ボーカルで挑戦して嬉しい!何か震える歌い方をファミコンで真似するのは難しいよね!そしてこの曲のボーカルはラップのように調子が動くなのでさらに難しそう。でもできましたよね!本当に好きだわ~ アレンジしてありがとうございます。と、ぬりたく~る…テンタクル!!
68 cover no. 68: UltrasonicMadness — bitpipe 11.957/20Scottish bagpipe music arranged for the VRC6 and 2A03. Songs used are (in order) The Barren Rocks of Aden, Highland Laddie and Scotland the Brave.

w7n 5 Real interesting leads... and that's it. The vibe is spot-on.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Ooh, unique idea. Kudos for getting the timbres perfect.
karmic 5 This one's funny, and the sound is actually pretty realistic. Good work, despite my lowish vote.
tripflag 5 oh dear god it works
Wiz. 6 これは巧いですね。音の組み合わせでここまでバグパイプ感が出るとは思いませんでした。 鳴らす時に一瞬装飾音符が入るとこも高ポイントです。
EH2 7.66 God fucking dammit. It really is just like hearing hornpipes.
Titan of Plasma 8 Excellent bagpipe emulation! I don't know what to think because I don't know the original and I can't even find it after googling the title. Idk if this is a joke entry, but the bagpipe emulation was excellent.
69 cover no. 76: dpc — UNDERTALE - Megalovania 11.952/20get marthd on

w7n Another bait & switch.
Titan of Plasma 8 Never heard that song before, hahaha. Nice twist, tho... is the second song from Fire Emblem?
Jiyoshi 8 That fakeout tho
Miss Maboroshi 7 I was thoroughly fooled, hahaha. The song you actually ended up covering is really nice, though! Super fun entry all around.
karmic 6.8 Honestly I'm glad this is a fakeout. There are already enough undertale covers out there already.
tripflag 8 cool instruments and stuff, good songs, great transitions, would listen again
Wiz. 5 N163の独特な音色に続き、波状攻撃で迫ってくる圧巻のドラムが素晴らしいです。 イントロが凄すぎる分、お馴染みのフレーズに入った後が少々物足りなく感じてしまったのは惜しいところです。
EH2 6.1 I'm having a bad time judging the covers.
70 cover no. 222: ThatGuyTim — Cadillacs and Dinosaurs- 47th Street 11.937/20Cover of "Pursuit" or "47th Street" from Cadillacs and Dinosaurs by Capcom. Uses Street Fighter 2 CPS2 drum samples.

tripflag 4 also fairly loopy and could use more volume control, lead gets kinda whiny
Wiz. 5 オーソドックスなVGM的楽曲ですが、なにげにメロの鳴らしが凝っていると思います。 バッキングの高速アルペジオはもう少し変化が欲しいと感じました。
w7n 5 OK sounding + not much to stand out = Decent
Miss Maboroshi 6 Whoa, this song rocks! This cover doesn't have quite the same punch as the original, but then, that's really hard to do with just the 2A03. That being said, it still lays down a respectable groove! Nice work on this one!
71 cover no. 194: nin-kuuku — mario rpg battle 11.921/20

• nin-kuuku   • nin-kuuku   • OffGao   
tripflag 9 bonus points for getting stuck in my head whoa wait is this really just a 2a03? thought it was n163 or something nevermind this is great
Wiz. 7 矩形波の重ね方の匙加減で、通常とは違う面白い音が鳴っているのが印象的でした。 短く切ったバッキングは任天堂風、スネアはコナミ風…といった趣なのも、聴いていて面白かったです。
shywolf 6.0 These drums remind me of some Konami GB games, nice. (>60Hz engine rate?) Kind of comical-sounding, which is appropriate.
w7n 5 Appropriate and with some interesting bits.
Miss Maboroshi 7 Hey, it's this song! I adore this soundtrack. From an arrangement perspective, this is quite solid! Lots of neat tricks to push the 2A03 (without DPCM!) to give more sound. It reminds me a lot of a cover of Sonic 2's Mystic Cave Zone from many Famicompos ago in that regard. Nicely done!
72 cover no. 102: Sky Yoshi — Paul the Penguin [2A03 + MMC5] 11.906/20A cover of Radix's Mod Tracker Music. I did it with Konami Insturments because it fits the theme. I love this song! I will eventually do a cover of My Little Ponies by Radix too though.
RadixさんのPaul the Penguinのカバーです!
そのうちRadixさんのMy Little Poniesもやるつもりです。

w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + nothing to stand out = Decent
tripflag 5 the arp grew kinda old p quick but liked the segment at 01:04 to 1:46
Titan of Plasma 7.9 Nice and dynamic sound. Also, what I like about MMC5 is that it adds channels, yet the song keeps that chiptune flavor. A little more variety in the accompanying quick notes (volume or duty cycle changes, one channel echo, for example) would have made this song better; it's goos, anyway.
Wiz. 6 ディレイとアルペジオの美しさが耳を惹きます。 MMC5によって和音も自然に鳴らすことができており、音源構成も良い選択かと。 良く出来ていると思います。
73 cover no. 184: m9m — Mega Man 7 - Shade Man 11.903/20supernsf (resub because database fuckery)

Wiz. 5 このストリングスはDPCMですか。 2A03の限られたch数で厚みを増すための苦肉の策かと思いますが、うまく機能していると思います。
Jiyoshi 8.5 DPCM chords always seem like a bit of a cop-out imo, but this is really well-done.
w7n No vote for SuperNSF.
Miss Maboroshi 5 Is this the same person as the Children of Sanchez cover? I would still love to know what your PCM secret is. Since a lot of the musical elements are sampled in this one, I'm not sure I can give you as much credit for arranging it, but it still sounds super neat.
tripflag 6 the dpcm is strong in this one
74 cover no. 71: OTOBEYA — SPACE MANBOW - PROVIDENCE 11.877/20「われわれ、内蔵音源のみで演奏するなど朝飯前なのです。」

• vrc6   
w7n 6 We need more such textbook examples on how to use 2A03 well.
shywolf 5.5 A fully custom DPCM backing is unusual. The sometimes-too-loud pulse channels tend to overshadow it, though.
Miss Maboroshi 8 Manbow!! Love this soundtrack! This cover also manages to cover an impressive amount of ground with just the 2A03 sound channels. I'm really pleased with this!
tripflag 6 nice vibratos
Wiz. 6 2A03のみという限られた環境で、原曲のディレイ感と和音をちゃんと再現出来ているのが素晴らしいと思います。 後半のメロを敢えて三角波に変えたところも面白いと思います。
Titan of Plasma 8.2 Call me ignorant, but, at the moment I'm writing this review, I have no idea of what Space Manbow is. But it gets frequently mentiones on the Discord chat. That's why I decided to check this cover out. OK, first, I love 2A03-only renditions and, second, I also love when they use the melodic triangle. Perhaps that could bias my vote, but what the heck. This competition is clearly dominated by multichip titans (I wont deny they sound amazing), so, these nice and well done 2A03 covers are a breath of fresh air.
75 cover no. 86: ImATrackMan + RRThiel — Kira Kira Star Night STG8 11.866/2010/10 game of the decade, but the casette is disappointing garbage. Please make better cartridges, Columbus Circle

• ImATrackMan   
w7n 6 SN5B showcase entry like Buzzer, probably of the best entry of them all this cover section. The unpleasant exponential saw bass is gone, which is a good thing.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Skillful use of the 5B here. Is this the same person as the In The Future cover?
BEEPBOY 6 キラキラ感を最大限に表現したいのが伝わりました。
tripflag 7 these arps kick ass and percussion is :100:
Wiz. 5 だいぶ高速アルペジオが凝った作りになってますね。 個人的には、全編高速アルペジオにするのではなく、余った2A03パートで複数ch和音鳴らしにして、要所要所で高速アルペジオ化したほうが良いかな…?とは感じました。
76 cover no. 47: betasword — Cold Smile 11.798/20Cold Smile, from Megaman Zero 3

• retrodpc   
PGCX864 7.5 Part of the piano cool!
Miss Maboroshi 8 Fantastic N163 waves!! Sounds just like a MIDI piano. I imagine it must have taken a lot of tweaking to get that just right. Excellent song choice, too!
tripflag 5 good sound design weighs up for the loopy
Wiz. 6 N163のピアノパート?が、細かい音色変化でかなりリアルな音を出しているのに驚きました。 ここまで来ると、PCMで鳴らしているのと大差ないレベルではないかと。
w7n 6 Nice instrumentation, but arrangement needs some reworking.
77 cover no. 36: Sky Yoshi — Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Theme 11.683/20Well this is kinda late, but I made a cover of the Trailer Theme of Super Mario Odyssey's Trailer Theme. Crap.
Well, it's actually a Super Mario Bros Insturments. so it is super crap. Have a crappy fun.

Titan of Plasma 8 Is SMO going to be realeased on the Switch? No way, it will be released on the NES. I love those 2A03-only renditions. Somewhat simple, true, but charming.
shywolf 4.5 For what it is, it's nice; to make it sound fuller and/or more varied would mean stepping out of the SMB1/early-FC sound design.
Miss Maboroshi 7 Fun song choice! I like the stylistic mimicry of the original Super Mario Bros. soundtrack here, I think it's quite effective.
karmic 6 It's ok. Probably would've been better with original sounds instead of just the SMB ones.
tripflag 4 loud
Wiz. 6 シンプルながらも、細かいテクが光る作品だと感じます。 アタックの柔らかい音色と鋭い音色の対比が明確で、キレの良さが秀逸だと感じます。
w7n 3 Minimalistic and not good, which is the usual case with SMB mimics. In FCPico15 there were much better minimalistic entries.
78 cover no. 216: tripflag — Student Council 11.669/20i should play KS some time

2a03 only, no dpcm

loops at 1:13 but since it's so short I'm gonna lie and say it's 2:30

• me   
tripflag I still think the entire concept of KS is hilarious
Wiz. 6 メロの細やかな音色変化、三角波の合いの手等々、手が込んでいて丁寧に作られていると感じました。
w7n 5 Nice use of arps = win. It still needs to learn something from 212 though.
Miss Maboroshi 7 Considering the laidback tone of the original song, this is a unique approach! The bouncy feeling your version evokes certainly makes for enjoyable listening.
79 cover no. 165: Amilgi — From Me To You 11.609/202A03 cover of a classic Beatles tune.

Wiz. 6 普通に良く出来ていて綺麗に纏まっていると思います。(どちらかというと周りがハイレベル過ぎて損している感が…) 個人的に、スネアの音色が妙に印象的で好きです。
w7n 3 Monotonous...
karmic 8 The original is great, and this does the conversion to 2A03 very well!
Miss Maboroshi 6 I really like the energy this cover has! It feels kind of like the chiptune equivalent of a really enthusiastic Beatles cover band, which is quite a pleasant vibe to experience.
Titan of Plasma 7.8 Once upon a time when we listened to covers so we could have fun finding out how our favorite songs would sound on an NES. Your cover does exactly that. The lead is a little monotonous and the accompanying arp tends to get repetitive, nevertheless, I was happy to hear the Liverpool Quartet "on an NES".
tripflag 5 maybe some more drastic variations, this is still nice tho
80 cover no. 26: れいら — ラストオカルティズム 11.461/20東方深秘録から「ラストオカルティズム」です

Titan of Plasma 8.1 2A03-only (AND, without DPCM) covers for such richly instrumented songs are never an easy task. The problem I see (or hear) is that you carry the main melody with the pulse channels. This melody is sometimes dynamic; but, other times, it has long and slow notes. That left all the "punch" to the triangle, which wasn't enough. I liked the instrumentation and how you managed the melodies. There's variety, that's for sure; but some more duty cycle width modulation for the leads and different volumes could have helped. I hope this review was useful.
shywolf 7.0 The noise drums seem very loud. Nonetheless...
Miss Maboroshi 8 ファミコンでも東方らしさをよく表しましたね! そしてDPCM無しの2A03にとって豊かな音です^^ このノイズ手法は初めて聞いて、曲に似合いますわ~
karmic 6.6 Decent enough for 2A03. I guess the song choice is what doesn't work for me here.
tripflag 4 something about the percussion doesn't fit but the rest is dope
Wiz. 6 テンポが速くなるところのディレイパート?が面白いなぁ…と感じました。 ディレイパートにのみピッチベンドがかかっているので、独特の存在感があります。 ここも含め、全体的にディレイとピッチベンドの使い方が巧いと感じました。
w7n 5 It doesn't make people feel dull since there are changes in the instrumentation here and there, but still... I'm yet to see better.
81 cover no. 81: YobaAway — Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Hyper Zone 2 (use VirtuaNSF) 11.393/20Yoba is very much Away indeed because life so he asked me (a Dog) long ago to submit this song for him. We both hope you enjoy it.

Also yes use VirtuaNSF because the volume balancing gets all thrown off in NSFPlay.

w7n 6 Best played on VNSF due to the usage of 1-N163... The arps are splendid.
Miss Maboroshi 6 This seems like a tough song to cover, so I admire you for tackling it! Out of curiosity, why did you use one N163 channel when you could accomplish the same thing with FDS?
tripflag 3 percussion too white-noisey
Wiz. 7 N163で自由に音色が作れる利点を活かし、非常にインパクトのある仕上がりになっていると感じます。 タイトルに記載があるとおりですが、NSFplayとVirtuaNSFで聴いた際の音量差がかなり大きいですね。(前者だとN163パートが大きく鳴りすぎる) ただ、プレイヤーの個体差で鳴りがかなり違う点を考慮しても、良く出来ていると思います。
82 cover no. 94: Bun — 東京ヤクルトスワローズ チャンステーマ4 11.388/20ちなDe

w7n 4 A bit simple and some notes and SFX are too loud.
Miss Maboroshi 8 面白い選択~ ちょっと忍者龍剣伝みたいな雰囲気です。もしファミコンの野球ゲームに使われたらワクワクな感じを起こすかもしれない^^
tripflag 3 super sentai af
Wiz. 7 イントロ矩形波のアタック音色切り替え、メインに入ってからの高速アルペジオのつるべ打ち、アツイですねぇ…途中に入る大太鼓&掛け声(と思われる)音も高ポイントです。
83 cover no. 40: Moo — MM&B - Intro Stage 11.377/20(resubmitted)
A cover of the intro stage song from Mega Man & Bass. Made for VirtuaNSF.

PGCX864 9 Good song!!
Titan of Plasma 8 I'm not familiar with "MM&B", but I was curious to know what was it about. And, well, those VRC7 harmonies with the synth bass give it a very pleasant feeling. Not too much potential from the original song, from what I can hear, but your cover is good.
Miss Maboroshi 10 You chose to cover a beautiful song, and the execution is elegant in its simplicity. Love this one!
karmic 5 Still doing Mega Man covers? I guess at least it's not a NES MM cover.
tripflag 3 loud
Wiz. 5 VRC6と7両方使うことによるch数増の恩恵は絶大だなぁ…と感じました。 反面、1音1音の鳴らし方はもう少し改良の余地があるように感じました。
kenshirotakahashi 8 Super-Accurate!!
w7n 4 Volume balance is a huge issue. And not much variety in the instrumentation.
84 cover no. 114: Kuhneghetz — Trivial Pursuit (Sega Master System) - Title Theme 11.376/20Master System's adaptation of this board game is kinda pointless, because you don't actually answer the question. Instead, the game asks you a question, then the computer answers it, and you decide whether they got right or wrong.

Though it does have a catchy title screen music composed by Matt Furniss, so here's my VRC6 remix of it.

w7n 5 Nice sounding. Seems that only 50% duty squares are used, but they fit.
Miss Maboroshi 6 This cover adds a lot of depth to the song it's based on, which I appreciate!
tripflag 4 nice uh idk what you call those things, thrills?
Titan of Plasma 8.7 Very good use of the treble and the VRC6.
Wiz. 7 ディレイの響きと鋸波ベースの対比が凄く印象的です。 途中から入る矩形波バッキングも美しいです。 全体的にとにかく響きが美しい曲でした。
85 cover no. 140: sc00p — Exzisus - Start + BGM 1 11.361/20I guess i'm the only one here who did more obscure Taito music covers than the others.

shywolf 7.5 Exzisus! Tries hard to sound like the original FM.
w7n 5 Good, but something needs to be done when the track gets repetitive.
tripflag 3 bass doesn't fit but it improves in the last half
Wiz. 6 一瞬、バッキングがFM音源かと思いましたが、VRC6なんですね。  FM音源っぽい雰囲気を持たせている音源の使い方が面白いと感じました。
86 cover no. 155: speedyspcfan — Dune: The Battle for Arrakis - Command Post 11.330/20One of the console exclusive tracks from Dune II. Great track.

Titan of Plasma 8 The melodic triangle sections are very nice. Also, I like your instrumentation.
w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + nothing to stand out = Decent
tripflag 3 coudl use a more interesting bass
Wiz. 6 FDSベースで刻みがしっかり入っていて印象的でした。 (三角波ベースと比べると)FDSベースで音量を稼げるので、その分メロディが前面に出せているのがポイントかと思いました。 ただ、音色が若干単調に感じたので、鳴らし方を途中で買えてみる等々、色々試してみると良いかもしれません。
87 cover no. 210: MAYS — TRY OUT - MEMORIES OF PUYOPUYO 11.327/20Lost due to database error.

• OffGao   
tripflag 3 more volume contorl please
Wiz. 5 非常にオーソドックスな作りですが、綺麗に纏まっていると感じます。 音域が高音寄りに集中している感はあるので、仮に音源を重ねる or ベースラインをいじるとすれば、もう1オクターブ低い音域を充実させると良いかと思いました。(あとはリズム隊を重くするとか)
w7n 5 Stereotypical 8-bit, not bad owing to the use of the triangle.
(there's more to this entry than meets the eye I promise)

Miss Maboroshi 4 I can't listen to the original song without hearing Le Funk Dos Memes now, what have you done
karmic 5 wtf is that dpcm?
tripflag 5 good (btw can you imagine spending 216kB on just dpcm data on a cart)
Wiz. 5 DPCMの台詞とキックの厚みが際立っていますが、DPCMデータを作成する際に元wavに圧をかけておくと、かなり大きな音量に出来るので、仮に元データでそこまで配慮できていれば更に評価があがるかもしれません。
BEEPBOY 9 N16xの濃厚サウンドとDPCMとが良い雰囲気を生み出してると思いました!
w7n 6 Good sounding, but the arrangement is a bit lazy??
89 cover no. 12: hydden — Backgammon Title 11.286/20ファミコンディスクシステムのバックギャモンより、タイトル曲。



• hydden   
shywolf 5.0 It's pleasant. It may as well be using MMC5 instead, though. (Sawtooth is at too low a volume throughout to hear?)
Miss Maboroshi 7 Very relaxing yet engaging take on the original song!
karmic 5 Eh. I honestly like the original more
tripflag 4 loopy
Titan of Plasma 7.9 I don't know from which "Backgammon" this title theme comes. However, it has a nice bossa-nova rhythm and the melodic tri is delightful. The loop is somewhat short, however. Besides, you left the VRC6 pulse 2 unused. I'm sure that you could have done something interesting with it.
Wiz. 6 VRC6を使いつつも、敢えて三角波メロを主役に持ってきて際立たせているという部分が非常に面白いと感じました。 和音のキレの良さも好印象でした。
w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + nothing to stand out = Decent
90 cover no. 20: JonKaruzu — Grape Garden (Sunsoft) 11.150/20A cover from Kirby Game!

Sunsoft Version

Titan of Plasma 7.8 2A03 to 2A03 covers are not always the best idea. This transition with DPCM bass sounds OK and the new instrumentation is interesting. However, one of my favorite parts from the original, the melodic triangle, is lost.
Miss Maboroshi 5 This is a fun idea! Well executed, too.
karmic 6 Hm. I guess I kinda like this, but the Sunsoft bass was a pretty bad choice. Sad because everything else works fine.
tripflag 5 nice
Wiz. 6 SUNSOFT伝統?のDPCMベースが際立ってますが、その他パートも、音長変化等が丁寧に作られていて、聴いていて小気味よく感じられるのが好印象でした。
w7n 3 Innovations please.
91 cover no. 30: Quirby64 — HOME - Resonance 11.098/20I made about 3 minutes of this in a single day, while the start was done right soon after the competition itself started. Because I'm just that good at time management. Either way, I covered a vaporwave/electronic song that I like, Resonance by HOME. I wasn't able to exactly get the same chill, melancholic feeling the original did in 8-bit, but an attempt was made. Enjoy! \.o./

Miss Maboroshi 6 Gotta love a good VRC7 bassline. Nice atmosphere to this one too, though it's maybe a bit repetitive at times. The original song gives me some wonderful Daft Punk vibes!
karmic 4 After that main melody kicks in, it really hurts to listen to. Sorry.
tripflag 6 really good instrumentation and volume control, relaxing, a bit 2 loopy
Wiz. 6 矩形波パートの細かい音色変化が印象的でした。 VRC7パートは、和音の鳴らし方がシンプルと思わせつつも、途中から入るベースラインが目立っていて印象に残りました。 ただ、VRC7は矩形波の細やかさを際立たせるのであれば若干抑え目に、戦わせるのであればもう少し凝った表現にしたほうが良かったかも、とは感じました。
w7n 5 Sounds OK.
92 cover no. 142: chunter — Children of Sanchez 11.035/20by Chuck Mangione.

No arps, no expansions, standard NTSC timing.

Won't play in vituansf.

Titan of Plasma 8 I've never heard the original before, but the title of this cover caught my attention. What I found is a delightful 8-bit samba using the 2A03 only. Why isn't there more Latin American flavored music, not only here, but on the whole chiptune scene? Bottom line: I liked this cover. PS: Why didn't you add a C00 at the end? LOL.
w7n 4 Wow, PCM percussion? Nay, arrangement.
Miss Maboroshi 6 This is a nice condensation of the original 14 minute song into a more easily digestible package, though I'm a little confused by how you chose to end it. Also, does this use 7-bit PCM? And if so, how? I'd love to know.
tripflag 3 loud, not a fan of the off-pitch thing, and could use more stuff happening
Wiz. 7 強弱がついたイントロのリズムで引き込まれました。 全体的にデータリングの細やかさ(音量を中心としたダイナミックな表情の付け方)が巧いと感じました。
93 cover no. 171: Sky Yoshi — Sky High [2A03] 11.027/20It's a cover of Sky High from Kirby Super Star. I guess that's the name. I actually not sure. Ehh...
星のカービィ スーパーデラックスのスカイハイのカバーです。たぶん名前これかな?自分でもわからんw

Wiz. 6 2A03のみながら、鳴らし方のバリエーションが多彩で非常に凝っていると感じました。
w7n 4 Fitting.
karmic 6 Heh, rather cute.
tripflag 5 nails the kirby sound
94 cover no. 84: JonKaruzu — Gasman - In The Future 11.019/20A quick cover for the moment.
Finished at June 5 Before the Submission.

Made a cover from the Stupid Dual AY Chip (Spectrum).

The 2A03 is from Vocals
The FDS is from Bass
The AY-3-8910 is from Drums and Melody

I Traveling today but in the future....

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EY-cnqIaIkI

w7n 5 Good showcase of the capabilities of SN5B. Except that 2A03 is underexploited but not completely unused.
Miss Maboroshi 8 Amazingly accurate cover! Thanks for showing me this song, I'm gonna be humming it all day now. I wanna live in the future~
BEEPBOY 6 音ヌケ、音の前後感、S5Bによる独特なリズム音がテクニカルだと思いました。
tripflag 4 loopy
Wiz. 5 メロディの発音時間調整等々で、キレのいい曲に仕上がっていると思います。 ただ、少しメロ以外が物足りない感じはしました。 前半も、お留守番している2A03パートに何か役割を与えると良いのかも…と思いました。
95 cover no. 221: sc00p — Raiden Fighters 2 - Ally Frontline Base Stage 11.006/20I loved working on this cover, i learned much more with the N163 with use of pitch tuning. It's still not perfect as my other covers, ok?

tripflag 3 super loopy and chaotic
Wiz. 5 N163が様々に活躍していて、全く性質の異なる音色が切り替えて鳴らされるというのは面白いと感じました。 個人的に、この曲調であればもっとリズム隊の押しが欲しかったところです。
w7n 5 0 sec: Wow! 23 sec: ...What? 47 sec: OK, got rid of that part. The original definitely isn't like this between 23-47sec, and it still misses some sounds in the original.
96 cover no. 112: Tobikomi — Ein Bißchen Frieden 10.927/20"Ein Bißchen Frieden" is a song that describes a wish for world peace, and also describes the beauty of the natural world.

This song also won 1st place in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982.

Original: Nicole
Arranged: Tobikomi

w7n 5 Simple arrangement but not bad.
Miss Maboroshi 7 This is a sweet song, and I like the layering effect you accomplished by having multiple channels play the same note quietly. I also apologize for not writing this comment in German, I haven't gotten around to learning it yet. :P
tripflag 6 lol i love the instruemtsn
Titan of Plasma 7.7 I wont deny that the German title caught my attention. Sweet and charming, though I think there's a lot more you can do with the VRC6.
Wiz. 5 VRC6音色の独自性が活きており、綺麗に仕上げていると感じました。 もう少し惹きつける大胆なギミックがあると良かったかもしれません。
97 cover no. 136: dpc — サウスパーク - Let's Fighting Love 10.924/20唯一の正当なOP

w7n 5 Another decent 2A03 module.
Jiyoshi 6 HAHA. I wasn't expecting this.
tripflag 7 awesome for 2a03-only
Wiz. 5 2A03のみながらも、メロの音色変化や高速アルペジオ等で表情をつけようとしている苦労が見受けられます。 上物と比べて、ベースラインが若干単調かも?とは感じました。
98 cover no. 188: Tobikomi — Alex Kidd and the Lost Stars: Toy World / Monster World 10.921/20*RESUBMITTED*

Made in Deflemask, best played in NSFPlay.

Originally composed by: Hiroshi Yamaguchi

tripflag 6 another great example of good 2a03 usage, great pacing and design
Wiz. 6 アタックに一瞬高音を入れることで、メロ音色に存在感を出しているのが秀逸だと感じました。
Titan of Plasma 8.1 Why does that arp reminds me of Giana Sisters? As for your cover, it's a demonstration that chiptune treble notes can be pleasant if used correctly. Ah, BTW, 2A03 ftw!
w7n 5 One of the more interesting 2A03 modules.
Miss Maboroshi 7 Nice cover! Your stylistic approach for this song really strongly reminds me of the music for M.C. Kids, which is a great vibe to evoke.
99 cover no. 159: Amilgi — All Star 10.901/20I'm sorry.

• Not the sharpest tool in the shed   
Titan of Plasma 7.8 A meme? Hahaha. It's a nice 2A03 rendition, anyway. My advice: I'd have preferred a noise+tri percussion, since the bass is not complicated. I'd also add some more occasional duty cycle changes, vibrato, pitch and volume slides on your lead. I like the sound of your pulse wave whistle, btw.
w7n 2 Nope.
Jiyoshi 7 lmao, had a feeling someone would cover this. Pretty good considering it's 2A03-only. Kind of plays it safe in terms of sound design though and I could swear some of the melody notes are off. At 1:30 the lead would've sounded better without the pitch slides.
karmic 6 I was expecting a stupid joke, but it's actually a rather pleasant stupid joke.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Hahaha, goofy choice. Not every note is perfectly accurate, and this cover doesn't really take any risks, but I still find it really charming. Thanks for submitting it!
EH2 1.5 Somebody once asked "Could I spare some change for gas? I need to get myself away from this place..." I said no
tripflag 6 soem off notes aside i like
Wiz. 7 低音寄りで鼻歌のように音量を微妙に変えながら鳴るメロディが妙にインパクトがありました。 2A03の面白い使い方だなぁ…と感じました。 後半、一気にメロのオクターブが上がるのも楽曲全体にメリハリをつけるという点で高ポイントです。
100 cover no. 101: Damian Yerrick — Reptile Medley 10.900/20REPTILE
Once upon a time, Trent got an STI from his lizard girlfriend who's a gardener and beekeeper by day and sexual surrogate at night.

Medley of
"What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)" by Information Society
"Bad Apple!!" by Alstroemeria feat. Nomico
"Get Up 'n Move" by S&K
"Blue Monday" by Orgy
"Stranger in Moscow" by Michael Jackson
"Ready to Go" by Republica
"Reptile" by Nine Inch Nails
"Comic Bakery Theme" by Martin Galway

How does it feel to realize that all your favorite songs use the same chords?

• Damian Yerrick   
w7n 4 Some transitions aren't done well, overall arrangement is somewhat sleep-inducing (esp. for a 9-minute track)
karmic 7 Better than I was expecting with the ridiculous length.
Miss Maboroshi 9 This is an awesome concept, and clearly had a lot of passion poured into it! Technically impressive, musically genius, there's a lot to love here. I just wish I knew more of the songs! Hope there's a list bundled with the author comments. Kudos!
tripflag 5 could use better volume control of the lead, for example 01:40 (also not sure whether to award or deduct some points for length)
Titan of Plasma 7.8 I recognized a couple of tunes. The 2A03 renditions were nice, although it'd have been good to have a little more variety on the instrumentation.
Wiz. 6 序盤のキックのクレッシェンド表現、しっかり支えるビートの上で動くSEやディレイの効いたメロ等々、聴きどころの多い楽曲だと感じました。
101 cover no. 66: Frost — Prologue (World Anthem) 10.892/20Original by X-Japan (BLUE BLOOD)

w7n 4 Arrangement is overall a bit lazy, and thus it sounds dull.
Titan of Plasma 7.9 When I read the title I was thinkuing: Yeah! A cover from Stratovarius. But the Stratovarius song is calle "Anthem of the World". My bad. Anyway, this VRC6 cover captures very well the essence of a ballad.
Miss Maboroshi 8 This arrangement is a nice fit for a rock song such as this! There's nothing particularly gimmicky about this cover, but it's so foundationally solid that it holds up very well. Nicely done!
tripflag 6 good instrumentation, kinda samey
Wiz. 6 これは、X (JAPAN)のアルバム「BLUE BLOOD」の冒頭のやつですよね。 恐らく間違えて投稿されたと思われる)Original10と同じ方でしょうか。 ギターのフィードバック音らしき部分など、要所要所でポイントをキッチリ押さえていて、かなり完成度が高いと思います。 原曲愛を感じます。
102 cover no. 215: Xcalber — スターダストボーイズ (美野 春樹) 10.817/20ラザニア たべたい は

tripflag 4 groovy, simple bass but fits, same for the percussion, it's neat
Wiz. 5 歯切れのいいメロと要所要所の高速アルペジオの対比等々、完成度は高いと思いました。
w7n 4 Arps are more noisy than harmonic when it needs to be the opposite.
103 cover no. 88: hemlocker — 炎のキン肉マン -TV size- 10.744/20【再投稿】
アニメのOP(キン肉マンGo Fight!のあと)でした。

• Kulor   
Titan of Plasma Very creative. Too bad it's only the TV size. Simple chiptune + low quality DPCM perfectly fitted ftw. I like it.
w7n 5 I find this better than last year's DPCM voice entries - One of them too simple, the other has unpleasant single-note square in *-4 note range, this avoids both problems.
shywolf 6.5 I've not seen that show, but I liked this anyway.
Miss Maboroshi 7 マッスルタッグマッチのテーマと始めるのは楽しいね!少しサンプルに依拠するカバーだと思いますが、あなたが2A03の限界の中で頑張ったのは歴然としています。^^
tripflag 2 dpcm/10
PGCX864 8.5 Awesome!!
Wiz. 3 台詞は置いといて、ヴォーカルパートはどこから持ってきたんでしょう…自分で唄ったんでしょうか…? DPCMヴォーカルの表現力にインストの表現が追い付いていなくて、双方が乖離して聴こえてしまうのが非常に勿体無いと感じました。
104 cover no. 127: nin-kuuku — GB Megaman 2 - Metalman 10.688/20

Titan of Plasma 8 I like the transition from the Z80 to the 2A03, making this something more than "a chiptune from another chiptune". It has a little too much vibrato in the lead, IMO, but it's a very well made cover.
w7n 6 Very nice 2A03 usage, though I like entries like 091 better.
Miss Maboroshi 4 Interesting instrumentation! This has kind of a gritty feel to it that I've never heard anyone go for before.
tripflag 3 chaotic (probably hella accurate but original song sucks)
Wiz. 7 激しく動く音がハイテンションで印象に残りました。 鳴らし方も凝っていて、2A03のスペック以上の音で鳴っているように聴こえます。
105 cover no. 17: sc00p — Willow - Nockmaar Castle Remix 10.613/20Another old module i made way back. It has a good hang of the VRC6 instruments and probably the first remix i've done.
Wonder why people really do not care about Willow these days, it's a good movie made by Lucasfilms, the company that made Star Wars.

shywolf 5.0 Adds to the original in appropriate ways.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Cool interpretation!
tripflag 4 loopy
Wiz. 7 VRC6の音色を活かしたイントロから引き込まれてしまいました。 音源の特性を理解した音色使い分けが非常に巧いと感じました。
w7n 6 Quite interesting feel here.
106 cover no. 44: Xcalber — Coup de tête (Pierre Bachelet) 10.605/20loop

Titan of Plasma 7.8 Tbh, I have never heard the original song, but the French name caught my attention. Positive: the ballad feeling and the lead make this tune very charming. Can be improved: VRC6 has a lot more potential, next time you can explore more sounds that this expansion can achieve.
Miss Maboroshi 5 It's a bit straight compared to the original's reggae-style groove. Very pleasant to listen to, though!
tripflag 5 loopy but I guess that's how the original goes, sound design is great
Wiz. 7 メロの鳴らし方が細かくて素敵です。 実に繊細だと感じました。 バッキングの和音も細かい音量変化等が入っているようですが、もしかするとメロを際立たせるために敢えて引き気味にしたのかな?と考えると、これで正解なのかもしれません。
w7n 4 Acceptable, but it gets dull soon.
107 cover no. 4: dpc — Positive Charge by MistSomething (NSFPLAY) 10.594/20>inb4 everyone votes this 7

• a shitposter   • MistSomething meme-ing his own song?   • w7n   
Miss Maboroshi 9 Lol these SiIvaGunner refs This is really well arranged though! And the VRC7 percussion is rad~
karmic 4 SiivaGunner somehow isn't dead yet
tripflag 6 best cover of the flirnones I've ever heard and i just realized that was a bit of snow halation too
Titan of Plasma 8 Grand Dad! I like the instrumentation, tho.
Wiz. 5 VRC7に特化したが故に、後半の柔らかい和メロもマッチしていて良いと思いましたが、2A03側も重ねて鳴らすとどういう感じになるのかは聴いてみたかったです。
EH2 5.1 High Quality Covers
w7n 4 Nice one, but... some notes are offbeat? Are these intended?
108 cover no. 56: Tobikomi — Equinox (ZX Spectrum) 10.549/20"Equinox was an early Raff Cecco game, a flick-screen arcade adventure which actually has a lot in common with Cybernoid (aside from the 'adventurey' bits). It's a cool game and it also has this cool soundtrack, created by Nick Jones (who went on the produce beeper music for most of Raff's later games too)." ~Blerkotron, YouTube

Titan of Plasma 8 When I read: "Equinox" I thought it was a cover from the SNES game whose composer is no other than Tim Follin. That said, this 2A03 rendition from the ZX Spectrum game sounds quite Follin-esque, even when this Equinox has nothing to do with Follin.
Miss Maboroshi 6 This is an absolutely delightful reimagining! Solid use of the 2A03.
tripflag 6 this sounds neat
Wiz. 5 序盤のディレイのかかった矩形波が非常に美しいです。 背景で途中から薄く音が鳴っているのはDPCMなんですね。 この音が入ることでなにげに曲に広がりが出ているので、実は重要な要素なんだと感じました。 本編も鳴らし方が凝っているなぁ…とは感じましたが、高速アルペジオの和音が続く部分が若干単調に感じたので、もう少し何か変化が欲しい気がしました。
w7n 5 Enjoyable arps, but again, variety... and volume balance.
109 cover no. 183: Sky Yoshi — Green Hill Zone [2A03] 10.539/20Cover of Sonic the Hedgehog's Green Hill Zone Theme. It was kinda good for my standards. only problem. Hummer Team Insturments.

Wiz. 5 2A03のみであるにも関わらず、特にイントロの完成度は高いと感じました。 Aメロ以降が薄くなってしまうのは2A03のみなので仕方が無い…とはいえ、もう少し工夫すると良かったかな、とは感じました。
Jiyoshi 2 lol.
w7n 4 Pirate carts...
karmic 4 I'm not sure if you were trying to go for Mega Man or Hummer Team here, but neither would be good so whatever.
Miss Maboroshi 6 I like that this takes a different musical approach to the song than either the Genesis or the Master System version. It makes this rendition feel very fresh!
tripflag 5 that loud squeaky 50% pulse bursting in from time to time needs to be shot but otherwise cool
110 cover no. 205: Yuri213212 — Unity 10.472/20TheFatRatのUnityです。


(自分はModPlug Trackerくらいの音質があると思います)

  このプログラム(特に調律)はVirtuaNESをNTSC 44100Hz 16bit 4frameに設定した環境に最適化しています。

This is Unity by TheFatRat.
I hate the part with AI voice of the original music, so I break it into 3 parts and made looping version of it.


I was interested in programming Family-Computer recently. So, I designed my own programming language, made a compiler of it, and made NSF programs.
I want to appeal my programming skill. If you think my program sounds clearly and precisely in frequency and wave mixing, please support me.
(I think its quality of sound is close to the one of ModPlug Tracker)

The program (especially tuning) was optimized to the environment of VirtuaNES with settings of NTSC, 44100Hz, 16bit, 4frame.
I won't guarantee its executablility in other environment (especially in real hardware).

tripflag 6 this could have been totally awesome with some different choices in instrumentation, most importantly the lead which flies to a different octave at certain notes thanks to phasing or soemthing
Wiz. 5 N163音色の独自性が際立っていますが、こちらもN163を1chだけ鳴らしている個所は、ノイズが目立ってしまっている気がして惜しいです。 元から複数chを割り当てているので、メロを複数chのデチューン&ディレイ重ねで鳴らすと、そのあたりが緩和されてより聴きやすくなりそうな気はしました。(N163はそこまで使い込んでないので、実際にそうなるかはやってみないと判りませんが…) そのせいか、3曲目のVRC7メロバージョンが最も聴きやすかった気がします。(インパクトでは劣りますが)
w7n Same as 60.
BEEPBOY 5 序盤の雰囲気は良かったです。中盤以降もっといじっても良さそう。
Miss Maboroshi 6 This is pretty neat! I assume the use of all eight N163 channels to reduce the fidelity of the lead was intentional, since that's how it sounds in the original song, which is a cool idea! I do wanna say though that you don't seem to use the VRC7 chip much, and I think you could probably find a way to remove it from this arrangement entirely and still have it sound more or less the same. If I were you, I'd experiment with making your covers more optimized! That's just my opinion, though.
ゆうた 3パーツループもチャンネル間の加法合成もいい考えです。
111 cover no. 15: The Hardcore-Casual — Pilotwings - Skydiving 10.460/20An MMC5 cover of my favorite song from Pilotwings! Also, my first use of an expansion chip! Yay!

shywolf 5.0 Pilotwings! This is pretty empty-sounding.
Miss Maboroshi 6 I love Soyo Oka!
karmic 5.9 I actually like this one. The sounds are exactly right for a tune like this.
tripflag 4 another entry that sounds just like a real nes game
Wiz. 6 音量制御が難しい三角波ベースが故に、際立つように他パートを控えめにすることで、結果的に他パートの繊細さと浮遊感も際立っていて、よく出来ていると感じました。
w7n 5 OK sounding + something to stand out at times = Decent
112 cover no. 9: w7n — Quietus (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors BAD END) 10.430/20Last-minute experimental entry made in 2 days. Don't know if this could get above 50%.
With the naming scheme also avoided, can the author be guessed correctly?

Miss Maboroshi 7 Appropriately spooky! This is a tough song to try to cover with the NES, but in my opinion your approach is bold enough to pull it off.
karmic 5 Eh. Sounds like you tried, but doesn't do it for me.
tripflag 3 could use more stuff going on
Wiz. 6 可聴域ギリギリと思われる低音に、モジュレーションの不穏さが非常に印象的でした。 低音が聴こえない環境だと評価が変わってしまいそうですが…
kenshirotakahashi 7 Ooh, spooky! ^-^
w7n No vote, my entry. With more joke entries this time it'll probably end up higher than 50% anyway??
113 cover no. 1: Sky Yoshi — Science Blaster [2A03 + MMC5] 10.347/20Wno remembers Game Theory? Well, I made a cover of it's theme song, Science Blaster. Konami Style but it uses old insturments. Interesting.

Titan of Plasma 7.8 That's just a theory... Cool! The cover is pretty accurate and it achieves a very retro sound. What could have improved? Instrumentation is a little bit flat. More variety could really have helped. Also, be careful with the vibrato "bug" on the note A3. That bug, afaik, comes from the real hardware itself. It distorts some notes (A3 being one of them) when high enough vibratos are used. Sometimes the effect is desired (emulating dist guitars, for example), but your song would have done better without it.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Fairly close to the original song, from what I can tell. Nice work!
karmic 6 Works I guess, but not very interesting.
tripflag 3 like the progression (even if a bit basic) but instrumentation is kinda boring. sounds like something out of a real nes game
Wiz. 5 オーソドックスですが聴きやすくまとまっていると思います。 恐らくドライバ&音源の仕様かと思いますが、o4aの音でノイズが入るのが目立っているのが非常に惜しいです。
kenshirotakahashi 8 Perfect transcription of the original!
w7n 4 Sounds quite dull. Acceptable if it's a game track, not a compo track. NOTE HERE: This time I'm not voting uninteresting troll/low-effort entries, so that the votes for the serious entries could weigh more. High-quality jokes will be voted 10/10 though.
114 cover no. 54: Flalcon — Mystic Cave Zone 10.332/20 Blue streak speeds by
Sonic the Hedgehog!
Too fast for the naked eye
Sonic the Hedgehog!

He can really move
He's got an attitude
He's the fastest thing alive!

Look out when he storms through
Sonic the Hedgehog!
Don't doubt what he can do
Sonic the Hedgehog!

He can really move
He's got an attitude
He's the fastest thing alive!
He's the fastest thing alive!
He's the fastest thing alive!

Miss Maboroshi 7 Yeah!! Always happy to hear this song, it's such a jam~ N163 is a novel approach for a Genesis cover, so good job on making it sound convincing!
karmic 3 Nope. That constant square-wave just hurts.
tripflag 5 now this is groovy and an example of where loud can be good, great mixing, stuff fits
Wiz. 5 N163の若干モーフィングの入っている音色が印象的でした。 ベースラインも印象的でした。 スネアは敢えて軽めのにしたのかもしれませんが、もう少し存在感を出しても良かったかな?とは感じました。
w7n 5 Quite nice, but needs more variety.
115 cover no. 181: sc00p — Final Fight: Slum 10.321/20((Hooray for submitting one more entry before the deadline!))

Here's the Final Fight Slum theme, made from some custom VRC7 bass i accidentaly created that sounded familiar from Capcom's FM bass.

Wiz. 4 VRC7の低音が強烈でした ただ、それ以外のパートが若干単調に聴こえるのが惜しいです。
w7n 5 Thought it was an intro to an epic song.
BEEPBOY 8 原曲の雰囲気が出ていて良いと思います。
tripflag 2 some nice vrc7 patches but the rest is uhh
116 cover no. 206: Damian Yerrick — Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) 10.306/20Found this cover of a Billy Joel song as an S3M and decided to cover it in FT046. Who needs expansions if you've got DPCM?

• Damian Yerrick   
tripflag 6 relies a bit much on DPCM but sounds great so whatever
Wiz. 6 DPCMで実発音数を増やすことで、2A03でも十分聴きごたえのある楽曲になっていて、かなり良くできていると思います。
shywolf 5.5 The independent channel echoing is a nice touch.
w7n 4 Nice samples, meh arrangement. With these samples arps should be used with great caution, the example featured in the track ruins the harmonic atmosphere.
Miss Maboroshi 7 Eee!!! I would never have expected anyone to cover my all-time favorite Billy Joel song!! Personally I prefer generated tones to samples when it comes to this kind of thing, so if it were up to me I maybe would have used N163 for the piano chords or something, but I love how powerful the drums are considering you didn't use the DPCM channel for those. I love this a lot! Thank you for making it! :)
117 cover no. 98: GGDJR — Batman Return Remix_VRC6 10.206/20One recovered FC Game: Batman Return music with VRC6 Channel.

w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + not much to stand out = Decent
tripflag 5 good for 2a03-only
Wiz. 7 低音ギター&メロの表現が芯があって素晴らしいと思います。 重厚なギターの刻みと流麗なメロディが絡み合ってよく出来ていると思います。 惜しむらくは、DPCMパートが少し弱いかな?と感じたことです。 もう少しDPCMの圧を上げても良かったかもしれません。
118 cover no. 100: w7n — Chinese funeral march N163 ver -- a n00b's 3rd revenge (VirtuaNSF 1.0.6.x recommended) 10.193/20Yep...

• w7n   • w7n   
w7n RIP Kisaragi, yet again. My entry, no vote.
shywolf ...... "Nihao!" ... "bbbbb *abrupt cutoff*"
karmic 5 Very realistic sounds here, aside from the voice samples of course :p I can actually get around this joke-entry.
Miss Maboroshi 5 Whatever joke is involved here has gone completely over my head omg The actual song part is pretty nice, though!
tripflag 0 please
PGCX864 10 Awesome!!
EH2 4.5 I have a feeling I'm missing context for the first track. As for the second… *sigh*
Wiz. 6 重厚な表現やSE、細やかな音量変化等々、楽曲としては非常に良く出来ていると感じました。
119 cover no. 38: GGDJR — Arkanoid: Doh it Again Remix 10.167/20One recovered SFC game: Arkanoid: Doh it Again music with VRC6 channel.

Titan of Plasma 8 I had not heard this theme before. I think that the VRC6 expansion was a good choice, especially that brass section.
tripflag 3 loopy loop
Wiz. 5 軽くモジュレーションのかかったと思われるメロがいい味出してます。 ベースラインもVRC6らしくインパクトがあって良いです。
w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + nothing to stand out = Decent
120 cover no. 186: sc00p — Megami Tensei II - Jakyou 10.107/20This organ sound from the Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei remake of Megaten 2 makes me matter for a eerie N163 replication of this music. I only used one waveform during the creation of this module.

tripflag 3 gets kinda boring
Wiz. 6 原曲も同じN163のはずですが、こちらの音色のほうがより教会音楽っぽい感じがして良くなっていると感じました。
w7n 4 Nice waveform.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Neat song! Also, your simulation of the SFC's echo effect is pretty spot on here.
EH2 2.95 Pretty jarring. You should've added a lowpass instruction like the others…
121 cover no. 14: rana — Last Battle Dr.devil in Super Wagyan Land 10.097/20スーパーワギャンランドのカミサマモードの攻略を教わったんですが、確かにそういう倒し方したなぁと懐かしくなりました。最後の展開は手に汗握りました。

• rana   
Titan of Plasma 7.8 Your cover is accurate and translates the SNES music into chiptune very well. However, I wish you could have done more with the VRC6 expansion, which has more potential. Once again, many interesting things could have been done on the VRC6 Pulse 2 channel (which is unused). I enjoyed it, anyway.
karmic 3 Really typical video-game song, and the cover doesn't do anything interesting with it.
tripflag 5 groovy but maybe some more volume control could be groovier
Wiz. 5 VRC6の特殊dutyがいい味を出しています。 個人的には、ここにディストーションギターっぽい刻みフレーズが欲しいな…とか思ってしまいました。
w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + nothing to stand out = Decent
kuro ルール違反曲。fcpico3以外でリリースした曲を使っちゃだめよ。 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm28366847
122 cover no. 141: 31st Century Schizoid Man — Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become 10.096/20\m/

w7n 4 Not unpleasant to listen too, but there are better VRC6 entries out there. This one is too simple.
Miss Maboroshi 6 While this isn't the most accurate cover, I get the distinct impression that wasn't the objective here. All the little musical references and the generally goofy tone score this cover some points for being hilarious. :P
tripflag 6 interesting take on the original, like the adsr
Wiz. 5 作り込みという点ではまだ改良の余地がありそうですが、ここまで割り切ってメロに2音を割り当てて存在感を出しているという点は、メロディを「聴かせる」という観点においては大成功ではないかと。作り込みという点ではまだ改良の余地がありそうですが、ここまで割り切ってメロに2音を割り当てて存在感を出しているという点は、メロディを「聴かせる」という観点においては大成功ではないかと。
123 cover no. 196: Arc-Demon — Jenna's Battle Theme 10.027/20Lost due to database error.

tripflag 5 try some more improv on this, like more more
Wiz. 6 小気味いいメロディに、VRC6らしい音色の和音、途中の装飾に使われる分散和音等、どれも聴いていて気持ちがいいです。 敢えて挙げるとすれば、リズム隊がちょっと弱い気がしたので、DPCMの圧を上げる、ノイズの重ね方を工夫する…等々で、更に良くなる気がします。
shywolf 6.0 Nice heavy samples.
w7n 4 Not really creative in using the VRC6, but still OK to listen to.
124 cover no. 59: sc00p — Sol-Feace covers 10.018/20Sol-Feace, covered in pure 2A03.

shywolf 3.5 Some wrong notes at times. The sound design throughout is not as good as it could be (percussion especially).
Miss Maboroshi 4 This seems like a difficult soundtrack to tackle with just 2A03. This entry makes a good effort at doing so, though!
tripflag 5 kinda simple but sounds nice (hope people don't vote on this before realizing it's got multiple tracks like i almost did tehepero)
Wiz. 5 オーソドックスですが、よく纏まっていると思います。 2A03のみ(DPCM抜き)であれば恐らく実際のゲームも(80年代発売だと仮定すれば)こんな感じになったんだろうな…とは思いました。 欲を言えば、ディレイやアルペジオを駆使してもっとスピード感が出る方向でアレンジすると良いかも、とは感じました。
w7n 4 Better than other minimalistic covers so far, but still just acceptable.
125 cover no. 2: MistSomething — 子供のための良い方法の曲 - あなたのベストを尽くす 9.988/20I hate my life.

• retrodpc   
Titan of Plasma 7.9 I was trying to find the original song to compare, but I couldn't find it. I like how your cover sounds like those later NES or GB games. Besides that, the song has a very simple chord progression which can become monotonous very quickly. Some more variety on the instrumentation could have countered that.
Miss Maboroshi 7 日本の曲じゃないよwww Vinesauceから聞いたでしょう? とにかくいいカバーです。
tripflag 5 loud lead and simple but I like it
Wiz. 5 控えめな高速アルペジオの使い方と重いスネアが好みでした。
EH2 5.55 Do your best / do your best / do it everydaaaaaaaay
w7n 3 Even duller than cv001...
126 cover no. 125: sc00p — GUXT partial OST cover 9.927/20Nobody did a 2A03 cover of Guxt, a shmup that came from Pixel, the creator of Cave Story, so i did it myself. It looks simple enough that it looks nearly forgettable, but it's one of the Pixel gems that not lots of Cave Story fans touched.
This NSF contains: Title, Stage 1, Boss, Stage 5 and Final Boss.

w7n 4 'Stereotypical 8-BIT', the 3rd song is a bit more interesting than the others.
shywolf 6.0 Good start! Now, cover the rest of the songs!
tripflag 3 could have gone well with a lot of improv, track 4 best
Wiz. 5 昔のファミコンゲーム的な打ち込みでうまく雰囲気が再現できていると思います。 残響音が無い代わりに、繰り返されるバッキング等で細かい音量変化が入っているのは若干高ポイントかと。
127 cover no. 135: Kuhneghetz — Team Fortress 2 - Kazotsky Kick (Tetris GB style) 9.878/20Also known as "Soldier of Dance" and "Cossack Sandvich".

Originally composed by Mike Morasky from Valve Studio Orchestra.

Team Fortress 2 players will for sure know this song as it plays when a player does the cossack dance taunt (called "Kazotsky Kick").
And I felt like giving it a similar style to the Game Boy version of Tetris.

w7n 4 Simple but not too bad.
Miss Maboroshi 7 This is super clever! The song you chose fits into the Tetris idiom perfectly, and this is executed very well to boot!
tripflag 5 don't know the original but sounds tetrisy so GJ
Wiz. 5 シンプルな音色ですが、恐らくは意図(タイトル)どおりの仕上がりになっていると思います。
128 cover no. 105: デューティ鈴木 — Goonies stage1 9.835/20プリセット音色でも組み合わせでいろいろな音が鳴らせますね

• 油壺   
Titan of Plasma 7 TBH, I expected a little bit more from the VRC7. I like the better instrumentation, anyway.
w7n 5 Nice instrumentation.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Ooh! Sounds kinda like if the soundtrack was rewritten for an old computer. Not what I was expecting, but it's got a lot of charm!
BEEPBOY 6 VRC7でhiQっぽいリズム音を鳴らしているのが面白いと思いました。
tripflag 3 neat
Wiz. 5 VRC7音色に変えることで、随分雰囲気が変わるんですね…ガラケーの内蔵音源で鳴らしてるっぽいなー、と感じました。 テクニック的には特に難しい事はしてなさそうに思えますが、VRC6で鳴らしたということに意義があるんだろうな…と。
129 cover no. 151: JonKaruzu — 8-Bit Keys Theme (Remix?) 9.787/20A cover from "The YouTube Greatest Popular"
"The 8-Bit Keys*
He made by Yamaha PSS-470 for making intro song.

Link: https://youtu.be/aPqWaHWd3BA

Recorded by memory! Huh?

"Spoiler Alert"

• JetStar1997   
Wiz. 6 冒頭はVRC7のみで単調…かと思いきや、途中から2A03にスイッチしてアップテンポな曲調に変わる…というのは面白いと感じました。 ただ、音源を完全にスイッチしてしまっているので、同時鳴らしのバージョンも聴いてみたかったです。
Titan of Plasma 8.5 First, I watch that show. Second... wow! This theme asks for the FM goodness that only the VRC7 can give you. Your cover really sounds like those 80s tunes when FM synthesis was the coolest thing ever. Good job. Third. While I'm writing this, your MM style 2A03 rendition from the theme surprises me. 2 covers for the price of 1. Thumbs up.
w7n 4 Enjoyable, but too simple.
karmic 5 Eh. Mega Man style is seriously overused.
Miss Maboroshi 7 Whoa, the Mega Man B section caught me off-guard in the best possible way! Bundling both of your interpretations of this song into one track was a fresh idea that I very much appreciate!
tripflag 4 kinda boring
130 cover no. 103: sc00p — Metal Black - Phantasm -Ghost- 9.784/20This is one hell of a cover.
Apologizes if this tends to have a crappy volume balancing with the other expansion chips.

w7n 6 Epic... until you realise that it's just 8 bars in a cycle. Giving it a 6 nontheless.
karmic 4 I waited and waited for something else, then I read the length. What a waste.
tripflag 3 loud
Titan of Plasma 8 Too bad this is too short to adequately rate. But I like your skills with multichip.
Wiz. 6 ch数の多さという強みを生かして、とにかく重厚な音になっていて驚きました。 もしかすると、原曲よりも重いかも…?
131 cover no. 53: GGDJR — Batman (Forced DPCM) 9.775/20Three recovered FC game: Batman music with sunsoft DPCM forced.

Titan of Plasma 7.8 It's very interesting to find out how Batman could have sounded with the Sunsoft bass. And I think it could have been awesome. However, even if it's known that the Sunsoft bass is a little detuned in some notes, this is excessively evident in your cover. Otherwise, it is very good.
karmic 2 Ugh. The original song was okay as it was, why add that shitty bass
tripflag 4 sounds p cool
Wiz. 5 SUNSOFTのお家芸?ともいえるDPCMベースが炸裂していていい味出していると思います。 リズム隊が三角波とノイズの組み合わせでもうまく機能しているのと、メロのディレイによる広がりが良くできていると感じます。
w7n 3 Low effort stuff... Not really bad, just low effort.
132 cover no. 70: Arc — Eine kleine Nachtmusik 9.744/20I. Allegro

w7n Is it even a meme?
PGCX864 7 Cool!!
Titan of Plasma 7.5 Oh, yes, an early 80s arcade game! I wont criticize this cover's simplicity, because it was, very probably, intentional. However, it's very hard to rate. I'll try my best, anyway.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Very clever! I found myself smiling the whole time as I listened. Props for coming up with a fun idea and sticking to it!
karmic 5 Mario Bros. extended version? This is another funny one.
tripflag 2 thanks
Wiz. 7 コレはズルいw むしろ、誰も今までやらなかったほうが不思議です。 ネタ的には、原曲再現+展開のイメージが完全に想像通りで、意図としては大成功だと思います。
EH2 4.8 I get what you're trying to do, but it has a few mistakes here and there that kinda ruin it for me.
133 cover no. 33: Tobikomi — ペガサス♥ハネムーン 9.740/20*REUPLOADED*

ペガサス♥ハネムーン (c) 1983 木元ゆうこ

• Tobikomi   • Tobikomi   
shywolf 6.0 The melodies and vocal accents are replicated well.
Jiyoshi 5 Whoa, I wasn't expecting to hear a cover of this song here. As lovely as the original is, I feel like this cover could have been a lot better :( For one, the bass is pretty weak. I'd have put it an octave lower and used something other than the triangle (Maybe vrc7 bass would have worked better here). This also could have benefited from using more expansions, as it pretty obviously hit the channel limit at some parts.
Miss Maboroshi 9 本当に素敵!この曲をすっかり気に入るから、ご紹介してくれてありがとうございます。あえて上達できるところを言えば、もう少しテクスチュアを埋めたらいいと思います。原作にはそんな豊かな和声がありますから!
karmic 5 Really average. Not really a fan of the sample choice either. Another one that is way too long for its own good.
tripflag 5 could use more stuff going on in the bass area kind of
Wiz. 7 FDSらしさを感じる定番の音色と2A03音色の対比が面白いです。 ピッチベンドやエンベロープ、ディレイ等の鳴らし方はかなり丁寧でレベルが高いと感じました。
w7n 4 Make the sound richer please.
134 cover no. 218: speedyspcfan — Red Zone - Spinner 9.706/20N163x5. One of my favorite tracks by Jesper Kyd from one of my favorite Mega Drive games.

tripflag 7 how did you place the best entry right next to the worst one? well okay not the best but this is seriously great, totally amazed at how complex it sounds with just 4ch and man that snare drum but it does get a bit loopy
Wiz. 7 重厚感があって良いです。 N163の独特な音色を使いつつも、しっかりメインは2A03で鳴らしていて、ファミコンミュージックであるというアイデンティティを失っていないのも個人的に好印象です。
Miss Maboroshi 7 This song is a bit too slow and brooding for my tastes, but the cover itself is impressively accurate. I appreciate how creative you got with the layering of your waveforms in order to achieve a sound similar to the original.
135 cover no. 204: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — GBC Baby Felix Halloween Main Theme in Sunsoft style 9.571/20Baby Felix Halloween's main theme arranged in a sunsoft (Hebereke / Ufouria) style.

• PGCX864   
tripflag 4 volume control please
Wiz. 4 Sunsoft style とあるんですが、DPCMにベースラインとリズム隊を混ぜてしまい、ベースラインが十分に鳴りきれていないが故に低音が足りず、高音が浮いてしまっているのが非常に惜しいと感じました。 2A03のみであれば、リズムは三角波+ノイズのみと割り切ってしまったほうが良かったのかもしれません。
w7n 4 The previous compos have better examples of Sunsoft mimics. This compo seems to have none.
Miss Maboroshi 7 Ooh, an Alberto Jose Gonzalez soundtrack! You handled the Sunsoft style pretty smoothly, this sounds like it could probably fit somewhere in Gremlins 2 or something.
136 cover no. 134: kurobutt — Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town 9.518/20Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable OP1. Composed by TAIGA.

shywolf 4.0 Kind of enjoyable somehow, despite the sheer loudness.
w7n 3 Loud and nothing to stand out...
Miss Maboroshi 5 Great song choice! This arrangement sounds kinda Mega Man-esque.
EH2 1.2 In this case, maybe TOO noisy.
tripflag 4 L O U D volume contorl pls
Wiz. 6 内蔵2A03のみのはずなのに、イントロ音色が耳慣れない感じだったので、意外性があって耳を惹きつけられました。 細かいピッチベンドや音構成が成せる技でしょうか。
137 cover no. 46: Tamanegi-itame — After Burner 9.459/20SEGA coin-op game title tune cover.

Miss Maboroshi 5 Cool samples! The triangle toms are also super solid.
karmic 3.7 Ugh. Why not just use an expansion instead of that bad DPCM?
tripflag 3 could use more expression (vibrato fades variations whatever you call it I'm bad at terminology)
Wiz. 5 ディストーションギターはオケヒと共にDPCMなんですね。 原曲も若干解像度低目のPCMギターがいい味出していたので、この鳴らし方はアリだと思います。 ただ、DPCMの性質上どうしても高音エッジが効きづらいことと、DPCMを使っていてリズム隊を三角波とノイズだけに頼っているため、メロの高音矩形波との音質乖離が目立ってしまっているのが非常に惜しいところです。 DPCM作成時にもっと圧をかけ、リズム隊の鳴らし方に工夫すると、更に迫力が出て良いかと思いました。
w7n 5 The samples are nice, but the usage of other channels aren't as good.
138 cover no. 175: not pulsebot — soviet anthem 9.396/20hello i made a thing please be nice im very self consious

Wiz. 5 メロのロータリーっぽい音色変化が印象的でした。 うまく纏まっていると思います。
w7n 4 Not bad but still a bit simple.
Miss Maboroshi 6 This is a really strange song to choose, but I have to admit this cover has found a very catchy way to carry the tune.
EH2 4.407 I calculated the average of all the scores I gave in this category to give this entry as a joke. But it sort of fits.
tripflag 7 great use of the 2a03, brings tears to the eyes
139 cover no. 60: Yuri213212 — ouccondo 9.305/20これは大阪大学コンピュータクラブの先輩が作った曲だと思います。


(自分はModPlug Trackerくらいの音質があると思います)

  このプログラム(特に調律)はVirtuaNESをNTSC 44100Hz 16bit 4frameに設定した環境に最適化しています。

I think this was composed by senior of Osaka University Computer Club.
Link: https://www.don.to/doc/nekoden/ouccondo.mp3
The original music sounds corrupted, one channel was distorted.
I took a dictation of it with arrange, made it sounds lively.


I was interested in programming Family-Computer recently. So, I designed my own programming language, made a compiler of it, and made NSF programs.
I want to appeal my programming skill. If you think my program sounds clearly and precisely in frequency and wave mixing, please support me.
(I think its quality of sound is close to the one of ModPlug Tracker)

The program (especially tuning) was optimized to the environment of VirtuaNES with settings of NTSC, 44100Hz, 16bit, 4frame.
I won't guarantee its executablility in other environment (especially in real hardware).

(note to myself: upload ver 2)

lhrlaohan すごいですね
Miss Maboroshi 7 This is cute! The tune is very familiar, though I can't for the life of me remember where I've heard it before.
karmic 6 I guess you get some props in my eyes for coding your own player-routine, but this cover is pretty boring.
tripflag 3 loud but surprisingly ok
Wiz. 4 意図的なものかもしれませんが、N163でパルス波を鳴らすことによってノイズが強めに聴こえてしまうのが惜しいと感じました。 2A03の矩形波が余ってるようなので、是非そちらを使ってあげてください… ch数が多いものの、鳴らし方や音色が単調で少々損をしている気はしました。
w7n I don't want to rate this entry, I'm here to make some complaints about the author's obnoxious showing off of masked ignorance in the Chinese FT chatroom, like 'the use of effects other than Cxx and Dxx are gross' 'the release command only works for VRC7' and constant advocating of some self-made tool impractical for chiptune tracking.
140 cover no. 48: GGDJR — Falsion_MMC5 9.257/20One recovered FC game: Falsion music with MMC5 channel.

Miss Maboroshi 6 This remix does a nice job of sounding fuller than the original.
karmic 2.6 I don't get you people
tripflag 4 sounds like a nes
Wiz. 6 拡張音源にFDSではなくMMC5を選択し、増chで前半メロが和音対旋律になっているところがこの曲の肝だと思います。 この選択は非常に面白いと思いました。
w7n 6 Somehow I recall hearing this from somewhere else? It's good anyway.
141 cover no. 22: Arc-Demon — Prelude in G sharp minor op.28 no.12 9.219/20Favorite of mine. It's tough setting a proper speed to this prelude; hearing other interpretations, this one may sound too slow.

• hezed   
Titan of Plasma 7.9 I love Chopin. Unfortunately, triangle volume is fixed, because you did a great job modulating the volume of the square waves.
Miss Maboroshi 5 This has some really interesting ideas, and I appreciate how it keeps the overall harmonic contour of the original, but I'm not sure I would have used this instrumentation. Having to cut out so many voices loses a lot of the panache the original has, I think! All the same, well done.
karmic 5 It's alright. Maybe a more daring choice of cover would help.
tripflag 0 this entry has lots of notes
Wiz. 5 2A03らしい音色ですが、細かいテンポの揺らぎや音量変化など、押さえるべき部分はキッチリ作ってあって好印象です。
EH2 10 Yeeeeees.
w7n 4 I miss the 1st place of FCM9 cover section.
142 cover no. 74: Jaden Houghton (Disk Joshy) — Ocean Loader 3 9.188/20Ocean Loader 3 is probably my favorite of the 5 Ocean loaders and I really wanted to cover it. So, I did. Enjoy.

• vrc6   • Highway Guy/pulsebot   
w7n 3 Failed keffie wannabe which ended up as an obnoxiously loud track? Certain spots are OK, but RIP headphones.
Miss Maboroshi 6 I had a feeling this was a C64 tune before I even looked at the title! Good work!
tripflag 6 technically neat but missing some percussion or beat to follow
Wiz. 6 VRC6の厚みとduty変化によるうねりが圧巻でした。 ここまでするのであれば、DPCM+ノイズによるリズム隊も欲しいなぁ…とは感じました。
143 cover no. 79: Xcalber — Saint Sword Stage 1 (Toshiko Tasaki) 9.091/20Mixed on NSFPlay.

If you use VirtuaNSF, please use "Xodnizel Jan 17, 2004" VRC7 tone.

If you use anything else, may god have mercy on your soul.

w7n 4 Is the original tune bland like this?
shywolf 6.0 Very faithful to the original.
tripflag 3 very loopy/samey
Wiz. 4 VRC7らしい音がVGMっぽさとマッチしていて良いと思います。 リズムが重いのも個人的には好印象です…が、メロとリズム以外が弱すぎる気はしました。 余ったチャンネルで和音等を鳴らし、下支えを増やすと良かったかと思います。
144 cover no. 148: UltrasonicMadness — Push the Button 9.084/20Cover of Push the Button by Sugababes for the PAL NES.

w7n 3 Experience - Too young, Track - Too simple, Understanding - Sometimes naive.
Miss Maboroshi 7 This song's got a nice hook to it! You did a nice job of achieving that sort of 2000s techno-inspired pop beat within the limitations of the 2A03. I love the manual fade out at the end too, that's brilliant!
tripflag 5 more volume control please (otherwise neat)
Wiz. 5 インパクトを出すために高速アルペジオ等々を取り入れたのだと思いますが、それが続いて少々単調になってしまっているのが惜しいです。
145 cover no. 95: Neon Big Bird — Night Court 9.065/202a03 cover of the theme from the hit NBC sitcom Night Court.

w7n 3 Simple.
karmic 4 Kind of enjoyable?
Miss Maboroshi 7 Hahaha this is awesome, it's like the Tim Follin version of the Night Court theme!
tripflag 3 groovy
Wiz. 8 音量変化が非常に繊細で印象的です。 音量レンジをフルに使って非常に巧く鳴らしていると感じます。
146 cover no. 211: Sky Yoshi — Fear Factory [2A03] 9.033/20Cover of David Wise'S Fear Factory from Donkey Kong Country. Simple enough.

tripflag 5 pretty cool sound design but not a huge fan of the pitch slides
Wiz. 6 ディレイの掛け方、ピッチベンドのかかった発音等々、鳴らし方が非常に凝っていて良いと思います。
w7n 3 Sounds like bootleg...
karmic 4.6 I don't think you realize, Hummer Team sounds bad. You SHOULDN'T imitate them.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Donkey Kong Country seems like a really tough soundtrack to attempt with just 2A03, given how ambient it is. This does a pretty good job of achieving that goal, though!
147 cover no. 72: x8o — The Song of Laughter (nursery rhyme) 9.033/20HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Miss Maboroshi 4 While I can appreciate that someone found a musical use for the classic laughing sample, this kinda gives me the creeps...
tripflag 0 ok
Wiz. 6 コレはズルイなぁw あのDPCMヴォイスで全部持ってっちゃってる。 他は普通なんですが…アイデア賞ですね。
148 cover no. 153: Arc-Demon — Battle Pressure 8.963/20I used a Dark Chip against Burner Man because I sucked, and I didn't want to embarrass Fire Man.

shywolf 3.0 Odd-sounding instruments throughout, and there are wrong notes at key parts of the song...
w7n 5 OK sounding + something to stand out at times = Decent
tripflag 4 kinda loopy
Wiz. 5 メロの鳴らし方にバリエーションを持たせていて、際立っているのが印象的でした。 反面、VRC6のバッキングは、鳴らし方のパターンや音色を変える等々、もう少し凝っても良かったかな?と感じました。
149 cover no. 123: The Hardcore-Casual — Top Gear (SNES) - Las Vegas 8.957/20An NES [2a03] cover of a SNES song. I made it originally over an hour or two but kept editing it to perfection over a few months. It's my first ever submission to a competition! GG

• KungFuFurby   
w7n 4 Both the mid-low note range and the percussion need to be HEAVIER.
tripflag 5 pretty awesome for the 2a03 but at times sounds a bit thin
Wiz. 5 全体的にディレイ感があって響きに奥行きを感じられるのが良いと思いました。 リズム隊は、DPCMの圧やノイズの効果的な重ね等で、更にインパクトが出せそうだとは感じました。
150 cover no. 145: UltrasonicMadness — Highly Responsive to Prayers 8.930/20Cover of Highly Responsive to Prayers from the first Touhou game.

w7n 4 Certainly not a 5B master. 5B ENV should be rated 'MG (Master Guidance)'.
tripflag 4 touhou needs more improv to be good
Wiz. 6 冒頭のドラキュラっぽいシーケンスパターンの音色、2chでディレイを駆使するとあんな感じの鳴りになるんですね…耳慣れない&インパクトが強かったので妙に印象に残ってしまいました。 ベースライン音色も、S5B矩形波と一緒に鳴らすことで、非常に存在感を放つつくりになっていると感じました。
151 cover no. 156: His-dur — Koi wa Chaos no Shimobe nari + Sister, Friend, FamiTracker 8.879/20yah i made a cover of it, its a nice cover if i do so myself. it took 9 hours to make.

• hezed   • w7n   
Miss Maboroshi 2 Perhaps I'm missing something here, but I'm not hearing much of a connection between the original song and your cover. When I'm picking out harmonies, I find it usually helps to start with the bassline and then figure out the rest from there.
tripflag 0 haha nice c major haha
Wiz. 7 1曲目を聴いて、何よりもその賑やかさに引き込まれてしまいました。 メロの鳴らし方もピッチベンドを駆使して非常に耳を惹きつける作りになっています。 2曲目の和メロとの印象の対比も面白かったです。
152 cover no. 117: Yung Gotenks — Kraid's Lair 2A03 Remix 8.784/20Well, looks like i'm Not doing just one entry this year.

Titan of Plasma 7 It's interesting to see a 2A03 remix from a 2A03 tune. The sound is rich, as if I was playing the "never released Metroid 3 for the NES". Unfortunately, the loneliness feeling from the original is somewhat lost.
w7n 3 It really says something when you like the original NES version better.
karmic 5 I was expecting a troll, and was decently surprised...
Miss Maboroshi 5 Not bad! Titling it "2A03 remix" kinda makes it sound to me like there isn't already a 2A03 version, but I'm being pedantic, haha.
tripflag 4 needs more volume control and variation
Wiz. 4 意図的なものかもしれませんが、バッキングに高速アルペジオを使いつつも、メロが割とベタ鳴らしになってしまっているのが少々惜しい気がしました。
153 cover no. 50: JrWatson — Ninja Gaiden III STAFF Music 8.729/20Lost due to database error.

Titan of Plasma 7.9 Oooh, that Tecmo percussion. I love it. NGIII was a very hard game, and getting to the staff song was very satisfying. Your cover conveys that feeling very well, however, with VRC6 and FDS it can still improve.
Miss Maboroshi 5 Groovy bassline!
tripflag 2 lead is kinda jarring and there's not a whole lot going on especially considering the expansions
Wiz. 4 VRC6らしい特殊duty比の音色が存在感を放っているものの、ch数の割に音が薄く感じられるのが惜しいです…バッキングの音の隙間に何か入れてみるとか、メロに和音となる対旋律を入れてみるとかすると、また違った印象になるかもしれません。
w7n 4 FDS channel is wasted.
154 cover no. 57: Lob — Killers 8.647/20loops indefinitely

Miss Maboroshi 7 Hahaha this is an awesome song to hear covered, and this is a spectacular cover of it to boot! I really like your use of echo. #italiano
tripflag 3 more variation would be rad
Wiz. 6 矩形波の響きが非常に美しいです。 2A03と同系統のMMC5を持ってきてディレイを鳴らすという選択肢は正解だと思います。
w7n 3 Nice as a game track / certain atmospheric track. That's it.
155 cover no. 63: dpc — Jimmyoshi - Daydreamer (1-N163) 8.632/20hhahah daydreamer more like gaydreamer xd

• dpc   
shywolf 5.0 Sounds like a GB (praise). Kind of short and uninteresting, sorry.
Jiyoshi 10 wow who composed this this is great
Miss Maboroshi 6 This is a really pretty song, seems like it would fit right into a Game Boy JRPG or a flashygoodness soundtrack or something! Since the original is 8-bit, this is kind of an overly literal interpretation in my opinion. But then, what constitutes a "good cover" is different from person to person, isn't it?
tripflag 4 would have been much better with more stuff going on
Wiz. 5 N163の任意波形の優位性を活かしたメロディの音色が印象的ですが、他パートもかなり丁寧に作られていると感じました。
EH2 4.1 Watch your volumes, man…
w7n 3 Not really interesting. C'mon, even commercial N163 games do better jobs.
156 cover no. 27: Yung Gotenks — Journey To Silius Intro VRC7 8.595/20Where I am, it's June 15th so here.
A Cover of Journey to Silus' Intro Theme. My only FCP3 Entry since it's my first one.I used NSFPlay, so I recommend using NSF Play.

• Anonymous VRC7 fetishist   
PGCX864 8 Great!!
Titan of Plasma 7.8 I know that modulating the VRC7 volume is a b***h. For that reason, volumes of F (and even E, depending of the instrument) easilly kill the rest of the sounds, especially the percussion. The FM goodness is otherwise nicely achieved.
Miss Maboroshi 6 This is pretty neat! Do try to be careful with your VRC7 channel volumes, it's super easy for them to overpower the other elements in your song. That's something I still struggle with!
karmic 3 Are you for real
tripflag 5 good
Wiz. 5 VRC7の音色を前面に出した作りで、コレはコレでよく纏まっているとは感じますが、VRC7音色はやわらかいものが多いので、2A03のエッジの効いた音色を要所要所で使うと、曲調にマッチして更にエッジが増して良いかも…とは感じました。
w7n 5 Not bad, but I think I can do better than this even when I'm not that good at using VRC7. I've covered JtS tracks before, and the main problem with those tracks of mine was not having a good grasp of what bassline is.
157 cover no. 24: Kuhneghetz — DOOM - Nobody Told Me About id 8.593/20Re-submitted due to database error.

"PROTIP: To defeat the Cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies."

This song (made by Bobby Prince) may be simple and quite repetitive in terms of how it's constructed, but it's still memorable. Especially for DOOM fans.

For the bass in this cover, I used Ryan Landry's method (though I tinkered my own custom VRC7 patch) to make it sound similar to what you hear in some of Yuzo Koshiro's PC-88 songs (such as "Morning Grow" from Ys).

Titan of Plasma 7.9 Those three channels for the bass have a good timbre, however... wait, four channles if I include the triangle. That's a little too loud, killing the DPCM percussion. Otherwise, the 90s vibe from DOOM is well expressed.
karmic 4.7 booooooooring
tripflag 4 good instruments
Wiz. 5 低音三角波ベースラインの独特な倍音とVRC7のベースラインが、互いの不足分を補っていて存在感を増しているのが面白いと感じました。 他のパートはもう少し凝った鳴らし方をしても良かったかもしれません。
w7n 3 Yawn...
158 cover no. 173: Ambureon/413x — Sex Bob-Omb - Threshold 8.514/20From "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"

Wiz. 5 恐らくは意図的なものでしょうが、台詞の直後のトーンの(恐らくはディストーションギターの)刻み音色がひずみ過ぎているのが少々勿体無いと感じました。(このあたりは完全に好みか否か、になってしまいますが…) あとは、上物の派手さに対してベースラインが三角波一本で、ベースラインが埋もれているのが非常に惜しいです。
w7n 4 Not too bad, but the bass has little presence and the high-freq noise is almost non-stop.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Heheheh, this is one of my favorite movies, so this is a nice surprise to hear! I like the six-part arpeggios, I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that before.
tripflag 1 ugh
159 cover no. 21: MiniMacro — Duck Game - DM02 8.109/202A03 cover of DM02 from Duck Game

Titan of Plasma 7.8 The original theme is a very dynamic tune. Even though your cover is accurate, it needs some more punch in the percussion. Also, the lead and rhythm guitar lack "roughness". A quicker fade out on the guitar-like instruments and more volume contrast among the notes could have also helped.
karmic 4 booooooring
tripflag 3 loopy
Wiz. 5 シンプルな作りですが、後半のリズム隊が入ってくるあたりでテンションが上がってイイ感じです。 ディストーションギターと思われる刻みフレーズは、細かい音色変化やユニゾンなんかを加えると更にインパクトが増すかと思います。
w7n 4 Acceptable, too short.
160 cover no. 166: HertzDevil — Crazy Bus - Tom Maneiro 8.046/20A direct port of a few tracks from the only video game released on the Sega Genesis, based on the version 1.1 source code and various VGM2SNM dumps.

1. Title - Presiona S!
2. Menu - Selecciona un bus!
3. Stage Intro - Preparate...
4. Stage BGM - C = Regresar!
5. Stage BGM (w/ backward movement SFX)

The song length for the first two tracks is exactly as shown, as determined using the 32-bit xorshift RNG's period. (The original game may or may not actually use xorshift to generate the random frequencies.) A single loop of either track takes roughly 22.7 years.

Full ca65 source code is available at https://gist.github.com/HertzDevil/94abac20b859e946d86239fefec7537e.

• HertzDevil?   • A dumb memer, that's who   
Wiz. 5 これは原曲からこんな感じなんでしょうか…? フレームオーバーしているのかと思ったんですが、毎回鳴りが違うわけでもなさそうですし。 前衛的な曲だな…と感じました。
karmic 0.000000000000000001 Finally an accurate CrazyBus cover. This has been a long time coming. I see your dedication in the fact that you did the whole OST.
Miss Maboroshi 4 How did you make this file?? It sounds totally accurate to me, and I can't hear any loops, and yet the filesize is so small! Is there some sort of MML trickery going on here?
EH2 0 Are you fucking kidding me.
tripflag 0 i dont get it
している 3 あーあ。
161 cover no. 75: Tobikomi — Teddy Ruxpin - My Friend (Vibraphone Cover) 7.977/20*RESUBMITTED*

Teddy Ruxpin (c) 1986 WoW

w7n 5 Pleasant atmospheric track.
Miss Maboroshi 5 Hm, interesting choice. I can understand why you'd make this an instrumental cover, but having every part be the same instrument causes everything to kind of blend together after a while, I think. That being said, I appreciate the effort that clearly went into making this.
tripflag 2 boring
Wiz. 5 VRC7のこの音色は和みますなぁ。 テクニック的に突出しているわけではないのですが、曲として非常に聴きやすく、綺麗に仕上がっていると感じました。
162 cover no. 150: GGDJR — Digital Devil Monogatari - Megami Tensei II Remix(Rockman6 Style) 7.947/20One Recovered FC Game Music: Digital Devil Monogatari - Megami Tensei II in Rockman6 style.

Wiz. 4 だいたい想像通りの音が鳴っているなぁ、と。 原曲がN163使用曲だったかと思いますので、スペックダウンして聴こえてしまうのがちょっと惜しいなぁ…とは感じました。
w7n 2 The original in MegaTen I is better.
Miss Maboroshi 5 This song already kind of sounds like a Mega Man song, so the style is a good fit!
tripflag 4 ok
163 cover no. 203: sc00p — Mouryou Senki MADARA - Fighting Human's Way 7.935/20Guess nobody ever did something related to MADARA, the Konami RPG based off an obscure manga with the power of VRC6, so i did it. Have it at you!

• kenshirotakahashi   
tripflag 4 sounds kinda muddy, something's clashing but can't figure out what
Wiz. 5 これは原曲と同じ音源構成ですので、完全再現を狙った楽曲でしょうか。 聴いていると確かに原曲とほぼ同じに聴こえます。 良くできているんですが、個人的には、更に+αが欲しいな…とは感じました。
w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + not much to stand out = Decent
D cover no. 65: 三十一世紀の分裂男 — ロックマンゼロ4 - エスペラント 7.921/20
Reason for disqualification: resubmission of previously published content

• lob31   • lob31   
モーターひじき 4 途中まででファイル破損していました。非情に惜しく感じます
Miss Maboroshi 6 全く…またこれか?www 将来のいつかに実に完成したら嬉しいけどね~
karmic 5 Heh, I remember this from FCM10. The non-fake part is pretty good though.
tripflag 3 good until the meme hit
BEEPBOY 0 バグってて採点できませんでした…
Wiz. 6 スネアの音が非常に心地よく、その他のパートもVRC6の特殊dutyを活かした響きが通る感じで非常に良いのです…が、0:40付近からバグって聴けなくなるのが惜しすぎます。 演奏時間から、恐らく続きがあるのではないかと思うのですが…?
EH2 1.85 We desperately need to replace memes in this community.
w7n Bait & switch. The part before the switch is actually good, but sorry, no vote. Why don't you just finish the song?
165 cover no. 167: sc00p — Karate Kid VRC7 Remixes 7.883/20Originally from a old prototype module which had a really strict use of the VRC7 instruments (custom lame hihat instruments and the crap use of default instruments), but this release has a kind of great expectation from the old.
Finally you can sit on and hear LJN's Karate Kit soundtrack in a new way, thanks to VRC7 technology and 2A03-powered drums, with no use of DPCM! Most part of the VRC7 instruments i made were made by messing around, so yeah, hope your VirtuaNSF doesn't screw them up...

• Anonymous VRC7 fetishist   
Wiz. 4 だいぶVRC7の比重が高い作りになってますね。(ch数が違うので必然的にそうなってしまうのかもしれませんが…) 低音の重厚さが際立つ一方で曲の激しさの割にリズム隊が薄い気がしました。 DPCMとノイズ、三角波を使って更なる重厚なドラムを付けてみると、更にパワフルな楽曲になるかと思います。
w7n 3 Monotonous...
tripflag 3 sounds kinda muddy? could also use more stuff happening
166 cover no. 13: JrWatson — Gun Nac Stage 6 7.827/20???

karmic 2.5 "????" as the length-tag was a bad sign. This is really boring.
tripflag 3 loud and it's kinda just a lead
Titan of Plasma 7.7 This cover sounds pretty close to the original, despite the use of multiple expansions. I think you could have done something more with those VRC6 and FDS soundchips. It's, however, accurate and captures the dynamic essence from the original.
Wiz. 5 メロのフランジャーのかかったっぽい雰囲気の音色が非常に独特で印象的でした。 ch数の割にはそのアドバンテージを活かしきれていない気がしたのが惜しいです。
w7n 5 Pleasant sounding + nothing to stand out = Decent
167 cover no. 87: MrKsoft — ActRaiser - Birth of the People 7.805/20If ActRaiser had been released as a plain old NES game, it might sound something like this.

w7n 4 'Stereotypical 8-bit'. Suitable for a game soundtrack, but too simple.
Miss Maboroshi 7 On the NES this gives kind of a Dragon Quest vibe, almost. Fantastic song choice!
tripflag 3 very basic
Wiz. 4 アタックが繊細でよく出来ているとは感じますが、イントロのベースラインが抜けちゃっているのが勿体無いです。 また、原曲がSFCのチップによってエフェクトがかかる仕様なので、残響音も再現するともっと良かったかも…とは感じます。
168 cover no. 106: Frost — PPAP 7.776/20Original by PIKO-TARO

Titan of Plasma 7.3 What is PPAP? Hilarious cover, nonetheless.
w7n Nice memes.
Jiyoshi 2 wow.
karmic 1 Pfft really? This meme died like 2 days after its release!!
Miss Maboroshi 5 As far as novelty covers go, this is pretty fun. :P
tripflag 2 no (not a fan of the voice pitches either tbh sorry fampai)
EH2 1.2 I have a meme. I have a chiptune. *put together* Uh! Half of the cover section!
Wiz. 5 原曲のインストから軽めの音なので、ファミコン内蔵のみでも意外と違和感無く聴けてしまうんですね。 ヴォーカルパートの脱力感がうまく表現されているなー、と感じました。
169 cover no. 178: Yung Gotenks — StarFox - Corneria Mega Man Style 7.723/20Resubmission because this entry was affected.

Wiz. 5 2A03向けにパートの大胆な取捨選択を行っているかと思いますが、チャンネルが完全に空いている区間が一部あるので、そこはディレイかメロの重ね和音 or 対旋律にすると、更に聴きごたえが増しそうな気がします。
w7n 3 Leaving one square playing the lead and one square doing nothing isn't a good idea. Some echoes maybe?
karmic 4 Typical song choice + boring style choice is not a good combination.
Miss Maboroshi 5 Personally, I can't quite hear the Mega Man resemblance. The use of big, chunky five-part arpeggios to simulate orchestra hits is a neat idea, though. Very inventive.
Titan of Plasma 7.6 This minimalist version of Corneria was very interesting to hear. Some instruments are not very MM style (like the one used for the orch hit). Some more triangle toms would have helped, too.
tripflag 6 would be great with a more interesting bass
170 cover no. 115: Arc-Demon — Legend (SNES) ~ Overworld 7.643/20This is a theme from a beat-em-up game with a very vague name for the Super NES.

• KungFuFurby   
w7n 3 Yawn...
karmic 2.8 You seem way too obsessed with this game. Calm down, for both yours and our sake.
tripflag 1 boring
Titan of Plasma 7.8 Sweet and short. At some sections, the tri lingers for a little too long. Those orchestra hits added a nice touch.
Wiz. 6 冒頭は普通に感じたんですが、DPCMベースが入るあたりから、その後の畳みかけるようなDPCMのオケヒ等々のSEで猛烈な印象が残りました。 逆に、DPCM以外はまだ手を入れる余地があると思いますので、是非鳴らし方等々を研究してみてください。
171 cover no. 197: デューティ鈴木 — The Boy From Chelsea 7.638/20Truly Smith - The Boy From Chelsea

• 油壺   
tripflag 1 whoa what went wrong
Wiz. 6 これはハードエンベロープ波形削りも入っているのでしょうか…? 普通のパルス波ではない、人の声のように聴こえる個所があって面白いです。 技術的に興味深い作品でした。
Titan of Plasma 7.8 The spring-like sounds you achieved with the OC were amazing. However, imo, they don't fit too well with the song, which also tends to become a little repetitive. Anyway, a fun and charming tune.
w7n 5 Very interesting techniques, arrangement not as good.
karmic 5 Sound choices are weird. They sound cool and all but don't really work with the song.
Miss Maboroshi 4 Both the technical and the musical aspects of this cover are completely incomprehensible to me, haha. I don't necessarily mean that in a negative way, either. I just don't understand what you've done here.
172 cover no. 182: Tobikomi — Welcome To Duloc 7.588/20Lyrics:

Welcome to Duloc, such a perfect town
Here we have some rules, let us lay them down
Don't make waves, stay in line
And we'll get along fine
Duloc is a perfect place

Keep your feet off the grass
Shine your shoes, wipe your face
Duloc is, Duloc is
Duloc is a perfect place

(c)2001 DreamWorks
Sung by: Jill Bogard, Hope Levy
Author, Composer: Mike Himelstein
Author, Composer: Eric Darnell

Please, enjoy!

Wiz. 5 VRC7メインですが、伸びるメロディ等々、実は細かく手が加わっているような気がします。
w7n It's fitting, though volume balance is a problem. Don't know how to rate it.
BEEPBOY 4 かわいらしい曲調な一方、公式プレイヤー両方で音圧が強い音がありアンバランスに感じました。
Miss Maboroshi 5 Wow, I didn't even remember this scene was in Shrek, though I admittedly haven't seen it in many years. I suppose as far as Shrek songs go, I appreciate that you went way off the beaten path for this one. The custom lead instrument is pretty nice, too.
tripflag 3 ow my ears
173 cover no. 19: JrWatson — Ninja-Kun Ashura no Shou--Abyss Music 7.564/20Lost due to database error.

Titan of Plasma 7.7 The cover is accurate and sounds a lot like the original... which is a 2A03 theme. FDS + N163 can add a lot of amazing sounds to this kind of classic chiptune themes. It'd be interesting to hear something more than a reinstrumentation (which is, by itself, good, however). Other than that, the DPCM sounds very quiet, which is not very good in a dynamic theme like this.
shywolf 2.5 Among other problems, the N163 waveforms are conflicting (solution: allocate the wave RAM appropriately).
Miss Maboroshi 1 The volume of this is a little hard on my ears, and it sounds like you may have made some errors in allocating your N163 wave positions?
karmic 2.5 Really? Just adding some more instruments to a subpar video game song isn't going to make something good.
tripflag 3 very loud and loud
Wiz. 5 要所要所で入ってくるエッジの立ったN163の音色変化が耳に残ります。 DPCMのリズム隊が引き気味に聴こえるので、もう少し音圧を上げてノイズを重ねると良いかも、と感じました。
w7n 5 'Generally' not bad, leans on good, except for the ear-piercing lead. Especially if it's played on NSFPlay.
174 cover no. 7: Arc-Demon — Legend (SNES) ~ Mill 7.535/20My favorite stage / music of this game.

• KungFuFurby   
karmic 2 Bland cover of a bad song. What's with this guy and covering mediocre SNES games with bland music?
tripflag 4 loopy
Titan of Plasma 7.9 Good cover for the 2A03. There's not too much that can be done with the original, however, and it's somewhat short.
Wiz. 5 オケヒに続くDPCMベースが強烈でインパクトがありました。 その反面、他パートが少々押しが弱めかなー、と感じました。
w7n 3 Another dull one.
175 cover no. 119: sc00p — Dave Richmond - Movin' Along 7.412/20This isn't the first time i do a cover out of a non-video game music. Hooray.

Titan of Plasma 7.8 I had not heard this song before, so I googled it. While listening, I thought immediately that this theme was really well fitted for a cover... a VRC6 one, perhaps, with square wave guitars, a melodic triangle, sawtooth bass. While I found something different than what I thought, it didn't sound bad. The VRC7, however, has a lot more potential, and maybe it's not the best choice for this theme. I liked, nevertheless, that I really felt as if I was playing a videogame with the music.
w7n 3 Meh.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Solid work! If I could offer one constructive criticism it would be that I think there's more harmony for you to play with in this song than you're fully using. When you're arranging, see if there's more parts of the chord you can include! I have trouble with this too, sometimes.
tripflag 1 thanks
Wiz. 5 VRC7の特徴的な音色で、独特の浮遊感を感じます。 シンプルにまとまっていますが、もう少し表現に凝っても良かった気はしました。
176 cover no. 209: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — 7 GRAND SUN(SOFT) 7.384/20It is also known as 7 GRAND DAD,
Flintstone's song theme arranged in a Sunsoft style. :)

• PGCX864   
tripflag 0 oh fuck off
PGCX864 8 Great!!
Wiz. 5 DPCMベースで存在感を放ちつつ、他パートは発音数が少ないながらも、結果的に1音1音の丁寧な鳴らし方が際立っていて良かったです。 楽曲バランス的には、中音域にもう1音くらい欲しい気もしました。
karmic 0.2 At least this tune is self-aware about how crap those basses are.
EH2 0 辞めろ! 辞めてくれ!
177 cover no. 49: Arc-Demon — Zone of Bridge 7.161/20Something, something, Yuzo Koshiro. I forget.

Miss Maboroshi 5 Since this song is originally 8-bit, covering it this way doesn't add very much in my opinion. That being said, it's a solid cover overall. Points for accuracy!
karmic 4 Near-exact conversion. I like the original but that's kinda lame.
tripflag 3 loopy
Wiz. 5 メロとアルペジオのディレイが心地よい曲だと感じました。 昔のゲームミュージックの雰囲気が良く出ていると感じますが、もう少し凝ったサウンドにしても良かった気はしました。
w7n 4 Too short, arrangement is fine.
178 cover no. 89: dpc — Fire Emblem - Fire Emblem 7.037/20more like fire soundtrack amirite

Titan of Plasma 7.7 Sweet and simple. Perhaps that wont take this cover too far in this competition dominated by multichip monsters... but I like a classic 2A03 like yours every now and then.
w7n 2 Too simple.
tripflag 2 basic
Wiz. 4 シンプルながら綺麗にまとめていると感じます。 シンプル過ぎる感はあるので、もう少し鳴らし方に凝ってみても良かったかもしれません。
179 cover no. 143: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — Doraemon: Run Dora Run VRC6 6.991/20Ear copy from Doraemon Run Dora Run (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/603669).

• PGCX864   
w7n 3 NOPE. Where did you learn music theory?
EH2 1.2 Is this another bootleg thing
tripflag 3 very loopy and minimalistic
Wiz. 5 ネタ的になんとなくズルイ感がw VRC6の音色が活かされていると思います。
180 cover no. 121: UltrasonicMadness — Given Up 6.982/20Given Up by Linkin Park for the Famicom Disk System. Featuring my attempt at emulating a metal growl with the FDS modulator.

w7n 3 Meh...
Miss Maboroshi 6 Cool choice! I've definitely never heard anyone do scream vocals like that before. It was a little startling at first, but it's a really neat effect! Kudos for being inventive with your instrumentation. :)
tripflag 2 technically not too bad but musically ugh
EH2 1.2 Too soon, kinda disrespectful, and very much lacking in quality.
Wiz. 6 音がファミコンっぽく無い…と思ったら、メロや後半のチェーンソー?みたいなSE音色がFDSなんですね。 その代わり、矩形波をバッキングのギター刻みにフルに割り当てられるので、このch構成もアリだとは感じました。
181 cover no. 154: JrWatson — Final Fantasy I main theme 6.907/20USE VRC6 Chiptune,increase DPCM rhythm

Titan of Plasma 6 IMO, if you're already using the VRC6 expansion, don't use it only for the sustain effect. The VRC6 has a lot more potential. You can, for example, gradually change the duty from the pulses to create a flangering effect, increase and decrease the volume, add a second melody with the triangle (while the sawtooth plays the bass), etc. Your idea is good, I see what you wanted to achieve here. I know you can improve the execution of those ideas.
w7n 3 Bad execution.
karmic 3.7 This sounds like one of those bad "remixes" you find where they just add some house-beat to a song and pretend it's original.
Miss Maboroshi 4 I like the drums, but the bassline seems a little off.
EH2 0.5 Stop FF1 theme covers on Famicompo #MakeThatFantasyReallyFinal
tripflag 2 good drums i guess
Wiz. 5 ど定番の曲ですけど、こういうリズムを入れているのを聴いたのは恐らく初めてかと思います。 作りはシンプルですが、新鮮に感じました。
182 cover no. 18: Tobikomi — Kong Strikes Back 6.867/20Original: Martin Galway
Arrangement: Tobikomi
Kong Strike Back(c) 1985 OCEAN

Titan of Plasma 7.8 Is this C64 style? I like that old b&w movie feeling. The lead is a little too loud, but otherwise, I can picture that old Kong in my mind.
Miss Maboroshi 3 A little bit on the loud side, and I'm not sure N163 was the best fit for this arrangement.
karmic 3 lol
tripflag 3 spooky arps
Wiz. 4 最初に聴いた時、VRC6かと感じたんですが、恐らくは鋸波2音を鳴らすためにN163なんですね。 N163の3chのみというのはかなり思い切った使い方かとは思いますが、他chも活かしたバージョンも聴いてみたいところです。
w7n 3 Reminds me of IaTM's troll entry last time...
183 cover no. 195: Yuri213212 — MHX-beruna 6.809/20モンスターハンタークロス ベルナ村のBGMです。



(自分はModPlug Trackerくらいの音質があると思います)

  このプログラム(特に調律)はVirtuaNESをNTSC 44100Hz 16bit 4frameに設定した環境に最適化しています。

This is the BGM of Monster Hunter X Beruna.

I used N163 to simulate 2A03+VRC6.


I was interested in programming Family-Computer recently. So, I designed my own programming language, made a compiler of it, and made NSF programs.
I want to appeal my programming skill. If you think my program sounds clearly and precisely in frequency and wave mixing, please support me.
(I think its quality of sound is close to the one of ModPlug Tracker)

The program (especially tuning) was optimized to the environment of VirtuaNES with settings of NTSC, 44100Hz, 16bit, 4frame.
I won't guarantee its executablility in other environment (especially in real hardware).

(note to myself: upload ver 2)

tripflag 4 holy shit this is loud
Wiz. 5 N163の独自性のある音色が際立つのと引き換えに、N163が故のノイジーさも際立ってしまっているのが少々惜しい気がしました。(ある意味それも味ということで割り切れれば良いのですが…個人的には気になってしまいました)
shywolf 5.25 There are a few covers in here with very similar "minimal" sound design; I like this one of them the most.
w7n Same as 60.
karmic 4.7 Instruments are kinda bland. Just the same timbre for the whole song.
Miss Maboroshi 6 Did you know that N163 sound quality gets higher the fewer channels you have enabled? That's why most people don't use all eight. There's a lot of buzziness here that optimizing this for fewer channels would get rid of, I think! All the same, I find this cover pretty charming. It's a sweet song, and the simple waveform instrumentation makes me think of those YouTube covers of songs using floppy drives, if you've ever seen those. Thank you for making this!
ゆうた 村のムーファ最高!(雲羊鹿の毛玉を入手しました)
184 cover no. 214: Sky Yoshi — Go! Go! Power Rangers! [2A03] 6.806/20GO! GO! POWER RANGERS!
Ehh.. it's in Hummer Team Style so it will be

tripflag 3 kinda basic
Wiz. 5 オーソドックスな2A03曲ですが、たまにバックで鳴っているDPCMのSE?が隠し味としてしっかり効いている印象です。
w7n 4 The arrangement is a bit bland. DPCM seems to have too much instrumental parts left in it, so when there's DPCM it sounds less bland and vice versa.
Titan of Plasma 8 I love 2A03 renditions. In fact, the 2A03 is very well suited for rock-style music. While your cover could have had better square-wave guitars, it's still very good.
karmic 4 Ugh. You didn't notice that the DPCM vocals cut off early? It sounds really bad. The rest is nothing special either.
EH2 2.2 *muffled Go Go Power Rangers sounds*
Miss Maboroshi 4 The samples you used kind of stick out strangely. Perhaps you could try to up the volume/quality of them, or barring that, maybe just track out the samples using other channels? Either way, I admire your effort on this one. Keep at it!
185 cover no. 149: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — PCG Eggs Terminator 2 VRC6 Covers! 6.702/20
Ear copy covers from Eggs Terminator 2 of flash game.

• PGCX864   
Wiz. 5 2曲目のギター?の鳴らし方が非常に印象的でした。 他は非常に短い尺のループなので、評価する前に終わっちゃう感じでした…
Titan of Plasma When I read the title I thought that the tunes were from the movie. We.ll, they're a little too short to rate. IMO, perhaps the VRC6 was not necessary. Anyway, Chopin's funeral march at the end... nice detail.
w7n Effort please?
tripflag 1 why
186 cover no. 99: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — Hetereke: Continue? + Game Over 6.673/20The Russian famous MD bootleg of Felix THE HET arranged in Sunsoft (based Hebereke / U-four-ia - The Saga) style! :)

• PGCX864   
PGCX864 10 Not bad as all! :)
karmic 1.449 Same shit as entry 083.
Miss Maboroshi 3 While it's kind of interesting to hear different approaches to the same musical theme, I think this is the third distinct time you've entered a cover of these songs? Personally, I think you'd stand a better chance of doing well in the competition if you picked your favorite style and just entered that one.
tripflag 2 uhh
EH2 1.8 At least this one tries to retain some of the context of the joke. Still: nyet.
Wiz. 5 ベースライン&ヴォイスのDPCMが特徴的ですが、その他のパートはディレイが綺麗に仕上げてあるものの、オーソドックスな仕上がりかと思います。 DPCMをベースに割り振ってある分、ノイズ表現にもう少し凝ってみると仕上がりが更に良くなる気はしました。(例えば、スネアは最初の1~2フレームだけショートノイズ化するだけでも、張りが出て良くなりますよ)
187 cover no. 45: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — SMD Bootleg Mario 3, 4: Title Screen VRC7 6.662/20The VRC7 arrangement to the title screen of Mario 3, 4 (MD Bootleg).

• PGCX864   • Anonymous VRC7 fetishist   
PGCX864 10 Great!! :D
Miss Maboroshi 4 Very nice arrangement, I think it honestly outshines the original version. I would love to see you do something a bit longer!
karmic 2 I like the percussion here, even if this is an obvious troll-entry
tripflag 2 meh
Wiz. 5 元ネタを知らないうえに短い曲なので評価が難しいですが、オーソドックスにまとまっていると思います。 なにげに矩形波バッキングのディレイは美しいと思いました。
w7n Not much effort, but the effort shown is not really bad.
188 cover no. 25: TristEndo — Road Warriors Theme 6.234/20a simple loop of the road warriors theme. Ohhh what a rush!

Titan of Plasma 7.6 Same as with the Duck Game cover. This is a heavy metal song, so it needs more punch. Percussion needs more volume (perhaps helped by the noise) and the guitars need to have quicker decays, different volume settings and more "roughness".
Miss Maboroshi 1 The vocal sample at the beginning of this makes me VERY UPSET
karmic 4.1 Boring. That sample at the beginning is pretty strange.
tripflag 3 loopy
Wiz. 4 冒頭のDPCMが強烈でズルいですw それ以降も悪くは無いんですが、冒頭で全部持って行っちゃった感があります。
w7n 3 I thought it was a troll entry at first. It isn't, but it certainly ain't good anyway.
189 cover no. 157: JrWatson — LUPIN III STAGE 1 6.066/20USE N106(N163)chipturn.stage 1

w7n 3 Yawn.
karmic 2 Another one of these "remixes".
tripflag 3 very basic considering the soundchip
Wiz. 5 N163のアクの強い音色が妙に印象的でした。 別の曲でもありましたが、N163の1chモードだと、pluginによって音量差が顕著なので、それによって評価がだいぶ変わりそうです。
D cover no. 73: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — PCFG Doraemon: Nobita's Album VRC6 (Full) 6.020/20In the earlier Pico 2014 it was only in the game, but in this Pico 3 it is the full version of it! :)
Reason for disqualification: resubmission of previously published content

w7n 3 Wait, is Track 2 recycled? Barely acceptable overall.
Miss Maboroshi 3 This is an unusual soundtrack to be covering! Pretty well handled overall, though be careful with your harmonies! The last track is supposed to be a happy one, but I get kind of a horror vibe from your cover of it...
tripflag 4 short
Wiz. 6 ジングルやSEっぽいトラックが多いですが、#3以降はしっかり作ってあって、音色の厚みと独自性がインパクト大でした。
191 cover no. 185: sc00p — Техно музыка DJ EBAN RMXX / Technomusic DJ EBAN RMXX 6.015/20This is a remix of a russian meme called Dj Eban which came out from nowhere in this famicompo.
Made this with a little bit of effort but DPCM goodness lies beyond this point.

Wiz. 5 DPCMの台詞が強烈なインパクトでした。 途中からのキック乱れ打ちもテンションが上がって凄いと感じる反面、矩形波パートのエッジ(DPCMとの音質の違い)が際立ちすぎて乖離している気がするのが惜しいです。
w7n 4 Not bad but repetitive.
Miss Maboroshi 3 I don't fully understand this meme, but I did get a laugh out of this.
null ._.
tripflag 0 i dont get it
192 cover no. 51: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — SMD Bootleg Felix THE HET: Deathet VRC7 Covers! 5.934/20The Russian famous MD bootleg of Felix THE HET downgraded in Konami VRC7! :)

• PGCX864   • Anonymous VRC7 fetishist   
Miss Maboroshi 4 Seems someone's very into bootleg soundtracks~
karmic 2 perfect
tripflag 1 why
BEEPBOY 2 次回は入魂の1曲を聴いてみたいです。
Wiz. 4 ジングル系の曲のベースラインがうねるところが妙に印象に残っています。 元ネタを知らないのですが、恐らく原曲準拠のアレンジなんだろうな…とは思いました。もっと音数を活かして厚みのあるアレンジにしても面白そうだな…と。
EH2 0.7 No really, what's the damn point of all of these.
w7n Not this again.
193 cover no. 201: MiniMacro — Kahoot - Lobby 5.685/205B only cover of the Kahoot lobby theme

tripflag 3 could easily have done this on just the 2a03 my man
Wiz. 4 これはS5Bのみなんですね。 元がPSGだった曲の完全再現を狙った感じでしょうか。 2A03が一切入っていないように見受けられるので、2A03が入ったバージョンが聴きたかったな…とは感じました。
w7n 3 Well, you do know the existence of SN5B noise. That's all.
karmic 5 This one is actually charming in a way. 5B use makes it sound basically like a 128K Spectrum game.
Miss Maboroshi 4 Interesting song choice! A bit sparse, but not unpleasantly so.
194 cover no. 31: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — GBC Donkey Kong Country: Game Over VRC7 5.646/20The sound of the notes is like a game over of Donkey Kong Country 3, but once.

• Anonymous VRC7 fetishist   
Miss Maboroshi 1 This doesn't seem entirely accurate to the original song.
karmic 3.2 another pointless vrc7 cover. probably troll but whatever
tripflag 0 ok
Wiz. 5 シンプルな曲ですが、VRC7音色によるディレイが美しいと感じました。
EH2 3.2 So many death and game over covers. Why?
w7n Too short, sorry.
195 cover no. 169: tripflag — nokia tune 5.587/20edf# g# c#bd e bac# e a

• me   
Wiz. 5 ジングル&SE集でしょうか。 あまりに短すぎて判断が難しいところですが、LFOやディレイを駆使して凝っているトラックもあり、良く出来ているのではないかと思います。
karmic 4 OK I didn't find this funny until I saw you did all the jingles as well.
Miss Maboroshi 3 This is cute, haha. I like how you managed to put an original spin on a song that's only four seconds long.
tripflag i forgot this had 5 tracks sorry
196 cover no. 111: JrWatson — FC Crisis Force Stage 1 5.428/20USE VRC6 CHIPTUNE.CHANGE DPCM DRUMS

w7n 3 Arrangement is weird with quite a lot of issues. What's wrong with that DPCM sample??
karmic 3 Another one of these? Again, you have to do more than just add more instruments to the original to make a good cover.
tripflag 3 could use more drastic variations
Wiz. 4 ループポイントが違う(イントロまで戻っている)のが謎です…VRC6を使っているにも関わらず、音色が違う以外のアドバンテージを活かしきれていないのが惜しいと感じました。
197 cover no. 55: sc00p — mm2wood.mid 5.405/20nice.

Titan of Plasma 4 I can't judge this one, because it's probably a joke. However, it emulates somewhat well those GXSCC abominations that are common on YouTube.
Jiyoshi 1 lol
Miss Maboroshi 1 Well, I mean, it's accurate...
karmic 2 This one is quite special in its badness. Funny.
tripflag 1 my ears what
Wiz. 6 イントロの音のうねりと若干引っかかる不思議な感じが印象に残ります。 ベタ鳴らしに思わせておいて、ところどころ凝っているのがミソですね。
PGCX864 6.5 Not bad!! >:]
EH2 0 No.
w7n 3 What kind of failed MM clone is this?
198 cover no. 8: JrWatson — FC LUPIN III maintheme 5.199/20use FDS chipturn

PGCX864 6 Not bad.
Miss Maboroshi 3 A little bit short.
karmic 1 Bleh. Those octave-arps really hurt the ears too.
tripflag 2 very loopy
Titan of Plasma 6.8 Why such a short loop? It was sounding good.
Wiz. 5 メロにDPCMのティンパニを重ねるという構成は初めて聴いたので、面白いと感じました。 FDSは、シーケンス自体は存在しているようですが、音色定義がうまく読み込まれていないのか、正しく演奏されていないように見受けられたのが残念です。
w7n 3 Short and doesn't stand out.
199 cover no. 96: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — SNES Donkey Kong Country: K. Rool's Cacophony VRC7 5.184/20The tone of the notes is unstable, but for the time being.

• Anonymous VRC7 fetishist   
Titan of Plasma 8 Ha, well done. Hard to rate, because it's only 19 sec, but it sounds nice.
w7n Too short.
Miss Maboroshi 1 This is kind of off the mark in terms of pitch accuracy.
BEEPBOY 4 どちらのプレイヤーでも音が割れていたので、音が割れないバージョンを聴いてみたいです。
tripflag 0 I don't get it
Wiz. 5 VRC7の不協和音気味な音がインパクト大でした。 恐らくは原曲準拠なんでしょうか。
200 cover no. 42: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — Pachislo Dance Night: Dance Time Chance 5.129/20It is an ear copy from the original source (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVtVHqjr-X8).

• PGCX864   
karmic 1.5 I disagree
tripflag 2 loopy basic
Wiz. 4 オケヒの音にちょっとバブルっぽさを感じてしまいました。 原曲準拠なのかもしれませんが、それ以外のパートが単調で鳴らし方が一定なのが気になってしまいました。
w7n 3 Yawn.
201 cover no. 109: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — Mario 3, 4: Title Screen Gimmick! style 5.126/20This also arranged Mario 4: A Space Odyssey title screen BGM known as Russian famous MD bootleg with Sunsoft 's gimmick style. :)

Titan of Plasma 8 The style is very well expressed in this cover. Mr Gimmick approved.
w7n 2 Low effort. What's left of the effort is not bad though.
karmic 2.5 Another one?
Miss Maboroshi 3 Gonna reiterate my previous advice here and say that I don't think submitting all of these covers separately was necessary.
tripflag 0 http://i.imgur.com/gTEXYdg.gif
Wiz. 6 短い曲ですが、「Gimmick! style」という目論見は見事に表現できていると思います。
202 cover no. 93: Arc-Demon — Carillon 5.060/20I don't remember what I wrote for this.

w7n 2 Too simple.
karmic 1.5 I've heard of minimalism but this is ridiculous.
tripflag 0 I don't get it
Wiz. 7 非常にシンプルな作りですが、高音矩形波はやはり美しいですね…大好きです。
203 cover no. 120: Tobikomi — SNAFU: BGM 1 5.057/20Mattel Electronics presents: SNAFU

SNAFU (c)1981 Mattel

Titan of Plasma 6.8 The loop is too short to rate it adequately... anyway, it's perhaps a joke entry.
w7n I thought those who use the SN5B-only chip setting are masters. Then I saw the duration of the track and... well.
Miss Maboroshi 4 Ooh, a severely underrepresented console! Given the technical limitations of its source, it's true there's not a lot you can do with this, but it's still very nice to hear.
tripflag 2 bad
Wiz. 3 原曲を知らないのですが、恐らく原曲準拠になっているのではないかと想像します。 何故S5B側しか使わず2A03が使われていないのかが謎ですが、仮に原曲がPSG曲だとすれば、矩形波2音+1ノイズでも2A03とは鳴りが違うので、敢えてそういうスタイルにしたのでしょうか。 個人的には、両方の音源を活かしたアレンジ的方向性でも聴いてみたいです。
204 cover no. 83: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — SMD Bootleg Mario 3, 4: Title Screen Gimmick! style 4.996/20This also arranged Mario 4: A Space Odyssey title screen BGM known as Russian famous MD bootleg with Sunsoft 's gimmick style.

• ROP   
w7n Nice arrangement, but TOO short. This kind of entry should be discouraged.
Miss Maboroshi 3 Not sure this song is a perfect fit for the Gimmick! style. Interesting idea, nonetheless.
karmic 1.5 Worse than the other one. At least that one didn't have the terrible sunsoft bass.
tripflag 1 amazing
Wiz. 5 短い曲ですが、記載のとおり確かにGimmick!感が良く出ていて意図通りだな、と。
205 cover no. 82: JrWatson — FC LUPIN III the end 4.981/20use FDS chipturn

w7n ...
Miss Maboroshi 4 This one is also quite short. If it were me, I'd bundle these covers together in one file.
karmic 3 Good riddance.
tripflag 0 please
Wiz. 4 Cover008と同じ方でしょうか。 こちらはちゃんとFDSパートが鳴ってますね。 シンプルですが、こちらのほうがFDSが鳴っている分、若干厚みがある気はしました。
206 cover no. 213: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — Yoshi's Story: Death 4.978/20It is the death BGM of Yoshi's story that I made four years ago.

• PGCX864   • Anonymous VRC7 fetishist   
tripflag 2 cool but why
Wiz. 6 VRC7の音色を活かし、任天堂SFC的な雰囲気がよく出ていると感じます。 鳴らし方も丁寧だと感じました。
w7n Short. The effort itself: Loud, obnoxious, yet has its interesting parts.
karmic 2 This is why you don't kill Yoshis.
EH2 2.5 What's with all the death themes? How morbid.
Miss Maboroshi 3 Not terribly far off the mark, but the main melodic line doesn't seem quite right to me. The sound design on this one is otherwise pretty neat, though!
207 cover no. 28: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — 666 4.906/20666 in 8-bit song! :)

• Username 666   
PGCX864 6 666
Miss Maboroshi 1 This is so mysterious. What is it a cover of?
karmic 2 11 minutes? lol fuck that
tripflag 0 I don't get it
Wiz. 7 こういう独特な雰囲気な曲は割と大好物ですw 本当に666sあるかは怪しいですが… 低音の鳴らし方と静寂の使い方の巧さが際立っていると感じました。
w7n Not really getting the joke...
208 cover no. 170: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — Walt Disney Animation Three Kittens Theme VRC7 4.756/20This covered the BGM that is flowing when the three kittens in Disney's animation are playing the piano. :)

• PGCX864   • Anonymous VRC7 fetishist   
Wiz. 5 原曲を知りませんが、攻めた和音とベースラインの音色によるエッジ、途中の大胆なグリッサンドが非常に印象的でした。
w7n 3 Too simple, too dissonant (but maybe the original is indeed like this??)
tripflag 0 i dont get it
209 cover no. 43: sc00p — mario paint camaro 4.583/20GONNA CRASH INTO THE PHONE!!!

Titan of Plasma A joke entry, right? Hilarious, whatsoever. Can't judge it.
Miss Maboroshi 1 This is fairly accurate to the original, even if it's mostly just samples. My question is, how did you find this song in the first place...?
karmic 1.3 Actually I found this one funny for like 3 seconds.
tripflag 1 ok
Wiz. 5 DPCMで鳴っている刻みの女子ヴォイスとデスヴォイスの対比が強烈で妙に印象的でした。 他パートは非常にシンプルですが、この曲の場合の主役は恐らくDPCMであろう事を考えると、これもアリかな、とは感じました。
EH2 0.5
w7n 2 What?
D cover no. 189: Sky Yoshi — Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Remix 4.562/20Hah. How can NO ONE think of PPAP when they hear the word PICO? Ehh... sorry
Reason for disqualification: no-effort cover. Next time do something other than spam DPCM please...

tripflag 0 uncalled for
Wiz. 5 DPCMしか鳴っていないはずですが、その割にファイルサイズが小さいのでちょっと驚いてしまいました。 実験的な作品かと思いますが、これはこれで。
Jiyoshi 3 wow
w7n Technique involved: DPCM Sampling
karmic 0 See cover 106. This one is even worse since it's just lazily sampled.
Miss Maboroshi 4 PPAP (JERSEY CLUB MIX) Huh, it's not often you see people submit something that's entirely DPCM. I like that you really treated the channel like its own instrument here, instead of just making your remix separately and then sampling the whole thing in one long chain. It makes me wonder what some of the more experimental composers would have done in the NES era had they been able to easily harness DPCM like we can.
211 cover no. 34: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — NET Closing Logo (1969) VRC7 4.470/20This is VRC7 arranged from NET theme song which appeared in the United States.

• Anonymous VRC7 fetishist   
karmic 1.001 Finally, a pointless vrc7 cover NOT from a video game! You get one thousandth of a bonus point...
tripflag 1 ok
Wiz. 5 短い曲ですが、VRC7と2A03ほぼ全パートを使い、単音を同一音階ユニゾンで鳴らすという手法によって生まれる重厚な音に圧倒されました。 元ネタを知らなかったので思わず探してしまいましたw
w7n Too short.
212 cover no. 32: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — 7 GRAND DAD: Game Over! 4.341/20I tried covering what happens if there is really a unique Continue and game over screen.

• PGCX864   
PGCX864 6 0 GRAND HET...
Miss Maboroshi 2 flintstones
karmic 1 Siivagunner again. This really sucks
tripflag 0 ok
Wiz. 5 昔のファミコンゲーム曲っぽいシンプルな音ですが、ビブラートや細かい音程変化が良いスパイスになっていると感じます。
EH2 0.5 One of these is one too many.
w7n Troll again?
213 cover no. 174: Arc-Demon — Smegma Shooter - Ending 4.285/20A cover of a track that was already covered on the NES.

Wiz. 4 概ね原曲どおりで鳴っていると思いますが、あと一歩、アレンジして独自性を出してみると良かったかもしれません。
w7n What's changed?
tripflag 0 i dont get it
214 cover no. 198: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — 暴れん坊天狗~ベストスコアBGM(SUNSOFT風) 4.264/20全てのSUNSOFTゲームに使われていたDPCMサンプリングを使用して演奏してみた。
I played using DPCM samples which was used for all SUNSOFT games.

• PGCX864   
tripflag 0 i dont get it
Wiz. 4 なんと、全編DPCMですか…この割り切りは思い切ってるなぁ…と。 これはこれで良いのですが、矩形波やノイズを重ねたバージョンも聴いてみたかったなぁ、と感じました。
PGCX864 9 Good!!
w7n ... Even worse than the original.
karmic 1 the one good sunsoft bass song
Miss Maboroshi 2 Sunsoft風にするファミコンBGMと言えばこれは確かに頭に浮かびません。面白い選択です~
215 cover no. 35: Flame50 — Fireman Sam 4.223/20Fireman Sam is on the run.

karmic 0.7 ffs (for fireman sam)
tripflag 3 wouldn't have recognized the song if it wasn't for the title
Wiz. 5 一見シンプルながらも、細かい音色変化をかけていたり、ベースラインをユニゾンにして目立たせる等々、なにげによく出来ていると思います。
w7n 3 Yawn.
216 cover no. 187: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — 7 GRAND DAD: Deathet VRC7 4.093/20The this songs arrange cover songs from 7 GRAND DAD / The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy! :)

• PGCX864   • Anonymous VRC7 fetishist   
tripflag 0 ok
Wiz. 5 VRC7の音色でコミカルさを出しているのが好印象ですが、2A03矩形波も一緒に鳴らしたバージョンが聴いてみたかった気もします。 1曲目で、音階によって音色が微妙に変わるのは、元音色からなのか、アレンジによるものか…という部分が若干気になりました。 後者だとすれば巧いと思います。
karmic 1 Yeah whatever
EH2 0.2 Why.
217 cover no. 90: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — Freeong Leong 97 4.069/20Those Hong Kong 97 song theme of her was to feel like singing in karaoke.

• w7n   
Titan of Plasma 5 ...AND with the Sunsoft bass. But it's detuned, otherwise, it'd have been a 10 out of 10.
w7n The year 2017 has arrived. A herd of ******* **** ******** are rushing from *****.
karmic 2 I wonder which of the billion fuckin' ugly reds made this one?
Miss Maboroshi 1 Careful with your pitch accuracy. This sounds a little off to me.
tripflag 0 I don't get it
Wiz. 5 短い曲ですが、DPCMベースと矩形波重ねによってギミック感が凄く出ていて、恐らくは意図通りなんだろうな…と。
218 cover no. 52: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — 流石だよなしぃ者~呟きテーマ+α~ (N163-4) 3.826/20これは、フラッシュムービーの流石だよなしぃ者での流れている呟きムービーのBGMをN163に耳コピカバーです。

Miss Maboroshi 1 0秒ループ?!モギャー!!!
karmic 1.5 Comment goes hhhhouighgweopighnwrgbounqwr
tripflag 0 I don't get it
Wiz. 4 これもネタ系ですかね。 後半2曲?は1shotPCMなので置いといて、1曲目の若干ギラギラした音色とYMO等のシンセタムっぽいポルタメントのかかったSEが妙に印象的でした。
EH2 0.15 Who thought it was a good idea to loop loud sound effects as an entry?
w7n To read the title of this troll entry, one needs to apply Endou Shouzou's reading by reading 流石 as 'Ryuuseki'. Even the chords are wrong and it really sounds like bootleg music.
D cover no. 3: Mr. Poopy Butthole — Animal Crossing theme 3.237/20
Reason for disqualification: misleading title

Miss Maboroshi 2 Nice custom instrument, but it's a little barebones...
karmic 0 I do want to cross some animals now, thank you.
tripflag 1 nice
Titan of Plasma OK. I couldn't understand what was going on here. Are there only two VRC7 channels playing or is there a problem with my NSF player? No rating this time.
Wiz. 4 Coverなので恐らく原曲準拠なんでしょうが、VRC7の柔らかい音色と大胆な音の抜き方が印象的でした。 もう少しアレンジして凝ったのも聴いてみたかった気はします。
EH2 3.8 …is it supposed to be this silent
w7n Bad troll, sorry.
220 cover no. 176: PGCX864 (Kouji Luigi) — SNES Ganbare Goemon 4: WHAT! + DANCER!? 2.981/20I covered the sound effect when the body bomb of the Seppukumaru and Goemon Impact exploded. XD

Wiz. 5 これまたSE集?でしょうか。 実際の音を知らないので評価が難しいところですが、SEとしては実際にありそうな雰囲気に仕上がっていると思います。
w7n WHAT. Nice SFX.
karmic 0.1 No thanks
tripflag 0 i dont get it
221 cover no. 23: x8o — Dark Cre-dolls 2.960/20Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
consectetur adipiscing elit,
sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
Ut enim ad minim veniam,
quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.
Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.
Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident,
sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
(Sorry but I can't translate Himitsu Dolls to Latin)

• w7n   
Titan of Plasma 6 There's one positive point with this cover: it conveys the feeling of its title very well.
Miss Maboroshi 2 A little empty. There's not much here to comment on.
karmic 0.001 You get exactly one thousandth of a bonus point for coding this yourself.
tripflag 0 i dont get it
Wiz. 4 2音のみ&メロとベースラインがユニゾンなのは原曲準拠なんでしょうか…? 凝った曲が多い中ではむしろシンプルが故に非常に目立つ存在ではありますが、もう少し凝ったものも聴いてみたかった気がします。
w7n My joke entry.
D cover no. 107: spooty mcbolas — Super Mario Oddisey Title theme 1.053/20hi i come form the future to bing u this
Reason for disqualification: no-effort troll

OTOBEYA 0 broken
モーターひじき 1 破損していました
Titan of Plasma This one didn't upload correctly, or perhaps my NSF players didn't play it well. Pity, because, even if this theme has been covered by everyone and his mom, I love every rendition of it.
w7n Really?
karmic 0 Going for last place? I wish you luck in your endeavor.
Miss Maboroshi 0 ???
tripflag 0 good
Wiz. 1 うーん、私の環境ですと冒頭数秒しか鳴らず。 これは恐らく作者の意図した鳴り方ではないと思うのですが…これ以上評価できません、すみません。
D cover no. 217: Yuka Kitamura — Dark Souls III - Gul'Rosh, the Forgotten Scourge 1.052/20This is a fucking video to some FAT FUCK on YoutTube named Boogie2988. Now, I'm tired of this FAT FUCK popping up on all my fucking search index when I'm looking for a fucking work-out video. I don't give a fuck about that aftermath from any of you boogie fans that feel sorry for this greesy fuck
You fat fucking disgusting Ass Smelling, Blob, Cheese Drinking, Crisco Bathing, Lard Gargling, Calorie Thieving, Cabbage Patch Face-having, Dr. Robotnik Looking, Wingstop Eating, McDonald's Gorging, T-Rex Arm Having, Non-Vegetable Eating, Cook on a George Foreman grill just to drink out the drip tray, Wide Load, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Planet, Pretending to have a fucking Thyroid problem, Whale / Free Willy, Parked Bus, Yokozuna, Flubber, *PWAHH* Kirby, Salad Dodger, Chair Crusher, Butter Ball, Go to Subway, but put everything on it, Michelin Man, Happy because Hostess is back in business mother fucker
I know there's gonna be a lot of people out there calling me a bully. Well guess what. I'M NOT. I just don't feel sorry for FAT FUCKING people, especially FAT FUCKS who sit there all day, gorging eat and make money for doing absolutely nothing
What a bunch of sorry fucks like yourself played into it
You don't like what the fuck I'm saying?
Reason for disqualification: no-effort troll

モーターひじき 1 ファイルが破損しています
tripflag 0 i dont get it
Wiz. 1 これが意図する鳴り方なのかどうか判りませんが、冒頭のDPCMがループしっぱなしで他のchの音が鳴りませんでした…
w7n OUT.
karmic 0 Sick beat dude
Miss Maboroshi 0 I'm afraid I don't get whatever joke this is, haha.