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1 freestyle_original no. 9: Neon Big Bird — Adventuritis 16.608/20Adventuritis: A longing for a JRPG style quest that often manifests itself in the form of an itch, FOR ADVENTURE! I wrote this song to be the overworld theme for an imaginary JRPG.

• Tobikomi   • Teuthida   
neonbigbird I think it would be weird to vote on my own track, so instead, I'm gonna rate it using my own system. I give it a 6 on a scale of π to X.
Tobikomi 10 Great work, I love this! I love the use of different programs not related to any chiptune or NES motif. In my book, this is the best of them all. Congrats!
DeDra 8 It's pretty good, just a few odd harmonies here and there.
BEEPBOY 6 マスタリングは良く出来ていると思いました。ファミコンの音は矩形波2音でそれ以外は他の音源かなと思いました。
2 freestyle_original no. 3: Tobikomi — Meticulous Thinking 13.660/20Ricoh 2A03 + MOS Technology SID 6581

• Tobikomi   
neonbigbird 9 I've been listening to this one on loop for a while. It's good thinking music. I really like that lead instrument. Kinda sounds like the C64.
EH2 7.26 NES and another chip? I'm sorta worried about gambling with saying SID and failing, hahaha
DeDra 8.5 Killer use of the SID chip. I like this one, even though it's a tad repetitive.
3 freestyle_original no. 4: TozZ — Dr.Rabbit 13.130/20A tribute to Dr. Mario!!Create with FL Studio

• Tobikomi   
neonbigbird 9 A real fun and exciting track. Nice percussion. I'm also a huge sucker for Arps.
Tobikomi 6 This is alright, I like the grit in this piece, I just felt that it was building up to nothing.
4 freestyle_original no. 7: Teuthida — Pop in B-Major 12.633/20This was my attempt to write a pop-like song in FamiTracker. It uses multichip(2A03+MMC5+VRC6+FDS+5B) and was given minor reverb and fade out effects.

• Tobikomi   
neonbigbird 7.5 It's a nice cheery song, but I don't think it needed to be as long as it was.
Tobikomi 7 That's funny! I ALSO made a track called "Meticulous Thinking." Could this be some kind of glitch? I don't know, I'm not TOO worried about it, it could be some kind of coincidence. But about the tune, it's a pretty happy tune! It can be repetitive at times, but atleast it builds up to something. Nice job!
BEEPBOY 9 イントロからキャッチーな構成が気に入りました!
5 freestyle_original no. 5: TozZ — 8Bit Dreams 12.343/20I like 8BIT, and you like it, too,yeah.

• Tobikomi   
neonbigbird 8.5 Nice light-hearted track. I really like the bassline.
EH2 8.8 Very nice, very pleasant and happy.
Tobikomi 7 This is pretty nice! I like how happy it is! It can be a bit repetitive at times but it's nothing! Great work!
DeDra 9 I really liked the key changes on this one.
6 freestyle_original no. 8: ROPchiptune Labo. — Two sided bodhisattva BURST mix 10.881/20FAMICOM / PC ENGINE / FAMICOM (NISHIZUMIX) / FM TOWNS / RB338

• Tobikomi   • hally   • ROPHON   
neonbigbird 6.5 A bit repetitive, which lends itself to a dance track, but it feels a bit aimless. I do however love the stereo effects at 1:03.
Tobikomi 6 This is alright, I like the grit in this.
DeDra 6.5 I found this to be quite repetitive.
BEEPBOY 8 これはぜひメインフロアで聴いてみたい。
7 freestyle_original no. 6: Holy Bug — My life,Your paranoid 10.642/20Little experimental work,and it's also telling a story. In the second half I try to use chiptune timbre to express something dubstep.I'll be happy if you find that stuff interesting

• Tobikomi   • Yamato Ryou   
neonbigbird 9 Very dynamic. Every part of this song is interesting and unique, especially that dubstep break in the middle.
karmic *you're
Tobikomi 5 It's alright; it's not my taste, but I've heard worse. This is acceptable.
8 freestyle_original no. 1: Holy Bug — Bad Ending 10.523/20A sad story of one of my Undergraduate time,hope you can enjoy the story I tell

• Tobikomi   • Yamato Ryou   
neonbigbird 8 Takes a while to get started, but it's worth it.
Tobikomi 7 The tune is alright, and I like the build-up. Did you use Beepbox for this? (Just asking!)
DeDra 7 Kinda repetitive, but alright overall
9 freestyle_original no. 2: Holy Bug — happy brithday (jazz-chiptune edition) 5.341/20A jazz&chiptune edition happybirthday song,enjoy and have fun

• Tobikomi   • kfaraday   
neonbigbird 5 A bit chaotic and dissonant. Not really an original. Should have been in Covers. I do like the more Jazzy parts.
Tobikomi 4 This should be in Freestyle Cover, although I will give you points based on your creative twists.
DeDra 6.5 Some of the harmonies are wacky, for better or worse.